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  1. I need my last archmonster for ochre Ratilla the hun !! I`m paying 1.5m for it pm me here or in game : Pep-guardiola. prezydencik Thanks
  2. Hello guys, i need a couple more from lvl 21-23 and averything in steps 24+ http://dofuswiki.wikia.com/wiki/An_Eternal_Harvest 21 Glukoko the Slow, Goblimp the Bis Kit, Koleraspootin the Anesthesialogist Serpico the Honest Hunflower the Sinful 22 Bulbamoon the Trumpeter Biblopopo the Organiser Billbiblop the Great Biblokajin the Bald Jackellington the Lantewn Pigoblet the Useful Bibloponey the Entertainer Miliopold the Bloomer 23 Snappu the Shopkeep Bulbisonic the Penetrating Bworkoder the Mazter Crowmanion the Primitive Minoskittle the Coloured Eyemi the Narcissist Snappy the Fishfrier Snapp the Dragon if you have anything for me , please contact me here or in game : Pep-Guardiola , Prezydencik , Gabita or Bolik Thanks!
  3. as in the topic im going to buy about 30 Croca souls ! pm me here or in game Pep-Guardiola prezydencik
  4. that one is sold now , i got for it 80mk And today i drop another 20ch and 19ch Both are for sale 20ch -80m 19ch -72m price are flexible , but not alot :)
  5. offer me plis here or in game Pep-Guardiola :)
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