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    Mining on Wakfu, Grinding at Willies, and Getting told cras need a nerf.

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    Hated, and my new sexy enu Just Loved

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  1. [Henual] People?!

    1.29 always lagged for me, no matter what type of computer I had/have. Put it on medium settings if you're solo, low if you're multi. Also transparent mode and uncheck display monsters in a group.
  2. [Henual] People?!

    If you guys have room for my nublets, I'll gladly join on a few of my characters :)
  3. Jericho, I dont know why, but you have always had a problem with me. I crit 1600 on puni/650 on destructive/150 on lash to end the fight. He did not go afk, and he blamed lag. I just got lucky, and could finish him when he had half hp left. I've beaten Hakfu before :P.
  4. Just shoot me a price, and I will get back to you. You can pm me in-game (Lifted). I might be on, I play too much.
  5. Lmao, I love you so much matt hahaha
  6. Jails of Rayconciliation Opening

    I would be willing to help. It is nice that this is actually happening, as I have wanted this quest done. I feel kind of useless, not having any of the gifts, but if needed, I will provide kwismas sets.
  7. "Just Hold On, We're Going Home." I'm Drake-ing.

  8. ive never been on rushu ._.

  9. Looking for people to play with

    Of course you're looking for people to "play with" xD

    So..... My xbox 360 controller is broke.. and so are my turtle beaches.. My runescape private server is down.. and sleep is not an option! XD(insomnia). And now, i find out when i log into wakfu, it stays at the clock turn loading screen xD FML
  11. Ohhhh, You were the rogue from rushu, hello there ^^

  12. Buying Resources :)

    At the moment I am buying Shit-tons of gob skins/leather pm me in-game /w Hated or /w Just Loved or on here. I am also buying iron ore, and blibli leather. :) pm me price, and how many you have to sell
  13. Soo.. Quitting wakfu

    Sooo.. apparently.. someone ran their mouth about people in America subbing via ogrines on the french page. and they have taken it down. So now, I'm stuck with like a million ogrines and no way to subscribe. Thanks alot whoever was a little B*TCH and told. I have only 2 ways to pay to play on any game.. 1. Ultimate Game Card(UGC) 2. Paypal ... and for USA those 2 seem to be missing. Oh yeah, on french page, everything is like 1000% cheaper than the USA prices.. and i dont like this. So after my sub runs out this week, I will take a break from this game
  14. Byes

    Good luck irl :)
  15. Looking for players

    Man, it gets kinda lonely being the only one in your guild online sometimes, or if they go somewhere and I get online when they're halfway done with a dungeon :( Pm im on Nox server for about 6-13 hours a day ;o /w Hated or Just Loved :)