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  1. My teeth started aching just looking at it.
  2. Handz


    Welcome to the list of Rosalt alumni that quit Dofus
  3. The English speaking community sure has a smaller impact on them than the French speaking one but it's still an impact (+ French speaking subscribers are quitting too). Plus covering the costs of servers alone should not be enough, even if Dofus 2 isn't their main goal anymore they should at least aim to go for break-even on it. Otherwise their profit margins will drop since afaik Dofus is still their main franchise. Also like I said, it's an interesting idea combining Mobile and PC-gaming but I don't know if that's the route they should go. I may not be from 'the new generatio
  4. It's interesting to say the least but I also wonder, was this necessary? Does it fit the current demographic that's playing Dofus or is this targeted at a new audience? Imo it'd make more sense if they'd put more resources into stopping the outflow of people and decrease in revenue*. Rather than splitting their resources into 4? different games. *I'm only guessing their revenue is going down at about the same rate as people stop playing/subscribing
  5. buy me a 3DS and a copy of the game so I can catch alolan vulpex men
  6. It's always a pleasure watching someone mastering their class, testing the limits.
  7. The only way I could see this being of use (and being a success) is when the application could actually 'read' the screen and auto-calculate the sink for you. But I'm pretty sure you'd have to acces game code or whatnot meaning it'd be against the rules. I like the initiative though.
  8. I gotta admit abudiebear is a cute af name so cute that I stole it
  9. of course right when I stop playing ankama finally releases a good-looking ornament ...
  10. Handz

    Ask a Mage

    or ap exo it and then kick the ap off and use the sink to get to 0?
  11. also more nudity and incest, but that's a plus
  12. "we will never make osas be able to control their summons, it would be too advantageous" - Ankama (pre-2016)
  13. Waw your baguette is a baguette :o
  14. demand ain't high, supply is just nonexistent (1 merch with 2 exes lel)
  15. Dutch (native) English French German (although speaking has become harder as I haven't been able to practice it much) Plus a whole bunch of words that I know in other languages (Spanish, Turkish, Arabic, ...) but nothing close to the languages mentioned above.
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