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harry maskell

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  1. The EU referendum

    Well we're fucked.
  2. Lvl 199 Sadida need help with set

    Why no Karm over the pet? You're missing out on 5% resis on all there.
  3. The "What gear should I use" thread

    Class: Eni Build: Whatever is best. Kamas/time available: No Vulbis, can afford everything else. Lvl range: 200. PvP oriented, group/kolo.
  4. Ban on gambling game advertisement

    And apparently there still isn't...
  5. "Clever" Use of the community challenge system

    All this is giving me the option to redo it all over again, I'll have to pay my 2mk again... EDIT: Nevermind, wont even let me register again lol
  6. "Clever" Use of the community challenge system

    This isn't a scam because once you complete the challenge you'll get your 'fee' back straight away. I really do hope the people who fell for these scams get their kamas back and the idiots who thought they'd found a way to make some quick money lose all the kamas they put into the prize pot.
  7. Returning to Shika

    If you're starting off new then you might as well restart on Rushu, Shika is dead atm and the low level community is none existent.
  8. Not sure is it's already a feature or if it's been suggested before (cba reading all 13 pages) but being able to compare different sets you have made would be amazing.
  9. We Shall Call This The #TrannyMovement BB SHIKA

    If *when* I ever come back to the game I'll defiantly transfer, there is more Shika on Rushu than the actual server atm
  10. [official] Post Your Picture Topic!

    Photogenic as fuck right?
  11. End of an Era-- goodbyes from Radio (well maybe)

    Good luck in everything mate.
  12. Post your Guts

  13. Sac Help

    Guess what? There just so happens to be an entire thread that helps people make sets! http://impsvillage.com/forums/topic/144740-the-what-gear-should-i-use-thread/ I'm sure you just missed it in your haste to make an epic kolo set! No need to thank me!