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  1. There's active english players on eratz too. Check out nex! Shoot me a PM or check out my topic for more info.
  2. Hey, a friend of mines has created a guild known as NEX on eratz.We are looking for english speaking players, level does not matter much.If your interested in joining to talk/play with other english speakersgive us a pm. (might not always be online, however we are usually on around 6-8pm) Radioactive-dollgirlChildhoodgreedy-santaHung-likeatree Acton
  3. Coming Back To Eratz~

    You should check out Nex then! You can send me a PM, IGN Acton, or the guild leader Hung-Likeatree or his alts Radioactive-dollgirl, Childhood or greedy-santa!
  4. "Intercontinental" Community Guild Recruitment

    You can send me a message to Acton. I wont be on till Thursday because of work though so I'll try contacting you guys. I'll try to shoot you a message then, if you're not online is there anyone else I might be able to try and contact?
  5. 1.29 Eratz

    Alright, sounds like that might be the place for me! I'm an RN, and I work 3 12 hour shifts a week. Unfortunately I'm in the middle of my work week and wont be able to jump on till Thursday. I'll shoot ya a message then to join. x) I see Eratz has got a discord! I'll def join that too! Sorry Youb =s I just picked the first server in the list and I'm sticking with it. =x
  6. 1.29 Eratz

    Hey guys! Just came back after quitting in 2008 shortly before 2.0 came out. I'm looking for an english speaking guild to join! I'm running 6 accounts now, all around level 12 and I'm really having a blast! Originally played on rushu back in the day! I still remember the day rambo turned level 200! First character ever to turn level 200! I miss those days! Anyone remember when iops wrath was 1/2 critical fail, and when weapons skills lasted forever and didn't need to be recasted?! That was even before 1.29! lmao
  7. "Intercontinental" Community Guild Recruitment

    Hey! Just started on Eratz(?) a few days ago. I quit shortly after dofus 2.0 came out in 2009. Saw they did a re-release on 1.29 and couldnt resist! I'm running 6 accounts and having a blast x). I'm pretty lonely though and I've been looking for an international guild to join. If you guys have no spots left maybe you could point me in the right direction to an international guild that might? xP Just looking for some people to talk too! ^^
  8. Should I return?

    I recently came back to the game after quitting 3+ yrs ago in 1.29, and I have to say I def enjoy playing! I set a few ground rules for myself though, and it seems to be working out! 1. No PVP 2. Will not play during the semester 3. Will only play my 3 existing chars 4. Prioritize work/social life over dofus! And while I love to play this game, I have to say, unlike back in the day I'm not constantly wanting to play the game! 4-5 hrs a day is the max for me. When I'm off I like to do other things like watch tv/movie, chill out with a friend, read, or pick up extra hours at work for the cash. I play maybe 20-30 hours a week of dofus, and I enjoy it that way. I actually explore the storyline content in dofus related to the quest lines, challenge myself to complete challenges for the achievement points, and get to explore the new areas in frigost because of the quest. I find the quest are very enjoyable, and dofus has def improved over 1.29. I enjoy playing 3 different chars, but thats my max. I DID buy orgines though to regear my chars because I didn't really enjoy the content with chars that couldn't do much, and I would have had to spend all of my winter vacation regearing my chars which I wouldn't have had much fun doing. =s I also have a long term goal of getting 500 achievement points on all 3 chars for the sidekicks, but I don't think I'll be able to do that before school starts up again. Also trying to get my eni to lvl 145 so she can wear all the SO peices, one more lvl to go! Just enjoying the simple things are what I enjoy. ^^ I don't need 20+ mk to do that lol In your case I think you should ask why you left the game in the first place, and if the circumstances have changed since then. If you have less then 15 hours of free time a week, I'd suggest just playing some consule game. I loved playing skyrim during the semester, but now that I have more free time games like that get old quick xD
  9. Yeah definitely! Im working on quest on frost to get my achievement points up to at least 500 on me and my alts so I can start using the sidekicks which should help me in dungeons later on. Also trying to see what other iops enis and enus are doing out there as far as builds and tactics, so Ill prob be looking to do some dungeon runs with other ppl with just my main to see what tactics are used in relation to all the new monsters lol. this game has definitely gotten better, its not just buff and smash monster in the face with your weapon anymore lol
  10. Yeah, I think I remember you too! Where you in power for a little while?
  11. I've been thinking about switching servers after I re gear my chars on rushu, since stuffs cheaper here. Thanks for the tip!
  12. Class Guides [v2.0]

    I'm looking for up to date guides/advice on str iop, cha enu, and int eni! It's been 3 years since I've played and so much has changed! x.x
  13. I'm trying to get myself out of the hell that is the f2p zone after coming back from a 3 year hiatus. I've got several hundred stacks of piwi feathers sitting in the astrub market place already, if there's anyone instreasted in those, or some gob mats, or whatever I can farm in the f2p zone in bulk let me know! Trying to get the ball rolling here to get me and my two alts sub'd. I need roughly 2.4mk to do so, and I only have 700kk at the moment. >< Any tips on what to farm would also be appreciated!
  14. Hello all! I don't know if any of you guys remember me, but I was pretty active here and on rushu until 2010. I quit and I've been in school for three years, got 3 more semesters to go! For some reason I've had the hunger to play again, so when I get the cash together I'm going to resub my three chars again! I used to be in Power, are they still active? The meta game has obviously completely changed since 2010. Can anyone link me to up to date guides for eni's, iops, and enus? Pref str iop and heal/int eni, and cha enu! Wondering if anyone remembers me btw! Man things are so different, with the orgines exchange market etc. >< I was hopping to resub with the orgine exchange market but I only have 300kk on my accounts. >( Some of my old "friends" pretty much cleared out all the valuables out of my old accounts. ><
  15. Brakmar Guild Aggression is Recruiting!

    Hey guys, just wanted to drop in and say hi! If anyone who knew me from rushu wants to join feel more then welcome to drop me a pm. x) Aggression is def a fun guild to be in, and we're growing pretty quickly!