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  1. My steps of getting on Eratz . 1. Google Dofus 1.29 ,download it.2. Download a Vpn Tunnelbear Workd fine theres a free trail version.3. Use any new account u made while under a spanish Zone. Pop up dofus with the Vpn set under Mexico or Spain and should work fine (Also may need to switch lang. to Spanish in able to pick Servers.- Pretty fun to get back on and play 1.29 but with 0 English players , the fun dies very quick ://.
  2. would love the menu bar/chat spread out also but might be 2 much.
  3. Its already hard enough to get people to pvp simply because of pride/set reasons but we needa get people involved for the fun aspect of it - i can lose 0/10 games but if they were a GG nail biter im completely fine.& keeping it 1 location till we can get more involved simplifies it.
  4. Remember hes new to the game not gonna have much kamas at all to dish out for a low set. Remember to check ur Achievement tab and knock out the ones possible that u can do - Sell the mats it grants u as its good xp/kamas. If ur on Rushu pm - Bashee ,gl
  5. Otomai beach, when u hit lv 100 try 1-2 monsters of Kanigloo mobs (mobs above mastogobs on frigost)
  6. Lets just have it on the Regular pvp map at Vill, Simply show up with wings up ^^.
  7. gonna be some fun good ole astrub pvp tmoz ^^ - err body show up with wings up no shame just fame ^^
  8. Just curious does anybody actually play this server. (English wise)?
  9. lemme correct myself here sorry - fight as in Actually attempt*, and if anybody thinks somebody can win 4v6 us having 3 fecas... in 7 turns then there slow.Not meaning to try to defend myself or keep this thing going , just some people with very big heads to actually attempt to make that a proper owning pic seeing as nobody fought.
  10. Wheres hp mate ? crop it out cuz u didnt actually fight
  11. Tread on both screw mono builds
  12. Try Primitive Kolaks, Tree kholo with a map manip character is golden . noflis island Arches. Stone tusk area has great stars.And mopy king area .
  13. Ehh actually when Ougaa was the end game dung. Celest 3x and Mush cuteers 4x was just too OP to ignore.But yeh Tread gets u best of all worlds.
  14. I played nothing but my agi iop back when Celest Sword was 3x cast per turn.
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      Been a while old friend. Hit us up on mono server Ilyzaelle if you still read this and are keen to check it out again. A lot of the old crew returned during Covid. 
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