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  1. You don't need that spine.... It's holding your back. Ahh good stuff my loot from the kickstarter should be here tomorrow :)
  2. so about these starter packs from amazon... Has anyone on a Mac tried one? Amazon explicitly says the download only supports windows... Anyone have experience before I waste 11 bucks?
  3. My pup Sybil! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Drunk? All curled up <3 Sleeping on the bed.... Playing in the back yard
  4. Doesn't seem so bad to me... Considering it's not 1/2 or nothing anymore... Most of those that had 1/2 on 1/50 spells will still be around 40% crit chance for the 1/50 spells (with the 10% turquoise) and at or above 50% on most everything else. It'll even out. Yeah some classes don't have much other than 1/50... But 40% is still pretty good and I imagine they are going to inevitably "balance" the crit rates for classes just like they are slowing doing with soft caps. For me as a person that is not at 1/2 it's pretty attractive :) but I think it won't be nearly as bad as people think even f
  5. SONIC BOOM! Hehe always reminded me of Guile. Anywho... We didn't have too too much interaction. Just from Link (which turned out to be a less than optimal place to meet) but alas, enjoy your time away :)
  6. Pretty much all changes do that... Imagine how lvl 200s felt before stars, before achieves, before multi-character xp multipliers. It's possible to get 200 in a week these days. But that's a good thing it means whatever they are implementing is making things easier and less grindy, even if we had to do it the hard way.
  7. Ok I wanted to make one with more motion... here is Xelor Running / Teleporting loop.
  8. Your face is a boy desktop :unsure:
  9. Mine changed every 15 minutes... I just have it fade in an out of a bunch, all by the same guy Killian Eng. http://imgur.com/a/5vUku
  10. But what about the pizza? :(
  11. Ok first attempt at a Spell, I did hand... figured it'd be easy enough... made this one less cute :P
  12. This thread is so funny :) It's being taken so literally "whyyyyy undercut!?" Obviously we all know why, buts it the fact that the "why" isn't a very good reason at all when one thinks about it. At any rate... I think we can all agree that no one really cares anymore. Let's all go get pizza! Kikn's buying!
  13. Quick one while at work.. Ougaa doesn't do much so he's just gonna hop XD
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