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  1. Umm, will participants in Rosalminator a few months ago get this also? :)
  2. The only important question here is....wtf are you doing in Shika Reyah??? Lol long time no see. Come to Rosal... the TFW (now WCIP) band is still around!! Zapper
  3. I find it ironic how Guard always complains about not good defenses on Aeon side, and when we beat them a few times or they see they gonna lose it then they go for perc first. Let's start with facts then, this pic is the first one.
  4. Guard Alliance never goes for percs first.....right?? Uppsss. Please guys give me a break.
  5. One does not need to be a dev to realize that Adobe Air and Flash are obsolete technologies that will not last long. One just have to install Dofus in any Linux platform. Hello Ankama devs.!!
  6. I don't remember where I read this, but I think there is a technological issue as of why Valve wouldn't take a game like Dofus on Steam. I might be wrong though.
  7. Connection rejected due to too many simultaneous connections. Official webste also down...
  8. Nah Ankama just renamed Dofus to: 'In your face adventures!'
  9. I honestly think it would be much easier for them both to get a hotel room.
  10. It reads to me: we developed idols so now you are stuck with idols because we devs are worth it.
  11. that is true, the ogrines interface is glitched on linux. I use the dofus website market interface for that anyway.
  12. I have been playing Dofus on linux for many many years. Back in the day it had some issues, and besides the fact that Adobe Air does not maintain Linux packages anymore, it works just fine. This should help you install it. Edit: Currently running flawlessly on Ubuntu 14.04.2
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