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  1. Best of luck in life JJ, was great knowing you.
  2. Edit: So i have fixed the problem for me, all i did was access my router(Belkin) IP address website or whatever it is and restarted the router from there. Hope it works for anyone else that had the same problem.
  3. Got a question about Trees in-game, where on earth are a bunch of Cherry Trees?
  4. Du-son, Oto set with cb headress, lethane cape and cb belt. I have seen that around seems like a good set. Anyone else agree?
  5. Bigsmall


    I love reading upside down.
  6. Yeah my bad i read over something on dofus.com and realise what i did. this can be closed thanks
  7. I am wondering because i swear i read somewhere you can exchange Doploons for Krokens(Krosmaster tokens) and im just wondering where does this take place.
  8. Yeah i dont have great net and a awesome computer.
  9. Finally got the time of Fujitengu down to my goal time and turn.
  10. Just watched Watch Dogs game play and wow, looks amazing. Cannot wait for that game.
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