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  1. Hi guys, i was wondering if some kind soul could take my lvl 200 naked iop through kralove dung the next time people open it, so i can finish EH and get the shiny egg. I barely got any items because i gave away pretty much everything when i quitted the game(*facepalm*why??), but im assuming people run through that dungeon quite easily these days, and wouldn't mind the burden of a useless spot ^^'. I don't usually log in 2.0 anymore and i just started playing on retro, so if by any chance your willing to take me through it or you know if it's opening please contact me through here or in Algathe retro server (pm Arokh). Thank you!
  2. Hello, i have been playing this game since it came out and never had problems subscribing. Now it seems that the only payment options for my country (Portugal) are ogrines, credit card and paypal, and i can only buy 1 year memberships. Is this true? Why can't i pay with paysafecard or buy just 1 month memberships?
  3. Class: Iop Build: str/int Kamas/time available: No exos/vulbis Current team: 199 iop, 19x eni, cra, panda, enu Lvl range: 200 PvP or PvM oriented: Both Extra comments: I messed around with dofus planner and created this one http://dofusplanner.com/u2uFh/edit/. However, i would like to have 12/5 with armoured dt aswell. Anyone knows a way to do this without sacrificing much stats and with no exos? Thanks!
  4. Rosal: Pyrkavlos and Dreadnok for iops :)
  5. *Facepalms* Sorry i was searching under "dungeon keeper soul stones" >.<. Close plz
  6. Hi everyone! So, i've been looking for a sewer keeper for quite a while for eternal harvest but with no luck so far. I've decided to buy a soul instead, if you have any pm here or in-game, thanks :)
  7. Maybe il make an elio too, just to try it out. Who knows, maybe il actually enjoy it, thanks for the advice! ^^
  8. Hi guys! I decided to come back to dofus after leaving it for 2 years and i wanted to get some advice because alot has changed and i am not sure what to do with my team. I have the following accounts: Acc 1: 199 str/agi iop( wanna make him str/int or omni soon) Acc 2: 19x scrolled cra (havent decided his build)/17x unscrolled enu Acc 3: 16x str panda (changing to cha i guess bcs of range nerf) Acc 4: 19x int eni Acc 5: 10x cha enu Acc 6: ?? I want to hear some advice about the builds and which class to get next, because i love multiaccounting. I was thinking sac but the erosion doesnt help, so maybe a sram, eca, masq? Some people have said nice things about elios but i think it is a boring class. Anyways, im open to ideas, feel free to comment on these things, thanks. PS: I've asked this before, i just want to hear some more opinions.
  9. Thank you, i just wanted to know if the xp from achievements i get for my f2p alts wont go to waste if i use them.
  10. Is it possible to reallocate characteristic points from scrolls now? Also is there a max level for f2p, do you know gaining xp when you reach level "x"? thanks
  11. I think so. It doesn't take much time anyway. All you have to do is the tutorial quests, and start the sequel right outside the tutorial area. After that just keep following the sequel and it ill be over in no time.
  12. It was an outdated incarnam quest: I got them done now, just had to look at the achievements because the incarnam part of the guides is not updated.
  13. Actually, nvm, i already had the incarnam quests done because the wabbit npc only told me to do the astrub/pandala ones. thanks anyway :P
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