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  1. captain-gale

    Ivory Quest Guide

    I think it's either snow business or hot 'n cold.
  2. captain-gale

    Bonta Alignment Quest 80-90

    You have to talk to a female sram at [-15,19].
  3. captain-gale

    The official newbie question thread!

    Yes. first you have to do the frigost 3 survivors of frigost quests after which you'll get a quest for which you'll have to do nileza. at the same time you'll have to kill nileza for hot'n cold. after that do the other 3 you need for hot'n cold in the same order you need to do them for the castle in the snow questline (I think sylargh>klime>freez) and then you just have to do count.
  4. captain-gale

    Shadow's Pyramid is Broken

    They changed shadow aswell with all the recent dungeon nerfs.
  5. captain-gale


    The Ivory dofus won't be the reward at the end of the alignment quests and instead get its own quests. Also the brotherhood of the forgotten will be involved (so maybe the quests you can start at the ouginak temple right now will be required).
  6. captain-gale

    The official newbie question thread!

    you have to enter through the mousehole in Kerub's attic, it's not a barrel.
  7. captain-gale

    FML - Dofus Version

    You know what's worse than getting a server suffix? not getting one... The worst part is that if someone sends me a pm it's only recieved by the low lvl gale even if he is offline ><
  8. Like the titel says I'm looking for someone to leech my feca through masto, ping, buck, obsi and tengu. I'm not entirely sure what the price for this shold be so if you're interested feel free to pm me here on imps village so we can work something out. nvm, forgot server transfers are a lot easier.
  9. Open the spoiler in that post for starting positions (although I don't think spookoth spots are necessary) general strategy is buffing healing turret A turn 2 and B turn 4 and if possible buffing them/ doing a bit of damage to other monsters, then run away and hope the spookoths die, 4 monsters will gather around the invulnerable bag so you have to run away and deal with the remaining 2, then go back and kill the monsters around the bag one by one.
  10. captain-gale

    Work Is Happiness (Will Killson Quest)

    I can help with a carver, a smith and a carver or smith.
  11. captain-gale

    Rushu Dimension Portal Positions

    Xelorium portal at [-34,-47] (127 uses)
  12. captain-gale

    Rushu Dimension Portal Positions

    Srambad portal at [-7,-35] (128 uses)
  13. captain-gale


    One of the seniors at Ankama, there is a npc with his name somewhere in cania.
  14. captain-gale



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