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  1. 8 Man Team Composition?

    +1 for Shatofu. <3
  2. /r/KarmaConspiracy/
  3. League of Legends

    Just do the every hour exercises x2 one after the other, followed by the 1-2 hours exercises every couple hours, then follow the schedule and you'll be more than fine. Also look into correct ergonomics. The consensus of my cubital tunnel syndrome is that gaming/being a PC nerd didn't push my ulnar nerve over the edge, it just made me susceptible to get it. Weightlifting was the thing that pushed it over the edge for me. I'm sure you'll be fine.
  4. So when are you making guides on your YouTube channel? I'm sure the Slavic accent would attract all of the e-girls.
  5. Awesome Magings: A Collection!

    Back in the day when maging was expensive relative to the total amount of kamas in circulation and an awesome item had no %res exo/overmage but perfect or near perfect stats, maging the higher sink stat on first was more efficient and much less risky for most of the playerbase. Nowadays people have extremely competitive sets w/ 3-6% res exo/overmages, so the risky route is more efficient if you want to be competitive which drives the demand up for these items, so the profit is greater than the risk much of the time. so risk = reward, if you're a competitive player, or if you have enough kamas to create the correct averages, maging that way can be much more rewarding. Before the gear advantages in Dofus were extremely severe. Nowadays the vast majority has at least a full set of exos and a decent set and it's much easier have a top tier character, now you don't have to compete with people like Zrednic or ExiTeD w/ 15-17AP/7-8MP sets and you don't need to farm/spend 400mk on spell scrolls. so pumping out extra res on your setup is one of the very few gear advantages you can have in Dofus nowadays. I think the evolution of maging techniques are only natural considering the amount of kamas in circulation/how most players have at least a full set of eggs/exos. There's no doubt that both techniques have their advantages and you maging that way doesn't make you wrong per se, people just need to weigh the options and align them with their goals.
  6. Trophies vs full sets

    You're stressing over a level 199 set too much man. 199 set means nothing since level 200 sets; especially for int/cha are so much better. Go whatever set you like that's less money or throw on stuff cheap stuff from the market then work on your 200 set way before 200. The Ilyzaelle economy is rapidly changing and if you outright buy expensive items that you'll later sell it's much more risky than buying cheap stuff and saving/crafting for your 200 set. If you have to pick only one trophies > dofuses because they're used in more setups. There's no definitive answer when you're speaking in general though, dofuses are far better in certain setups but they're the most effective in much less builds than trophies. It's like saying an 11mm spanner beats a 12mm spanner, while working on European cars... then you try working on an Asian one. Start working on the dofus quests with a friend regardless - they can be fun!
  7. The "What gear should I use" thread

    I haven't played endgame for a long time, however sometimes I like to make sets without knowing the current meta. This looks pretty good to me for PvP but there may be better sets out there. Afaik you can go pretty much any element(s) and be effective in PvP. https://www.dofusplanner.com/RBaOh/
  8. .avi files aren't universally the same - they're just a container that can contain many different codecs and many video editing programs aren't usually able to decode them all of them by default (decent video editing programs use their own codecs before using system wide ones to prevent interference/overwriting if at all) It's recommended to not use AVI. If you have some old files you need to use or want to continue using AVI format you can install the codec that your AVI files use on your PC or you can use a converter, that's assuming you have the same issue with Vegas which is more than likely if you haven't reformatted. MP4 format is around the same size and higher quality. simple converter pro 1 pro 2 OBS is much better than it used to be and it was good before! The beauty of open source I guess.
  9. OBS is probably the best recording software even if you include paid/cracked software too... just so happens it's open source. You can record like a God or you can lower the quality; the only limit will be your hardware. Premier Pro is the best video editing software but it has a very steep learning curve. I personally recommend Sony Vegas because it's powerful and easy to learn. Older versions are cracked on various torrent websites and they're great. HitFilm / DaVinci are popular free alternatives but you'll need a great PC to run Da efficiently.
  10. Fight Club [EVENT]

  11. Under The Edge

    Sounds like me with DP: I did several hundred souls and dropped nothing then I helped my friend in some souls and in the second or third soul I dropped a +20 turq. Was happy for him but I was also secretly salty haha. Can't imagine the feeling of dropping a 50% crim... gotta be up there with vulbis for me.
  12. Under The Edge

    Every time you level up you've gotta type "ding-ding" in /g...
  13. New idol calc

    Thanks guys. Just played/checked idols out for the first time in a while and didn't know of an Englando site.