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  1. ЯeveЯt

    S> Level 30 Dazzling Belt

    Ankama never really cared about transfers, they only cared about items specific to communities like hisp shields being transferred, such as Dazzling Belt! The age-old dilemma of just because something is super rare it's gonna be super valuable... I can go on eBay and find very rare retro games for <$5 and I can also go on it and find games that are much more common for $100-500. The usefulness of an item can depreciate the value that the rareness value adds and in this case I think it does unless you get lucky. The belt is definitely worth a LOT of kamas to the right buyer but the right buyer is someone who has hundreds of millions of kamas to spare for a belt and also PvPs at low level. The belt that sold for 150mk was when all the stars aligned and I don't think they'll align like that again unless you wait a very long time and even then... I'd personally never buy the belt for 200m+- even if I had 50bk, but there's probably people out there who are crazy enough to do that if they had the kamas.
  2. ЯeveЯt

    Incorrect Banning & Abuse of Support

    Don't think I'll get in trouble, unless I tweet it.
  3. ЯeveЯt

    Incorrect Banning & Abuse of Support

    Agreed. I don't think there's quick action or accuracy at the moment. This quick banning seems pretty isolated (correct me if I'm wrong, I don't play on Echo anymore). Regardless, I think whoever did this deserves to be reprimanded... if they have all of that obvious information and still manage to ban people mistakenly in such a brazen fashion they're clearly doing a terrible job. I assumed it was a mod with lack of information because otherwise that's so careless lol. There's a big difference between diligently checking and banning someone vs not banning someone for a very long time, who seems to have been a multi-accounting plague for years. Ankama need to step up their game.
  4. ЯeveЯt

    Incorrect Banning & Abuse of Support

    Unfortunately, most automated anti-multi-accounting techniques would rely on obscurity rather than security. It's generally in the communities best interest to not know what Ankama could do... even though it isn't rocket science. Ankama could be punishing a lot more people for multi-accounting with automatic detection methods. It's not possible to fully stop someone if they know what they're doing and have enough resources, but it is possible to raise the floor so that most players who would have can't/won't do it. I spoke to Izmar about this topic and I'm pretty sure that Ankama know what to do, they just didn't have or wouldn't allocate enough resources to alleviate this issue at the time. Also, I'm not sure about the moderation tools that our mods have access to nowadays but if they're the same as before they're pretty ill-equipped to handle the job of effectively finding out who's legit and who's not on the spot. If mods were able to pull certain information from each client distinguish between them would be extremely easy to begin with (then it's a cat and mouse game against the extremely determined). I had faith in them before mono server came out and even defended them against my better judgement but they disappointed me.
  5. ЯeveЯt

    LF> Missiz Freez Leech

    If only someone had a magic wand to fix these glitches for us muggles...
  6. ЯeveЯt

    Incorrect Banning & Abuse of Support

    I'm not sure about nowadays, but in the past Izmar was pretty much the only light people had when it came to bizarre sanction decisions by Ankama, at least for the INT community/people who don't speak french - I hope the new CM is reasonable. Ankama are extremely stubborn and most of their decisions are final, the only time I know of them going back on a decision is when information was offered in return and even then they were very dismissive. I'd be extremely careful with your wording when talking about or to support/Ankama employees and that includes third party websites/in-game. I think most likely they will cave under the community pressure, unless any of the banned players do anything to insult Ankama.
  7. ЯeveЯt


    Just make sure you get to school on time Kyle.
  8. Волко́в боя́ться в лес не ходи́ть
  9. ЯeveЯt


    Most of the Shika that you know don't play anymore. Off the top of my head most of these are people who either play from time to time or are currently active, but this is just what I see from the Imps active list/when I logon to chat every once in a while so I'm sure there's a few more. @hurtmeplease @Coopers @Koffee @Sommanker @Proxy-Error @Mikefield @Pereb @Kersemetsu
  10. ЯeveЯt

    2018 World Cup

    Need more PEDs next time.
  11. ЯeveЯt

    Kralove Opening?

    Nah, you've gotta be accommodating to people who enjoy tentacles instead of traditional hookers.
  12. ЯeveЯt

    Dofus Dungeons - Blog

    I think there's more contradictions in this thread than in the Bible lol.
  13. ЯeveЯt

    The official newbie question thread!

    How can someone be an UB3R 1337 Dofus nerd if they don't know that Shika was the greatest server? FAKE NEWS.