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  1. Some highlights of my Ilyzaelle adventures. Servi Duo/Focus/Score: Tal full achieve: Our efforts to get level 200 as a small guild:
  2. The historical significance of IV is unrivalled! It's a shame Microsoft didn't manage to acquire Discord with their recent bid as I'm sure they'd have killed Discord eventually and Imps would be more popular again. There's only so much incompetence you can take, Ankama have managed to alienate so many of their older players who would still enjoy the game today, but they can't look past how much of an awful company they are and it ruins it for them. They consistently manage to make the game a pain to play with lacklustre management and poor decisions. I tried to come back on Ilyzae
  3. ironic how everyone who liked your comment so far are originally from shika xd
  4. They also changed punishment to give an extra damage of 50% of your eroded HP in neutral damage. The latest changes are here, I don't know if they released them in English.
  5. I don't think you have to go either way, the reason Ankama are unable to get new traffic is definitely multifaceted. His marketing team comment is about attracting new players, your comment is mostly about keeping them. Both of your points are valid. I think the content is extremely good compared to what it was like 5 years ago.
  6. If you want a dark theme on websites that don't have one (or you want to edit it easily) use https://darkreader.org/.
  7. Hmm... it *shouldn't* be on Ily, turns out people get them via pending gifts from 2014. I asked a friend and he said there's a few, he also had another pet pending and it worked. If you want to find one you should create a thread on jeux here.
  8. It isn't possible to get the pet on Ilyzaelle, it was only a short release in 2014 to commemorate the World Cup.
  9. It says you're gold right now... https://euw.op.gg/summoner/userName=nigel Don't worry about saying stupid stuff in the past, if someone tells you they haven't they're lying or extremely ignorant. 10 years from now you'll think the same about the things you say right now, just to less of an extent of the previous 10 years.
  10. I remember you. You were probably the highest level damage iop, non-polish players couldn't spell your name! Rise of Goods stepped up their English and renamed to Rise of Gods, they're on Ilyzaelle and Echo I believe. I think there's a couple old guildies of yours there. Maybe you want to message one of them. Good luck!
  11. It's still very strong, you can grip last then finish off the next turn on/after the Iops turn, grip is especially good for duos, in 4+ PvM you'd probably blitz the boss without using grip/duel but it's still free damage and the monster is effectively useless for a turn. Elio/Iop is still one of the best duos in the game, they can duo any duo content in the game with little difficulty. Even if duel/grip was removed from the game Iop/Elio would still be one of the strongest duo combos... It was super overpowered before the nerf and I agree with them nerfing it. Duel also makes the I
  12. CC shield is usually bad on Iops for PvM/PvP and should almost never be used, it's only useful in very niche PvM/PvP fights and the best CC shield gives bad stats for PvP, in group PvP you want to be abusing range AoE spells (Tumult and/or Pyg), in PvM you're going to be attacking from range most of the time, 99% of damage through portals is counted as range damage, the best weapon is Catseye Bow to pair with this used with Stalak or Four-Leaf, I like four leaf. Catseye steals are also good for PvP. One big strength of an Iop in PvM is that they can hit through portals very easily
  13. Degrees are useful in the sense that they provide you with solid fundamentals and possibly more, depending on the course providing you make the most of your course, connections which are very important. If you feel you'll learn better in a more structured way by all means go take a comp sci degree w/ a security module. Do you need a degree? Definitely not, most of the best hackers I know don't have a degree, in fact many of them dropped out of high school, certifications and being active in the community (blogs, twitter, forums, IRC, etc) are much more important than degrees. One advantage of
  14. I think another Cra would be the best, you can cheat lots of dungeons easily with two Cras but if you don't have the tenacity to play two of them, I agree with Just-Monika, Sadi/Eni/Panda/Enu would be good options. I would personally pick strength Sadi if I didn't want to play another Cra (and I definitely wouldn't because of my Sac pride) they're very strong and versatile (high damage, heals, map manipulation and mp rape).
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