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  1. I saw that on reddit a week ago. I am pretty sure it is simply fan-made and nothing that niantic has annonced... Do you have any somewhat official source?
  2. They updated the calendar. Osa revamp in September. http://www.dofus.com/en/mmorpg/news/schedule/september
  3. I am pretty sure it's a 10% chance of getting the striped from two pure solids. I finished all the breeding achievements that way, but I don't think it is the easier one, if you just need the achievements. You can simply just buy the striped you need and breed it with a female ginger or almond dt for the low pregnancy time.
  4. I did it with eni, iop, panda, feca. Using the immu to keep the poisoned guy alive and the panda made sure that iop could hit the charged up wrath. I don't really think feca is needed in there, so should be possible to bring any other class. Panda's new vuln should make your dmg output even higher. Edit: Eni was first to be poisoned -> died after a couple of turns, then panda was poisoned and died. I lifted iop to avoid him getting the poison.
  5. Hey there, I am a lvl 200 feca from Rushu currently sitting at +10k achievement points. I have given the new feca a chance I really have, but they just seem very weak in their current state - at least for the epic-level dungeon achievements. The feca revamp did address a lot of the problems fecas had: a lot of useless spells (shields was made into 1), low mobility, 'boring' glyphs etc. But the fecas defensive side took a huge dump with those changes. We lost the huge res% spells, immunity was made less awesome, spell rebound got removed and so did the ever so awesome fraction. While that happened fecas offensive were somewhat boosted, but some clear weaknesses were also added: Cloudy attack's minimum range was set to 3, backlash was made diagonal, natural attack no longer boostable and even though the defensive spells were made weaker, the damage wasn't really boosted. Currently there is no need for a feca in any end game dungeon, we are not doing anything other classes wouldn't be able to do and I think that is a shame. I don't want to go back to the old feca, that's not what I am asking for, cause even though fecas are now weaker, they are still more fun to play, and I believe the pvp aspect of fecas is also a lot cooler now. What I want is more freedom on the offensive side, at the moment we are very limited to being at the right range - diagonal to use backlash, at range for using bubble and cloudy attack, cc range to use typhoon and shiver, and somewhat close to use natural attack. While we don't want to cc all the time, +range only benefits very few of our spells and if we want to cc we might not be able to cast our other spells or even backlash if we are not diagonal. I think Ankama nerfed the fecas defensive side while not buffing the offensive enough - if that was the plan. Either let us tank with better defensive spells or make our offensive side even stronger.
  6. I did the same thing as feca with tf + bearb set with inky and CB headdress. It is not too hard to duo it, it usually comes down to the summons.
  7. Vit candy ysys. Thank you for sharing.
  8. Life is one's journey.... through life.
  9. Somebody clearly skipped their math lessons... It's 90 stat > +150 stat - 100 hp no matter if you are comparing them or not. By following your logic, we could rewrite the whole thing into 90 stat + 200 hp > 150 stat, which doesn't really make sense comparing those two pets, since the difference in hp is not 200. #Huehuehue #S>mathlessons.
  10. You start the new quest where the last one ended. Head to pandala!
  11. Last thing missing in this thread is the location of Dark Vlad. Edit: After heading to incarnam, visit the inn and talk to the enu. Give him a lemonade and he will send you to the militia. Follow the quest and talk to the militia man at the egde of the cemetery. Walk one map down and defeat the chafer there. Afterwards walk to the map above the dungeon entrance. Click the stone and you will be attacked by some invisible chafers.
  12. Found them. Thanks for the help. Should probably be added to the guide at first page at some point! Edit: Does it matter which moowolf you beat? Could be the one in it's dungeon, right?
  13. How did you get through the Draconthropy quest? I have no clue what those items are: Obsidian pendant, flower of the tormented and the moowolf's enchanted ring.
  14. @Vcent What weapon did you use with that set? Second ring? And trophies, if you don't mind sharing.
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