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  1. Hey all! Returning from a 1 year hiatus and lots of things have changed so I wanted to see if anyone could help me out with some of queries :D 1) My main previously was a int/agi cra, used to be 199 but now has turned 200 due to the changes that occurred. Afaik, some of cra's spells have changed a lot (e.g explosive changed to once per turn). Is int/agi build still viable or should I build to something more like omni/str/cha? Current set: http://dofp.la/CeG4y/ Would be great if someone could suggest any decently cheap upgrades for a 200 set as well! 2) Given that my cra is now 200, I feel a lot more limited on progression on him given that lvl 200 gear is much more expensive than the gear before it so I am thinking of starting a new character. My cra used to be more a pvm character but I would like to create a character that would be more in-line with being able to do well on a kolo team while not being horrible in pvm either. Was thinking of a str sadi but open to any suggestions as well! (No idea how ouginak or the revamped sacri/eni/osa is like in pvp) Lastly, really excited about the new megaserver and will look forward to meeting you guys in Echo! Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!
  2. Thanks so much for the quick reply. Is it possible to devise a slightly different set then? Since I have all of the new trophies already in my current set (Major Vigour, Shaker, Nomad, Major Intellectual etc). By 10 mk i was stating more of how much I had in hard cash, in equipment etc i would probably have somewhere closer to 18-20mk. So sorry that I wasn't clear enough in my first post! Something i thought up : http://dofusplanner.com/85wi1/ Maybe can improve on this? I don't know what to use in the last slot tbh xD
  3. Class: Cra Build: Currently Int/Agi, Can consider any dual element which includes int or even Omni if its not too ex Kamas/time available: 10 mk, Have the time to make more Current team: Solo Lvl range: 199 Extra comments: A decent, hopefully not too expensive 199 set that will allow me to do most stuff/dungeons pretty well on my way to my first 200 char. I am considering omni but if its too expensive then any dual element build will do as well. PvP and PvM oriented Thanks so much for any advice you can give me guys! If the set I am asking for is impossible do tell me so I can revise my aims!
  4. Class: Cra Build: Int/Agi Kamas/time available: 5mk/can make more money with more time Current team: Solo Lvl range: 185-190 Extra comments: Need a suitable close combat weapon if possible PvP & PvM oriented Thanks in advance!
  5. Hi all, Don't know if this is the right place to post this. Would like some of your opinions on what spells would be most useful for a 185 int/agi cra. I currently have Lvl 6: Dispersing, Magic, Burning, Distant, Bat's Eye, Powerful, Tormenting Lvl 5: Frozen Arrow, Explosive Shot, Bow Skill I have 49 points left over now after some resets of the spells and am considering what to pump them into. The main reason why I haven't leveled some of the key Agi spells are because I got resets on them and not sure how they have changed, as well as the fact I did not really fully utilise spells like Absorptive previously anyway. Skills to consider: Retreat, Frozen (Lvl 6?), Critical Shooting, Plaguing, Absorptive For Weapon Skill, I will probably only consider that when I get an actual weapon I would like to use. For now, I am just using a weapon that gives AP. Thanks in advance for any advice you guys can give! :) Any advice for a returning player would be great as well.
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