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  1. eNitram

    Mystic's Dungeon Leeching Service

    why u tryina break the economy
  2. eNitram

    an effort to quit completely.

    If you want to "completely" quit, give your shit away and delete your chars, dont be sellin it like you intend to come back.
  3. eNitram

    Got my Iop unbanned! Need some gear advice!

    this might help
  4. eNitram

    Im outta here

    Hey, Im quitting. Dofus got in the way of my studying and stuff. Check out my quitting merch. Nitram See yall in like 4 days
  5. eNitram


    See ya in three days slinor :P
  6. eNitram

    Ask a Mage

    It didn't have 92 sink, did it? :P
  7. eNitram

    FML - Dofus Version

    Btw, all 5 of my chars were still alive after I got him to 16hp, then Cunt Harebourg and the summons rekt em.
  8. eNitram

    What grinds your gears in dofus?

    when people say "pm me" at the end of their /b message
  9. eNitram

    I'm done! :D

    :3 bb Danny take care
  10. eNitram


  11. eNitram

    Awesome Magings: A Collection!

    You could say just the same that landing a crit mage AP/MP is more likely if the stats aren't overmaged. Wish I knew the formulas of those probabilties, then I could atleast calculate which options pays off.