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  1. i'll miss you tho, <3 :((((((
  2. Barbaric might come back :P he's busy irl atm but he'll be back for goulta. He did really good last year so :P
  3. Hello, My name is The-Wanted, I'm a lv 200 cra on Rushu I'm brakmarian. I'm looking for someone who could make me a cool picture of my cra, like I often see if someone posts something. (i think its called a Sig ?) In case you need any pictures of my cra, let me now :P I also have a youtube page. I'd love to remodel that page. In case anybody could create a background etc. That would be awesome :D. As i said I am on Rushu, I'm willing to pay kamas for it, in case that helps :P https://www.youtube.com/wantedskills (all dofus vids ofc :P) Friendly Greetz The-Wanted.
  4. gg ankama ty for fucking everything up , everything , seriously , can't find one good thing
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