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  1. -Amos-

    add me on skype plox O: Tyheedthe1andonly, or Tyheedigan pls and thanks :P

  2. tar

    heya amos, i'm doing alright. i'll try to catch you on skype sometime and we can catch up

  3. -Amos-

    len i dont know if u even get on imps anymore but if u do see this message hit me up sometime i would like to know how your doing , if thats alright... so cheers!!

  4. Epic song to go along with that video. Thanks for sharing
  5. Today was a good day. And my roommates were telling me Alistar couldn't do twisted treeline.
  6. It's all about you. Probably had nothing to do with your opponent. Onwards narcissist!
  7. Congratz on breaking the addiction At some point you'll start playing LoL to get your pvp urges out. Nice thing about LoL is there is really no social aspect to the game, and no endless grind. Without that, it's not addicting and you won't be playing it as a substitute for real life. Take care, Tar
  8. I know this sounds cliche, but write about anything you're truly passionate about, what you've done (good essay has some subtle bragging) and how college will help you. If you want someone to help with peer editing or ideas, I'd be happy to help. Just pm me here or add me on skype (username: nelaglen) . I was a senior in high school last year, and went through the same process as you. I had about two weeks of writers block before I was able to write the majority of my essay. - Tar
  9. I hate Garen. >.> Just started playing less than a week ago, and I'm loving Jax. Our Super Teemo left like 8 minutes in, and we still won. :D And this one was silly. My team was .____>
  10. I have one on Rushu, http://impsvillage.com/forums/topic/131372-selling-ap-inky-bherbal-mp-kralo/ . Taking offers Tar
  11. Thank you for the videos. Brumaire A vs Menalt B is an entertaining fight. Xelor teams are at a disadvantage this tournament, nice to see a good one.
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