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  1. Nachmittag

    Official "What team should I use" Thread

    What I have: Acc1: Sacrieur 200 (should be definitely in, so not listing anything else on this account) Acc2: Eniripsa 200 Eliotrop 161 Ecaflip 178 Acc3: Enutrof 199 Pandawa 198 Acc4: Ecaflip 197 Sram 188 What I want: No new accounts A team around the Sacrieur to be able to do most/all dungeons, maybe characters to even do the duo/trio archievements on the Sacrieur. Maybe already with skill/set-ides(exos shouldnt be in, I'm pretty low budget. Dofuses are ok, I'll try to quest them then)
  2. Nachmittag

    Post your Guts

    Updated my Xelor after lvling him to hell the last days. Still need to get Trophys on my Chars and wanna get Wanda Ring for DP-Ring. But I'm already happy with this Setup ^___^
  3. Nachmittag

    "Owning" Kollusiom Fights

    ^ Agi-Sac, Str-Sadi, Cha-Enu vs Int-Osa, Str-Sram, Wis-Xel :D Awesome game of our team :)
  4. Nachmittag

    Post your Guts

    Sry, my fault...3 hours of sleep last night haven't been enough. :DD
  5. Nachmittag

    Post your Guts

    As I already said: Her Mount(Red/Emerald I think) is giving the 5th MP. So she gets 5 MP with Mount+Alister-Boots.
  6. Nachmittag

    Post your Guts

    I don't think, that it's Fuji-Cloak, 'cause she got 5Bp with Mount. :P
  7. Nachmittag

    Post your Guts

    What are the Livis? Nice looking stats anyway :D
  8. Nachmittag

    FML - Dofus Version

    That story makes me wanna cry. And our team still needs that much bear-equip :'(
  9. Nachmittag

    Post your Guts

    Für dich auf Deutsch: Hast dir schonmal überlegt 'nen Bär-Gurt anzuziehen? Gibt zwei Range, Agi, Krits und Vita. Fehlte halt nur die Init drauf. Ansonsten würden Tengu-Eisfux-Gurt Agi, Krits, Init und Vita oder der Slip Hi n bissl mehr Init, dafür weniger Agi, ebenfalls Krits, Vita und sogar %-Dmg geben. On English: Said, that he could use CB-Belt for Range+Agi but no Ini or Tengu-Belt with Agi, Crits, Init or Hippy Pants with Init, Agi, Crits and even %-Dmg.
  10. Nachmittag

    old memories...

    Manu, wo is' K.E.M.(Firstiii) auf dem "More Moppy King Fun"-Bild, wenn man ihn mal wo braucht?:D:D On English: Manu, where's K.E.M.(Firstlady, K.E.M. is just a name for him given by a friend) on that "More Moppy King Fun"-pic, if you need him somewhere?:D:D
  11. Nachmittag

    Post your goals and achievements

    I wanted to say, it's difficult to keep the patience, playing a Char without leeching untill Lvl 200.
  12. Nachmittag

    Post your goals and achievements

    Grats :D Very difficult, to get a Char to Lvl 200 without Wis-Skill or leeching. You really CAN be proud ;)
  13. Nachmittag

    Post your Guts

    That's just it. Wanted to get a nice Pp-Char, but he also needs to be able to fight, because he is on the same Acc, as my Sacrier(haven't got Twinks right now)
  14. Nachmittag

    Post your Guts

    Yeah, I thought about the Dragon Pig-Belt too, but that one misses Vit(I think, 948 aren't much Hp) and Prospecting, wherefore I want to use my Enu.
  15. Nachmittag

    Post your Guts

    Well, this aren't any High-Epic-Endlvl-Guts, but I think, they are very well on my Enu's Lvl. There are missing Pp of my Turkey, so he'll get on 366pp on Lvl 103.

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