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  1. *bump* New price is at 40mk or willing to trade for a Turq Dofus IGN: Lorelie
  2. *Bump* New price of 45mk [Only Kamas] Thanks.
  3. As the title says im selling a Crimson Dofus Not to sure what the going price is these days, i hear its pretty low! wooohooo! <_< I'l start at 60mk but Willing to negotiate price so PM ingame or here. Anyway, looking to sell it only accepting kamas need to sub and get back into playing this lovely game. Thanks for your time. Lorelie
  4. Dang! I know this is a lil late but i was busy past few days, this is a pic from the Ash day bonus. Was bored while leveling my fisherman so i just decided to chop some wood and ended up just doing only Ash lol. :mellow: Base Ash in bank was at around 3,600 woods. So im quite impressed.:lol: Gratz Tom on that huge haul! I someday plan to get as many, i missed my dragos birthing by one day.... so i get nothing!:mellow: I'll plan ahead next time. Cya in-game.:D
  5. Thanks for all the info guys. Did not know about the quest in Sufokia but ill be doing that daily i guess from now on! ;) I agree its gonna take awhile to lvl but in 6days ive already gone from 1 to 51 so i think im doing pretty good. Goes really steady after lvl30. Goodluck to all who lvl fisherman. PS: Im starting to think pandas dont drop s***! Done so many mobs/challs and no scrolls... lame!!:angry:
  6. So ive recently begun to lvl a fisherman and as everyone knows its quite a the tedious profession. Time consuming, slow and some what for the slow paced player. Ive read on wiki to drop this profession scrolls can be done from a "Drunk Pandalette".... oh my.... Ive done several mobs with my team and my pp is near 2400+ and all i drop is Water Pandawushu Artefacts by the horde. Is it dropping or do i need more luck and patients? or have they change it to another monster? Any help will suffice maybe a screenie or two to prove me wrong? huh? plox guys. Thanks.:huh:
  7. Ring Sold. Thanks for all the offers. Please Close.
  8. As ther title suggest lol, id like to sell this ring. Im only accepting kamas so no trades please. PM me in-game on /w Lorelie or just check around the -2,0 zaap for my merch. Im asking around 45mk but willing to negotiate. Thanks all.
  9. Oh my gosh peeps i just realised this as i posted the topic lol, sorry for the lame post! :lol: I shoulda noticed it earlier my bad guys. I was so worried for a few minutes lol. Thanks for the replys. :rolleyes:
  10. Hey Imps, Currently cant seem to wrap my head around this situation.... Ive recently gotten a Emerald/Plum Mount for my Cra and when i equip it. something strange happens. First off, id just like to say my cra is strength build standard Broucey, Xa Cloak, Eroclite, Punchinellos Mask and Youyettes and a Soft Oak ring.... now comes the wierd part... in this set i have 10ap and 4mp right. But as soon as i equip the mount it un-equips the Xa Cloak and the mp jumps to 6mp??? when clearly i had only 4 and the mount gives +1?? Am i missing something or have i forgotten about the new limitations on AP/MP/Range? Any helpf will suffice, thanks. Again sorry if this is a nub question...
  11. Just like to say i think this is a great topic! The random bonus' for every day is kinda cool. :lol: So to the point, yesterday was +150% drops to frigost meats and hey! Was i suprised! :P Heres a few pics from the few souls i did. First one was 2 CB Meats... :rolleyes: and another 3 CB meats! ;) and this one, a friend of mine needed help with a soul and he got 3 Xa meats!! I wanted it! :unsure: lols anyway was a nice suprise for me, anyone esle drop rare meats by the ton? :rolleyes:
  12. Hey there Imps, been looking awhile for some new mounts for my team and have yet to to find a good few. :unsure: I am looking to buy: 1x Emerald/Ginger (chamo) 5x Plum/Emerald (chamo) Please note i am looking for pure family trees on these mounts and willing to pay very well. Willing to trade too, if you need any mats or items but id prefer to pay kamas. Let me know in game or leave a reply and ill get back to you, if you have any of these desirable mounts!:) Look forward to getting atleast one pm lol. IGN: Lorelie Thanks.
  13. Haha atlast i get to post in this thread!! :D Been awhile since ive tried to drop any eggs and had 5 SO souls in my mount so just decided to do them this morning.. and viola!!:lol: Was hoping for better, but ahh well i take what i can get. :rolleyes:
  14. Lorelie


    Hey all, just need to know some info or maybe even a tactic when fighting the bounty(Frigost) Dremoan. I have currently ran into it about 4 times and every time ends in defeat <_< Ive yet to understand most of its spells and effects, but in the fight it seems simple till about the 4th-5th tturn when its summons the Seed. I realised once the seed is summoned Dremoan is vulnerable for the rest of the fight, yet i dont know what activates its healing spell... because i can do the damage but not over and over and over again >.< its pointless. If anyone can really specify what his spells do and not refer me to wiki please share, and if you know a good tactic feel free to tell me as this is getting really annoying to fight it and die every time!!?:(
  15. Hey there Imps! Would really appreciate it if anyone who has these arches or spare sell them to me or trade them for resources if needed, i dont have any spares of arches so ill most probably buy them... 1. Pippin Biblop - Bibloponey The Entertainer 2. Dark Rose - Zorrose The Messican PM me in-game @ : Lorelie, im sure we can make a deal :P Thanks .
  16. Transaction complete, very happy with the service provided. Will definitely be ordering more in the future. :D Recommendation achieved! 9.9/10 (Kept me waiting 2mins) :P Thanks alot, Lore.
  17. Heyhey Morg, Ghilford here :lol: Just checking how the order is coming along (even tho i just got informed few miuntes ago) too excited for words. PM me in-game when its ready. Thanks. :)
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