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  1. i played quite a while on solar in 2008 and i remember some powerful old guilds veritas knights templar akatsuki clan ancients
  2. i'd drop emerald dofus and 30 int trophy for dodge and str trophy
  3. i remember my solar day's :( haik > iop adidas > leader of temple knights? calm > agi sram (was in Fallout) angel-cz > iop (was in ancients) explosive or someting like that, he had lots of chars and his xel was the 1st lv200 if i remember correctly blink > cha osa illegal > str sram, learder of akatsuki clan? cafe > feca avatar-roku ? > cra, he had lv100 jeweller and awsome mages twisted or twisty > 2nd lv200 on server and i actually quit dofus before he hit lv200 gym > cha xel, learder of ancients? i also remember a iop who had lv100 tailor but i forg
  4. fenomenon


    i think SO eni and CB eni are quite different SO eni is int eni since they do nothing with str component but CB eni can use wounding and vampiric according to situation and monster's res
  5. miner - lv50 normal - lv100 major - lv150
  6. maybe u can use full glad + awm band on ur xel for hammer x3 per turn
  7. lol how is the cra at bottom tier ?? come on guyz they are still one of the best dmg dealers both from range and in close combat also they have super buffs, dispersing arrow for move enemy/ally in every 2 turns, AoE -range, -mp -ap skills and lots of things also they have lots of different attacks + most of the skills are usefull even at lv1 for example my agi cra can do decent dmg with lv1 explsoive arrow when im fully buffed (i have 0 int btw) they must be at top tier especially at 3vs3 pvp the only thing they cant do is unbewing
  8. if one day i hit lv200 on all my chars and get all dofuses, scrolls, profs and end-game sets then ill probably start an int osa for pvp at low lvls maybe 12/6 with exo mages, 1/2 hammer etc... unbeatable int osa :)
  9. it isnt related to ur post but yoghurt drink is called AYRAN originally and very popular in Asia :P
  10. was sadida one of the OP class or i couldnt figure it out in 3 years ?? sylvan power is totaly useless now (at any lvl) also lv6 is must soothing to be effective...
  11. when i bought hai ring for my sadi i try out on my enu and my 1st crit was my 13th or 14th try but i think that 1/2 is 1/2 as it is while some ppl have more luck tho(im not that lucky ones, my ghostly shovel usually crit on 4-5th try :P)
  12. i dont have screen shot but my perc (lv18) killed lv100+ sadi + lv50-60 eni but it was very old that chars didnt get vit before lv100 so probably they have low HP
  13. lol in aermyne avg prices are so high that perc can easily go over 5-10mk in like DP dung but actually they dont worth even half also i remember that in CB perc res worth like 1k each but i dunno how much its worth for NPC :S
  14. sadi + osa (animal healing for sadi and tree of life for osa)(as sydney mentioned)
  15. well im totally agree with Du-Som for support panda mp is the most important than anything else (btw i knew that turq&em gives 20pp so i dont use on my panda but now its time to buy one :P)
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