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  1. FINALLY got this event questline done!!! This last fight was killer, especially as a class with almost no sustain whatsoever. :+) Very fun questline, would recommend, still super surprised we got the Eliatrope Room open. :') Thanks to @Owyn specifically for lending me an Ivory for the last fight - it made a world of difference. And thanks to @Pawnz for reminding me that Synchro exists. xD
  2. we fucking did it lads massive thanks to @bricolbob and @Uther-Idea for being the only other two people on echo
  3. I have 6 accounts, all 200. I can fulfill the Gobball sets/Gelano reqs and the primordial Dofus reqs, and more importantly 1 of those 6 characters is an Eliotrope. Count me in as one of the Elios (name is Fractal). The rest you can put me in any 5 spots.
  4. What's up Goat! I'll happily help you run those dungeons, but before that I should tell you that once every 12 hours you can talk to the tiwabbit NPC to reroll those dungeons and get new options. I personally didn't want to run Tal Kasha for my own quests, so I talked to the NPC again and it told me to kill Nileza instead. I recommend you at least try rerolling first, because you can reroll instantly upon taking the quest and then once every 12 hours after that. Good luck!
  5. hate to inform you but you've definitely been wrong before, i can see by your profile picture you're a cra main
  6. i have nothing to contribute to this topic besides the phrase "if we could find a way"
  7. something tells me you have an eight man team mostly composed of enus, hm
  8. nah man 1.29 changed too much for me, original alpha or bust. can't stand the sight of people playing retro and thinking it's anywhere near the true dofus experience, they're not even playing it through their browser on miniclip.com it's like really sad. :///////
  9. what are you doing playing an ankama game then lol
  10. Yeah, big congrats to everyone who posted an image here - especially whichever unsung hero provided Rob with that sample photo, what a selfless and probably incredibly handsome person he must be.
  11. 1.29 isn't my schtick but was kralove that much of a problem? :')
  12. I don't know man, I multi account because it's nice not having to schedule something together with three separate other human beings every single time I want to run literally any dungeon. It's nice being able to do things at my own pace and to play with my friends because I want to, not out of necessity. I personally would rather NOT spend 9 hours running Wa Wabbit when I could spend 4; I simply don't have the available game time for it. People grow up and get responsibilities and fuller schedules. What was doable as a kid because you had time to spare no longer cuts it. I recognize that you play the game to make social connections and have fun with others, and I think that's a lovely way to play - I too think this game is about social connections and that the community is what keeps the majority of people here (what little there is left of it on Echo, even). I just don't think that multi-accounting was what killed the game, and I don't think you should go around blaming people who value their time rather than taking issue with Ankama's refusal to advertise, terrible treatment of the international community, rushed updates, blatant cash grabs, and other clear issues with the company that runs this game. Long and short of it, multi accounting is fine as long as the people doing it still want to hang out with others. If they don't then they never would have in the first place. It's not like opening two Dofus clients at once is a magic drug that turns you anti-social.
  13. 40 klime runs on 332 score and 31 nileza runs on 293 score later .................. 6/6 paragons
  14. No problem, it's nice to see another person offering profession services on this site!
  15. Good luck! Grinding out professions is hard work.
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