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  1. 1.29 isn't my schtick but was kralove that much of a problem? :')
  2. I don't know man, I multi account because it's nice not having to schedule something together with three separate other human beings every single time I want to run literally any dungeon. It's nice being able to do things at my own pace and to play with my friends because I want to, not out of necessity. I personally would rather NOT spend 9 hours running Wa Wabbit when I could spend 4; I simply don't have the available game time for it. People grow up and get responsibilities and fuller schedules. What was doable as a kid because you had time to spare no longer cuts it. I recognize that you play the game to make social connections and have fun with others, and I think that's a lovely way to play - I too think this game is about social connections and that the community is what keeps the majority of people here (what little there is left of it on Echo, even). I just don't think that multi-accounting was what killed the game, and I don't think you should go around blaming people who value their time rather than taking issue with Ankama's refusal to advertise, terrible treatment of the international community, rushed updates, blatant cash grabs, and other clear issues with the company that runs this game. Long and short of it, multi accounting is fine as long as the people doing it still want to hang out with others. If they don't then they never would have in the first place. It's not like opening two Dofus clients at once is a magic drug that turns you anti-social.
  3. 40 klime runs on 332 score and 31 nileza runs on 293 score later .................. 6/6 paragons
  4. No problem, it's nice to see another person offering profession services on this site!
  5. Good luck! Grinding out professions is hard work.
  6. Granted, but anime also becomes real at the same time. I wish that the next Paper Mario game will be absolutely fantastic. Just a 9.5/10 game that knocks everybody's socks off.
  7. Granted, but when she reaches the stars and gives them all to her lover, they are instantly immolated by the temperature. I wish that all my students this semester will do well in class.
  8. For a full range setup, Snowfouxes are probably a good bet, that or Scarlet Tannery. :0
  9. guys, it's okay, ankama has heard the demands of the playerbase and has added grinding to quests so that they can dissatisfy everyone equally
  10. you finally fucking got it, you overcame the curse!!! congrats man
  11. Granted, you are awarded full credit for every discussion board post you make, but due to integer overflow error, you are graded as if you received a -1 for each post. I wish that I could muster the discipline needed to study extremely well.
  12. Granted! Access to the food, however, is locked up in several miles of bureaucratic red tape and by the time you finally win the legal rights to possess the food it has spoiled. I wish that my girlfriend would give Wakfu another shot.
  13. Granted, but you lose interest in the game and stop playing yourself. I wish that I'll pass candidacy with flying colors on the first try!
  14. Granted, but your changes are only implemented in Dofus Retro. I wish my EAR would stop fucking HURTING.
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