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  1. Scour

    Silam: Passionate at Heart

    I try not to be biased but I really love that Jelly Shield. :')
  2. He's part of the loyal, passionate, and talented players of our community. Silam (silamfanart.fr), known for creating DOFUS items, will enter the game thanks to you! A true artisan of the World of Twelve, Silam creates original equipment for DOFUS, a joy for your eyes. Some of you are already familiar with his work and we'd like to pay tribute to him by integrating one of his creations into the game. To do this, we've selected five items for you – vote for the one you absolutely want to see in DOFUS! 1. The Mall O'Skin Cape 2. The Royal Bluish Jelly Shield 3. The Black and Fire Dauge Pet 4. The Lucra Lucky Headgear 5. Jiva's Headgear Not easy deciding, is it? Yet now's the time to help us and make your voice heard: GET VOTING! VOTE NOW! The item that gets the most votes will be integrated into the game. You'll be able to get it straight from a monster along with one of our rare loots – more information very soon! You should also know that Silam will be visiting our offices on Friday, March 29 so he can see the result of your votes for himself! https://www.dofus.com/en/mmorpg/news/announcements/985700-silam-passionate-heart
  3. What follows is Google Translated. TEMPORAL ANOMALIES Remnants of zaaps have been found in various parts of the World of Twelve and in the dimensions. In addition, it seems that all zaaps have started to malfunction. The monster star system is replaced by a new zone bonus / penalty system. Details on this new feature is available in the devblog article . PWÂK A new event zone is available, offering adventurers the chance to face new monsters, complete new quests, complete new achievements and gain new rewards. INFINITE SONGES The Infinite Dreams button is no longer disabled when in Dreams and now allows you to return to the world for Normal and Epic servers. The tooltips on this button have been changed to warn the player that he is entering an aggression zone for the Heroic server. Different interface enhancements for Infinite Dreams have been made: Add the name of the room to the overview of the portal or in the guardian selection interface. The rewards are sorted (rewards in dream points and then in fragments). Different texts and tooltips have been modified. The name of the reward is added to the tooltip. Any visual reference to global erosion is removed. The map of the world can no longer be opened when one is in the infinite Dreams. Monsters from Pwak Island enter the Well of Infinite Dreams for the duration of the event. Rewards related to legendary pets are added. SPELLS All glyphs no longer interrupt the move. For the movement to be interrupted, it is necessary that an effect changing the state of the game be triggered. Among these effects are included: the effective loss of PM, any displacement effect (thrust, attraction, teleportation, telefrag, transposition ...). This should greatly reduce the number of cases where characters stop in a glyph. As a result of a change to the Saut du Lit spell, the incarnation Mirh no longer possessed spells once level 10 was reached. This problem is now resolved. The actual damage of the Pendulum spell was higher than the damage displayed. They now match the damage displayed, as per the changes announced in version 2.48 . The Condemnation spell must now be cast on an occupied cell, as described. When a companion loses a Scope bonus, he no longer loses all of his Scope but only the effect of the bonus. The Selective Word spell now plays a flame animation when it's critically hit. In some languages, the Pile or Face spell had the same translation as its Face or Stack variant. The Face or Stack spell now has its own translation in all languages. In some languages, the translation of the Arrows of Immobilization spell and its Paralyzing Arrow variant is changed. PREVIEW OF SPORTS The launcher is no longer targeted in the preview by an online spell launched towards the southeast. Preview (click here to view preview) When using the "sacrifice poupesque" spell on the double of the Sram, the displayed damage is no longer doubled. Management of some buffs is improved. The preview now displays damage to bomb walls, runes, and traps for their owner. For other players, she displays "???" because the damage depends on the characteristics of the thrower that are not accessible to other players. The preview correctly takes into account the damage reduction effects that apply to a character with nonzero elemental resistances. Displacement previewing is done correctly when using a star-shaped area spell. Damage reduction on characters with low health has been corrected. OBJECTS The critical resistance penalty of the legendary cloak "Rykke Errel's Bravery" was abnormally low at -20 instead of -30. The value of this penalty is now correct. The Iop class belt, the Hynere Strap, which adds 2 PO to the Fracture spell did not work properly. Indeed, the last box of the area of effect did not do damage. This problem is now fixed. The bonus for the "Fortification" spell brought by Cape Hadosse (Feca class cloak) now works correctly. On the Wa Wobot Crown, the Air Damage Bonus is replaced by a Fire Damage Bonus to match items in the set. This change is not retroactive and the object must be smeared on the existing crowns to retrieve the new line of effect. The old line of effect is now considered exotic forgemagie. Pets and Mountaineers can now learn legendary power. MONSTERS Out of combat, monsters no longer favor moving to the upper left of the cards. Kérigoule now correctly cast spells when invocations are in contact with him. Missing Frizz's Fare spell is changed to no longer fire in a chain. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE Several cases that prevent the AI from completing its turn correctly and often causing it to wait for the end are now being handled. Aggressive AI will get closer to its opponents if they are surrounded by enemy entities and will try to move each turn if possible. Finished the Sacrified and Blockers who take the dust because of three unfortunate trees. The AI better manages the maximum cumulations of effects. QUESTS The Envoy of Xelor waits for the adventurers in front of the clock house, in the village of Amakna, to guide them in their fight against temporal anomalies. These first quests that open the Narrative chapter Resonances are accessible to characters at level 50 minimum. Players who have completed the quests "A Painful Separation" and "A New Heir" can challenge Crocoburio and Grougalorasalar again using the Orbalantyr of Mériana. Quest "Hot SLIP" and "A game of hide and seek": additional objects are taken into account for the validation of the objectives "Defeat the Royalmouth in his greenhouse, with no other equipment than a slip, or thong, or underpants" and "Wear underwear and go back to Nara". These items are: Iholo Brief, Bonta King Slip, Slipwaii, Khan Karkass Brief, Whip String, and Leolhyene Thong. SUCCESS The successes of the event "The call of Draconiros" are disabled. Rewards for these pending successes can not be recovered. INTERFACE It is possible to access a temporal anomaly through the zaap interface. It is possible to see the bonuses / penalties of territories and dungeons, as well as the temporal anomalies in the interface of the map of the world. The buy button in the advanced auction house no longer becomes inactive when it is used too quickly. It is no longer necessary to close / open the interface to correct this problem. A problem if quick releases were made quickly is fixed. When you put an object up for sale in the merchant mode store, the tab does not change if you are in "everything". When an object is removed from its store, the current object moves to the next object in the list (even after closing and reopening the interface). When you open the "Attacks" tab in the alliance interface, guild collector icons no longer disappear from the card or mini-card. When searching on the world map, the icon of the searched item appears on the map again. The name of the zone is added to the overflight of the subfield on the world map. The recommended level of several sub-areas has been modified to better reflect the proposed difficulty. If two nearby features have damage return effects, they do not fire each other in the preview of spell effects. The interface aspect of the associated recipes has been improved. Menu buttons have tooltips that change based on their current status, not the one at game launch. The pictogram of a zone of aggression has been modified. In the contact list, the contact's visual is no longer displayed. A duplicate of information is removed in the tooltip display of server types. A problem of displaying the criteria of trades on certain objects like the bag of the harvester is corrected. The time of the reset of the daily wins in Kolizeum is displayed. The loss of control of an entity (invocation, companion, etc ...) is correctly managed in the client. OPTIMIZATIONS Optimization of different texts with special characters in the game. Optimization of the search and sorting in the auction house and the encyclopedia. Acceleration of the launch of the game Acceleration of game interfaces Accelerate the calculation of paths in combat mode and out of combat. Limit character updates on the screen. Stabilization of the number of frames per second during the removal of an aura. Changing characters consumes less memory. VARIOUS The bars of Rabmarac Nougat can now be obtained on the following monsters: Dazak Martegel Solar Bethel Ilyzaelle Anerice the Shushess Mantiscore Count Razof Chalœil Ush Galesh Pounicheur Kardorim The following familliers can be obtained in game: Squirrel Chenapan Tirubim Titcham moumoute Raknaille Tiwabbit Kiafin Miniminotot Crocodyl Serpète Toukancre Black Tiwabbit Cromagmunk Sourisette Cells available in combat are modified on the map of R'lyugluglu Plateau in the Depths of Sufokia in [27,28]. Preview (click here to view preview) Spoiler (click here to view the spoil) Following the feedback of some players, various spelling corrections were made in the text of the game. The element of the triton haven-bag that was displayed incorrectly in the list of objects is corrected. A box where it was impossible to put items in the Pwak haven-bag is corrected. A refresh of Alliance Fights is fixed. A crash when opening the BAK is fixed. The activation of Ankama Shield no longer blocks in step 3 (sending mail) for some players. https://www.dofus.com/fr/forum/1557-serveur-beta-test/2295515-version-2-51-beta
  4. To celebrate the 25th Dungeon Rusher that took place in February, we've got a surprise in store for you: Not one, but four dungeons will be available to you from March 29 through April 1! What's more, you're the one who will choose which dungeons will be included, through a short survey! 25 rushers and already 30 dungeons have been explored through the Dungeon Rushers, Rewinds, and the DR World Tour! That merits a little party, right? So for the next rusher, it's up to you to select the four dungeons where you can try to collect the famous boss shield! Tell us your favorite and least-favorite one in each of the categories on the available list – low, mid, high, and end game level. The leading dungeon in each category will open its doors from Friday, March 29 (4 p.m. Paris time) until Monday, April 1 (10 a.m. Paris time). TAKE THE SURVEY! See you on Monday, March 25, the survey closing date, to discover your future targets! https://www.dofus.com/en/mmorpg/news/announcements/984419-dungeon-rusher-rewinding-fourfold
  5. Credit to @Owyn for this graphic summarizing the survey's results (eyeballed but based on Ankama's graphics/data): Note that the color gradients are per column - the redder, the lower the value compared to the rest of the column, the greener, the higher compared to the rest of the column.
  6. We're continuing our study of the changes to be made to the DOFUS classes; we'll present the results of the previous survey and talk to you about the next steps. The first survey on the roles perceived and desired for each class is now closed. We can now present a general feeling and a few keys results below. You can also find explanations, class by class, in their respective forum topics. We were impressed by the number of participants (over 20,000), despite the length and laboriousness of the survey we gave you, so we'd like to thank you. We're taking into account the feedback you gave us on how we ask you for your opinion, and we're already thinking about ways to improve this. There's Nothing Automatic About Nerfing You'll be able to see for yourself – some classes really do diverge between what you think their roles should be and what they actually are. And we know you'll be all "go nerf that thing". Easy amigo – it's not that simple. There's just one thing to keep in mind: There are many solutions for any given situation, and nerfing and upping are not the only weapons in our arsenal. Besides, this is only the first step in our process, and that'd spoil all the fun. We'd also like to remind you of the scope of the actions relating to this project: We'll mainly be acting on the gameplay management and values of certain classes, not a complete overhaul or change of central mechanics. How to Read the Accompanying Table Rather than presenting you with the results by class, which is only of limited interest, we'd prefer to show you how you feel the classes should interact with each other. By role, this is the ranking of the effectiveness of one class compared to the others. You can find the perspectives, class by class, in the topics below: Classes Ecaflip Eniripsa Iop Cra Feca Sacrieur Sacrier Sadida Osamodas Enutrof Sram Xélor Pandawa Roublard Rogue Zobal Masqueraider Steamer Foggernaut Eliotrope Huppermage Ouginak Second Step: The Elemental Paths You can now take the surveys below and tell us your choice about the elemental paths of each class. You are, of course, not required to provide responses for all classes – if you feel you don't have the knowledge required to respond for one or more classes, then you can skip them without any trouble. However, feel free to fill the survey as many times as you need. TAKE THE SURVEY We also observed that a number of you expected these improvements to be incorporated into Update 2.51. As we told you, we want to take the time necessary to complete this project properly, with a logical BETA phase. We'd rather let you know right now: We're aiming to put the changes into production for Update 2.52. We'll see you soon for step three, which will concern spells! https://www.dofus.com/en/mmorpg/news/announcements/984508-class-improvements-work-continues
  7. Scour

    Temporal Anomalies

    Mm, you raise a fair point. I suppose an easy fix to that particular point would be to make negative stars not affect drops. P: I’m a little sad about the max star bonus falling from 200% to 100%, but it’s a new system. I can’t imagine they won’t receive massive feedback from the frenchies. xD
  8. Scour

    Temporal Anomalies

    I think they're really fed up with leeching as a whole - they've been implementing game changes to patch over issues related to it for a while now (no synergies on Domo idols, changes to Serpula spells, etc.) and I think they're trying to tackle the issue at its source now. If an area is getting incredibly spammed, it's probably by leechers. I'm going to wait to see how this plays out before making a judgment call, but at the moment I'm not immediately opposed. I'm all for Ankama trying to tackle a problem at a more systemic level instead of applying band-aids to festering wounds.
  9. Scour

    Temporal Anomalies

    "Travelers using the Zaap network have been falling victim to strange incidents. After investigation, it turns out they were experiencing temporal anomalies! They're invisible because they're located at the edges of reality… but their effects are indeed visible. Their presence is disturbing the creatures of the World of Twelve… And let's not even talk about the other consequences, such as clocks that can no longer tell the time and Xelors suffering from headaches. The anomalies might even cause the Continuum – the very fabric of spacetime – to collapse! Where do they come from? That's a mystery we're trying to solve." Xelor's Emissary WHAT ARE THE TEMPORAL ANOMALIES? With Update 2.51, we're integrating a new game mechanic into DOFUS – one that will take you to the four corners of the world. Just about everywhere in the World of Twelve, the Zaap network is buzzing and characters from another time are turning up in this era. The Watchers need all the world's adventurers to help them close these temporal anomalies. The monsters around these faulty Zaaps will be stronger and harder-hitting, so it's up to you to go through the temporal anomalies to placate them. You'll then be transported to known locations in the World of Twelve at different times in order to preserve the spacetime continuum. You'll have to show courage and solidarity to defeat the Chronomorphs, as well as previously unseen bosses from the history of the Krosmoz, such as Julith, the Butcher of Brakmar, Noximilian, and Dathura. Many rewards await you, and the most worthy among you will have the opportunity to unlock new legendary powers for your pet, petsmount or mount. SHOOTING STARS We needed a player activity regulator and indicator in the various areas, so we worked off the existing star system, which will be modified for the occasion. The star system was designed to reward players who fight monsters in rarely visited areas or dangerous groups ignored by other players. However, this system has its limitations, as it only takes one group of players to defeat the starred groups to wipe out the bonuses that had built up. You then have to wait several days to receive them again, even if players' activity is concentrated elsewhere. Ideally, it would be better if more players could take advantage of bonuses in neglected areas or on the least-advantageous maps in combat. The first change is that negative "stars" can be generated. Unlike positive stars, they result in a decrease in experience and loot. The second change is that these stars are no longer managed for each group of monsters, but in terms of area, depending on the activity of the players within it. The more monsters are killed in an area, the more stars it loses, and the more stars the areas of the same level gain. It works the same way between dungeons of the same level. Here's a practical (as well as completely random) example: If all the server's players are concentrated in Korriander's Lair, the profitability of this dungeon will decrease, reaching -50% gain in experience and loot. (Note: Soul stones from this monster captured with this penalty will keep it when they are used.) On the other hand, dungeons of the same level (Bworker, Ougaa, Toxoliath) will see their profitability increase (with a maximum of +100%). Starting areas (Incarnam, Astrub) and events areas (Kwismas, Vulkania, Al Howin, Fleaster) aren't included in this system. The value of the bonus or penalty applied to an area will be visible in the information on the current map (top left of the screen, next to the coordinates). On the world map, a new filter will allow you to view the positive and negative areas before deciding to go there. WHAT'S THAT GOT TO DO WITH ANOMALIES? Let's get back on topic – the anomalies. When and where they appear is directly related to the star system, since anomalies can only exist in areas with negative stars – if you've been following closely, you'll understand they're the areas where there's the most fighting. Anomalies don't appear in dungeons, though. When an anomaly appears, the monsters in the area get an area modifier and become stronger. The only way to get them back to their normal state is to close the anomaly – in other words, by going and fighting the monsters populating it. To enter the anomaly in question, simply go to the nearest Zaap. And if there's no Zaap in sight (e.g. in the Divine Dimensions), Zaap vestiges will have appeared that perform their function. The position of the Zaap (or Zaap vestige) to take will be marked on the world map. So, Boss Time? Each anomaly will give you the opportunity to discover or rediscover a theme, era and character that made a mark on the universe we enjoy so much. This character will, therefore, be the guardian of the temporal anomaly. Each of these guardians you meet will be accompanied by a new monster family: the Chronomorphs. New monster families means different abilities, so each guardian will be accompanied by a random composition of Chronomorphs, which can adopt different elemental affinities and archetypes. Clearly, there have to be ones for everyone and not just the Omega +12,000 levels, which is why anomaly monsters adapt to their area level. All these different factors will make each temporal anomaly unique, both in terms of strategy and challenge. Time and Time Again… When a temporal anomaly appears, it has no time limit. However, once the group of monsters from the anomaly has been defeated, you'll only have 10 minutes before the anomaly closes. Rest assured, a timer will be displayed to remind you! Also, don't panic for players who are in a fight; they can finish it before being extricated from the temporal anomaly. They will automatically be sent back to the Zaap linked to the anomaly that just closed. As soon as there are no negative stars in the area, the temporal anomaly will close up on its own after 10 minutes. WHAT YOU CAN WIN New challenges means new rewards! This time, your pet and/or mount will be involved. Each time you take part in closing a temporal anomaly, you'll have a chance to get a new resource called a time loop, which will allow you to unlock legendary powers that you can apply to your pet, petsmount or mount. It should be noted that the chances of getting this resource increase with the level of the anomaly. We'd prefer not to unveil these legendary powers right away, but we can give you an example: "If the bearer uses no MP during their turn, they gain 1 MP on the following turn." This new single line of effect can, therefore, be added to existing bonuses. You'll be able to replace it to get one that suits you better for the same pet, but at your own risk of losing an interesting bonus! These powers won't be hereditary when it comes to breeding. In order to unlock these legendary powers, you'll need to complete a series of brand-new quests and a few extra challenges, but we're still keeping some things under wraps for now. https://www.dofus.com/en/mmorpg/news/devblog/tickets/985970-temporal-anomalies
  10. Scour

    omg qued legit quitting???

    I'm gonna miss seeing you on the forums, Quad. You were a good source of encouragement and advice for people who also wanted to bash their heads against achievements, and I still think fondly of your post about Boarhogs being available in the shop just days after you got one from Krosmaster. Sad to see you go.
  11. Since the start of the year, we've had a lot of feedback and concerns from you about in-game performance and stability. DOFUS will be celebrating its 15th birthday this year, and we've let problems build up that are now preventing you from taking advantage of a consistently satisfactory in-game experience. Since the start of the year, the development team has been working to correct these problems, but since they are complex and potentially regressive, we couldn't bring the main changes online outside of a major update and without testing them for you in beta beforehand. Update 2.51 is therefore the opportunity to share these developments with you, and we're counting on you to give us as much feedback as possible before its release. Here's a little overview of the bug fixes and technical improvements with the greatest impact that await you (the full list of bug fixes will be available in the version changelog, as usual). BUG FIXES Missiz Freezz: You were eagerly waiting for this bug fix, as this boss (snowdrift mechanic) hadn't been working as planned for several months now. We've rewritten her from the ground up so she'll recover her initial gameplay. Spectator mode in the ISK: We've fixed two bugs that made it impossible to watch an ISK fight as a spectator (possibility of watching several different fights during the same session and access to spectator mode from the Kolossium map). Distribution of monsters on maps: Monsters tended to build up in the top-left corner of maps, which will no longer be the case. Previewing damage: Previewing spell damage was overhauled entirely during the previous update. A few problems persist, and we've fixed (among other things) the previews of Rogues' bombs, Xelors' movements, and trap areas of effect. GAME CLIENT PERFORMANCE This is the big one in this update. The team worked on improving performance (consumption, RAM and CPU) and reducing memory leaks. For this update, we focused our attention on the following: Loading characters, Loading interfaces, Searching and sorting in marketplaces and the encyclopedia, Displaying characters, monsters and auras, And calculating movements on the map (outside of combat). Simultaneously, an effort was made on the graphic and animation side to optimize certain elements that were too resource-hungry (monsters, emotes, FX and equipment). During our tests, we noted improvements of between 15% and 40 % in memory consumption, depending on the actions performed. These optimizations are being complemented by a reduction in loading times. As an example, when changing characters, entering the game takes two seconds, whereas it previously took 10 seconds. This is just the beginning, and this effort will continue throughout the year. SO, WHAT'S NEXT? Certain priority optimizations and bug fixes are not yet ready to be brought online and will continue throughout the year. Among our objectives, we will focus on: Continuing with bug fixes on previewing damage, Continuing optimizing performance, especially in terms of displaying characters and animations, And continuing optimizing graphical elements. Other bug fixes are in the works and will arrive quicker, but won't necessarily be linked to a major update: Bug fixes relating to unlocking shields and displaying the KE, Reactivating transcendence runes, And bug fixes for mount and petsmount emotes. We're always mindful of your feedback! We can't always immediately answer your questions about in-game bugs and developments. We've decided to make major efforts in terms of how we manage our communication about the game, and this implies not making false promises that might disappoint you. Therefore, we only communicate once we're certain we can provide you with a reliable answer. However, we encourage you to stay active and continue to report any bugs and issues you encounter in the game, so that we can continue to work on improving your experience in DOFUS, day in day out! https://www.dofus.com/en/mmorpg/news/announcements/981950-update-bug-fixes-optimizations
  12. Scour

    Wintabber Alternative

    You have personally saved my life. Is that what it felt like when Maxwell worked out that light was an electromagnetic wave? How Newton felt when he developed the theory of calculus? I'm going to lose my mind. This is so much nicer than WinTabber.
  13. Scour

    Post your goals and achievements

    My next post in here was gonna be when I got a Lavasmith but I fucking hate both of those areas so questing is going slow. xD
  14. Scour

    Awesome Magings: A Collection!

    For once can an incredible mage like Rayish's get even a morsel of genuine praise in this thread? The negativity in here is palpable. xD Excellent mage, dude, I'm sincerely jealous.