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  1. Scour

    Infinite Dreams

    Aw, now I look silly. Well, that's on me for not researching more thoroughly. xD Thanks for the info.
  2. Scour

    Infinite Dreams

    Someone REALLY fucked up because this clearly shouldn't be in game right now ... but hey, look at the new rewards we have to look forward to for the Infinite Dreams stuff. Beat every dungeon boss in the game three times over three weeks to 100% those first three categories, and the fourth is paying dream fragments to unlock the pet and title. So hey, ceremonial camo pet coming up, AND a new title, and a SHITTON of new achievs (all worth 0 points that only reward dream fragments based on level of boss). This is ... sloppy to let this through.
  3. Scour

    Post your goals and achievements

    I really do love their addition of rare cosmetic drops. The thrill of dropping something valuable knowing it's very unlikely to do so without ANY of the frustration that your gameplay experience will be worse for not having it. I hope they keep giving us more drops like these.
  4. Scour

    Post your goals and achievements

    You need 5 Smiths and 3 Carvers, each level 200, and the Smiths must be a level 200 Smithmagus, the Carvers must be a level 200 Carvmagus as well.
  5. Scour

    Random Screenshots

    Visual proof that there are still spells that skip turns in this game ...
  6. Scour

    Post your goals and achievements

    Hm, didn't know there was a night theme. I'll switch to something brighter. Also @Oxisius I love playing Dofus and the game is fun but sometimes ... sometimes you just don't wanna run Rac Queen. Sometimes you really just don't. xD
  7. Scour

    Post your goals and achievements

    Yeah but if take a two hour break to go to Acme and buy pumpkin spice cookies and then an hour break to go to McDonalds for a burger and then another two hours to goof off on your Switch playing Hollow Knight because you don't wanna run Rac Queen, it still takes 8 hours. xD
  8. Scour

    Post your goals and achievements

    Only took like 8ish hours to do on 3 characters ... probably because I'm out of practice. xD I really love this ornament though.
  9. Scour

    Ideal team for pvm end content

    If you'd like to farm, El-Matematico's suggestion of 3 Cras + 1 Enu is probably ideal. If you'd also like to do achievements while being very good at mobbing, the standard meta atm is Panda/Enu/Iop/Elio. But honestly? You can really slap any 4 classes together and do any content in this game - some dungeons just might be more difficult than others. If you wanna have fun, pick the classes you have fun playing. Why else play, right?
  10. Scour

    Post your goals and achievements

    Seemed like only yesterday we were both scavenging for arches on Vulkania ... how time flies.
  11. Scour

    Post your goals and achievements

    Hunting down the named Dreggons for that achiev is the woooooorst ... congrats!
  12. Scour

    Best idol meta

    Do we know for sure that 484 is the highest combo? I know it's the highest possible if you do it greedily but perhaps there's a higher combo. I don't yet think we've found this generation of idols' 521.
  13. Scour

    Hakfu's Videos

    If you crit fail on a weapon roll in Count Harebourg it'll still end your whole turn. You know, if you miss that.
  14. Scour

    Dofus Beta 2.47.13:1

    It was me being a dumbass, I misread what they were saying and posted it as fact. xD
  15. Scour

    Dofus Beta 2.47.13:1

    Everybody who's seen a team of 7 Sadidas 1 Enu doing idol mobs.