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  1. Scour

    Random Screenshots

    Before Ecaflipus existed I once saw three portals on one map. It's super unlikely, but definitely possible to have multiple portals in the same place.
  2. Scour

    B> Aspen Sap [Closed]

    [18:48] (Info) 1 x [Aspen Sap] (12,000,000 kamas). Close please!
  3. If you have a Masq and an Eni, Count Statue basically does itself for you. With the combination of healing + shield you'll have, just go damage on the Ougi and bring another class that can hit and Count Statue should fall right into place. I did with Xelor/Foggernaut/Masq/Eni so I know it's possible. xD
  4. Scour

    B> Aspen Sap [Closed]

    please sell me your tree gunk i'll pay 14mk
  5. dude i JUST made that bingo post, now i gotta redo it. thanks.
  6. Scour

    The official newbie question thread!

    thanks bob, finally get to check off another of these. i'm getting close!
  7. Scour

    The official newbie question thread!

    Well, maybe don't ask people and call them "hardcore dofus nerds" at the same time, that's my first piece of advice. Secondly, killing any natural mob on a map changes the starting positions in combat for that map. Note that killing something like a Monster Bread or a Bwak Egg won't. The issue here is that Ankama likes to make a lot of very similar looking combat starting positions and have them cycle one after the other, so that you'll kill something and the spots won't seem to change. My answer to you here is to just keep cycling through them until the map looks nice enough for you.
  8. Scour

    Dofus Dungeons - Blog

    Are you serious? xD Source? xD
  9. Scour

    Post your goals and achievements

    quadro it's posts like these that make me think i can do dungeon achievs and then i go and get OHKO'd by a fully charged Gobyob.
  10. Hello, I'm looking to buy the following items with the following minimum statistics. Hairsh Bracelet: 1 AP 290/300 Vitality 47/50 Power 4/4 Critical Hits 2/2 Range 0/10 Neutral Damage 10/10 Earth Damage 0/10 Water Damage 10/10 % Neutral Resistance I'm looking to pay 10-12mk here. Fuji Snowfoux Ring 1 MP 240/250 Vitality 33/35 Wisdom 37/40 Power 2/2 Critical Hits 2/2 Summons 0/12 Neutral Damage 12/12 Earth Damage 12/12 Air Damage 290/300 Initiative 0/10 Earth Resistance 0/10 Fire Resistance 0/10 Air Resistance 0/5 Lock 5/5 MP Reduction. I'm looking to pay 7-8mk here. Feel free to PM me ingame on Scour or message me here on Imps. I'm willing to negotiate on price but not on the minimum stats I've posted here. Thanks ever so much!
  11. Scour

    Monster's Spell Bestiary

    Something you might find interesting - this 800 power statistic is only in fact true for max level monsters in the 200-212 bracket. In fact we see the following pattern emerge: Level 200 - 700 power Level 203 - 725 power Level 206 - 750 power Level 209 - 775 power Level 212 - 800 power It makes sense that you predict 800 power from all of your solos, because all monsters in a boss room are max level, but I was doing some damage testing earlier today against a Skoul and found it was hitting significantly less against me than it should have been. I did some comparisons with Dofensive's data for their spell and some more damage testing across different levels and found this pattern. I hope it finds some use!
  12. This is one of the best mages I've ever seen and every time you lower the price I feel a little sadder for you. xD Sorry man. xD
  13. Scour

    Monster's Spell Bestiary

    So, went and did some testing. Had my Xelor get walloped by QoT in his actual gear, and had him get walloped with absolutely nothing but his underwear on. A res line of 27/22/15/27/18 and -3 crit res results in this. A res line of 0/0/0/0/0 and 0 crit res results in this. We see that the first damage is simply a result of my resistances applied to the numbers from the second damage. Thus I believe that the roll of Queen's damage on Critical Hit is fixed. Unfortunately, I was wrong about Critical Hit ignoring resistances, but I suppose that's for the best. Thus, given what the Dofensive bestiary says about Critical Hit - that it's a multi hit spell with 15 base power in each line - and that Volcasaurus says most/all level 200 monsters have but 800% power, I posit that Queen must have 200 crit damage. Funnily, this is the only spell of hers that can crit.
  14. Scour

    2.47 Livestream

    Sorry my thread titles aren't up to your standards.
  15. Scour

    Monster's Spell Bestiary

    As far as special mechanics go, the DofusWiki has always said that QoT's Critical Hit ignores % resistances on a critical hit ... I'm not sure how true that is, but she hits very consistently the same on my characters and their res lines are all wildly different.

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