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  1. The "What gear should I use" thread

    im sorry im not part of the imps cool crowd so i dont think im allowed to get the jokes you make, bob :(
  2. The "What gear should I use" thread

    http://dofp.la/kI0Gm/ Has a usable weapon, doesn't need a range exo, and squeezes an extra summon into the set (and honestly you'll definitely want more than just 4 summons but I couldn't get any extra in without exos). There's probably a better alternative to the Hail Ring but I can't find it. Hope this at least gives you some new ideas.
  3. Breeding Revamp

    They did say they were going to buff DTs in this update though, so let's give them that. Though I can't imagine they'll do anything good with it. xD
  4. Random Screenshots

    what, no more "i got banned for being a fucking idiot" banner? man rob you're running this place into the ground. :(
  5. Random Screenshots

    can they please stop making the crimson dofus uglier
  6. Old player returning. Need help w/ team setup

    Best 4-loot dungeon farming team is one of three options: Cra/Cra/Cra/Enu : The Cra's insane pushback kit coupled with the Enu's ability to park 2 targets per turn allows you to leisurely kite the opposing team to death. Sadi/Sadi/Sadi/Enu : See above, but instead of massive pushback you instead have massive propagated damage through Infected, plus extra MP red from the Sadi's kit. Iop/Elio/Panda/Sadi : Standard MP control from Sadi (could easily be an Enu or Cra even) and insane burst damage from the Iop/Elio/Panda combo. Enemies wilt like dying grass if you have a head for portals. Here's the meta. Sounds fun, right? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  7. Mats that i need to finish my Set

    i tried to sell you serpulax volvas and you refused them ...
  8. Bonta alignment help!! Level 88

    This is hinting that you need to do the Astrubian questline, or at least the main questline. I would suggest completing the achievement "A Model Citizen", and then if that's not enough, "From Incarnum to Astrub" will surely unlock the ability to proceed.
  9. The official newbie question thread!

    What triggers Replicaphid's instant kill?
  10. Post your goals and achievements

    I would love to see it! :D Thanks for sharing your work. :) Leap-Gobball seems like the obvious choice for the ease of the first turn but yeah it seems like hiding behind a zombie would work wonders. xD
  11. Post your goals and achievements

    Congrats! :D What was your team comp? Did you use a specific modifier for the achiev or was it a strat that could have worked with any? :0
  12. What the heck is "long range damage" ?

    UPDATE: Just fought Toxoliath on my Panda, hit him, used 5 MP to move next to him, then used Prohibition, ended my turn, and took no damage. From this it is clear that AP/MP poisons do indeed get classified as either melee or ranged damage depending on the source's (in this case Toxoliath) position to the target (in this case my panda). So there we have it.
  13. What the heck is "long range damage" ?

    Yeah honestly after some discussion with friends I was told that AP/MP poisons don't even trigger anything, so it wouldn't even matter if they counted as ranged/melee damage or not. At this point it's pure pedantry on my part. xD
  14. What the heck is "long range damage" ?

    Well, there's a big difference between "doesn't count as melee/ranged damage" and "is not affected by ranged/melee damage modifiers". By specific damage source I meant if they're treated as melee/ranged damage - could have worded that better, my bad. Since there's such a huge difference between both concepts I wanted to clarify what you meant. If you only meant "they're not affected by modifiers" then yes, I agree with you, but if you meant "they're not classified as melee/ranged damage" then I can't agree with you because I don't know if that's true or not.