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  1. Post your goals and achievements

    I still love that exactly 1 (one) second after I started spectating Harebourg/Freezz on turn 15 you PM'd me to tell me that you had died turn 14 and that you had contributed to the fight in a meaningful way. That's a really big mood. xD
  2. 2.46 Idols and new Leech gimmick

    Well that's this update so good for the economy I guess. xD
  3. 2.46 Idols and new Leech gimmick

    Idols were a great idea that were terribly implemented. It's the Ankama Way. Also bob, I don't agree. If there are only a few valid combos of 200+ what's the point having it be generic score? Might as well just require specific idols. I think the idol system will remain similar to what it is for quite some time - they're loath to change it as is and they only did this due to incredible, incredible abuse which they scrubbed out from the game with this new batch of synergies.
  4. 2.46 Idols and new Leech gimmick

    The entire point of this update is to combat the ridiculous leeching meta that's popped up around Cras. You're not going to find a 400+ idol score combo with these synergy values that isn't INCREDIBLY punishing to any team. The 484 comp you've linked, for example, is utterly disgusting and almost assuredly spells death facing any high end mob. On the plus side it's much easier now to make less extreme idol comps for dungeon achievs.
  5. Dofus 2.46 Changelog

    Does anybody know the highest possible idol score now?
  6. Dofus 2.46 Changelog

    Hey, does anyone have a list of the new idol synergies? I'd really really appreciate it. xD @Gravestorm @Mavvo
  7. The official newbie question thread!

    To add on to what Rob said, it's usually more efficient to stack damage rather than resistance on a character depending on the character's role in the fight. For example, if you're playing a tank Panda or a lock Feca, those two characters should have good resistances across the board. But if you're playing an Iop whose main job is to destroy enemies with Tumult through portals, then that Iop really only needs to have one thing: a fuckton of Int. Resistance is secondary. Now, if you're like me and bad at this game, resistance helps you recover from fuckups because one or two spare hits you could have avoided if you played better won't doom you. But if you're actually good than you can just build for damage and delete things before they become a reasonable threat to you. I'd still recommend adding resistance to sets though. It never hurts to be careful.
  8. https://www.dofus.com/fr/forum/1659-ask-ankama/2268317-ask-ankama-2?akoffset=4#ak-ankama-speech
  9. that spell doesn't exist anymore my friend or i long since would have
  11. Hey all, we're planning on opening Kralove on 3/3/2018 (i.e. this Saturday) 6:00 P.M. game time (so 18:00 DUT). We've got more than half the chars needed but the more the merrier! Any help would be appreciated! Thanks so much. :) please come i need this duo so badly
  12. Characters new design

    100% agreed. Let me cut my Xelor's height in half and gallivant around Dofus killing things at 2 feet tall. I'd die a happy man.
  13. Duo team for achieve hunting

    Don't pick an Xelor, I can tell you that much. xD
  14. Post your goals and achievements

    FINALLY FUCKING GOT 12K!!! Huge thanks to Owyn and Sinbad for running an enormous amount of 300 score dungeons with me! God I'm so happy. :D
  15. Random Screenshots

    More like how nobody knows how to get into the emote room. :')