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  1. Granted, but they don't add any Ecaflip cards. I wish that Ankama made spells function differently in PvM and PvP.
  2. Granted, it wins Emmy for Best Appearance of Kristen Stewart in a TV Show. I wish that my partner had more free time.
  3. This was a grind ... the Spirits quest was the most challenging thing about this ornament (my multiple deaths to Founoroshi Duo notwithstanding). Thanks to @Uther-Idea for AFKing in front of Damadrya's Bamboo Grove for me!
  4. Finally got this!!!!!!! Very satisfying ... Koutoulou Impertinence and Duo were quite challenging.
  5. This is my setup, uploaded as a JPG because it's otherwise too big for IV. :')
  6. Good luck! This fight is an absolute pain in the ass. I recommend finding a Rogue and someone with a lock tank Panda. That's the way I did it.
  7. Scour


    Upon further thought, I've decided to just share my setup for my panda in case you want a stretch goal. P: https://d-bk.net/en/d/RV3M The exomages are: Anerice Shield - 2% Fire Res Slobberpuss' Collar - 1% Melee Res Paztek Sandals - 1% Melee Res Lady Jhessica's Belt - 8 Lock Anerice Cloak - 1% Melee Res Dreggon Helment - 8 Lock Aermyne's Rolling Pin - 1% Melee Res Pawl Ouatnos' Ring (1) - 1 AP Pawl Ouatnos' Ring (2) - 2% Melee Res (I got super fucking lucky with this) The end result is an 11/6/6 50/50/50/50/50 200 Lock
  8. Scour


    The only real optimizations left here (and I say optimizations because your set is perfectly serviceable as is and doesn't really need further improvements unless you have a huge amount of excess money to sink into it) are to: 1.) Get an Ivory Dofus. 2.) Fit in a Lady Jhessica's Belt to the set. 3.) Exomage %melee resistance onto pieces. That's what I've done for my tank, at the very least. If you're not interested in doing any of that (and I don't blame you if you're not, except for perhaps the Ivory) then your set is perfectly good in my opinion.
  9. Well, to be honest, the correct answer here is Panda/Rogue. Another effective duo is Iop/Elio.
  10. This is extraordinarily impressive and also serves as proof that Knell is super good. You're also one of the only people I've ever seen use Shadowy Beam, myself included. :')
  11. UPDATE: (Xelor movement and Elio portals now trigger Lavasmith and Fallanster's).
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