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  1. Granted. Now when you drop your phone the USB Micro-B cable end will remain perfectly sturdy, neatly bisecting your phone into two equal pieces as it distributes the force of the fall directly into its interior. I wish that my gym was open.
  2. this was a total shitshow, but it got done! :') (proxima with a mob that goes range invuln is ... dicey)
  3. Scour

    Temporis IV

    Yes, myself and a few friends are going to be playing Temp IV. I expect it to be a complete shitshow and I cannot wait. >:D
  4. Bump. Willing to pay 18mk for this now.
  5. Please include a price range of what you're looking to buy/sell for as per our marketplace guidelines. We ask for this so that these forums can both benefit you in a quick sale but also provide a future resource for others to price check items. Thanks! (this is the funniest thing I've ever had to ask someone to post price for btw so thank you for that)
  6. Granted! In 2024, you find out that you've won a random lottery allowing you to log exactly one other character on Ilyzaelle. However, this is several years after your interest in Dofus has completely died, as you've long stopped caring about the game, so this news has no ability to excite you. I wish that I could prove this fucking lemma.
  7. Bump. Changed price I'm willing to pay.
  8. Bump. Changed price I'm willing to pay.
  9. You should be proud of getting a Dolmanax - that means you've been subscribed for at least a year and therefore make up a good 10% of Ankama's yearly income off of the Echo server. P:< On topic: I finally got this done!!! Took 30 tries and I'm very proud of myself for being able to do it. There were two runs that got very close; try 14, where I was a turn off of killing Bethel and died to the star glyph due to bad placement and try 25, where I was in the Rebellious Dagon stage but was going to hit the turn limit. So this is nice! I did this on a whim because I thought it felt possible and it super was! (xel/eni best duo 2k20 btw)
  10. The first thing to ask would be: what is "new" to you? Where should someone start from? Also, personally, I would recommend you pop on over to https://www.dofuspourlesnoobs.com/; it has a wonderful guide for every area / quest / achievement / dungeon in the game if you don't mind Google Translate. Another great resource is https://dofensive.com/en which is everything the bestiary in Dofus wishes it could be, and then for your set building needs I recommend http://www.dofus-stuffer.is-great.net/, which is truly a tour-de-force in gear optimization.
  11. Hi all, I'm looking to buy the following items at the following prices. Fourth Earth Fragment - 1mk Third Fire Fragment - 400kk Second Water Fragment - 530kk First Air Fragment - 440kk Second Air Fragment - 575kk Please PM me here or ingame if you're looking to sell any of these items.
  12. Bump. Changed price I'm willing to pay.
  13. Bump. Changed price I'm willing to pay.
  14. Looking to buy a Lavasmith Dofus, willing to pay 3mk. PM me in-game on Scour or message me here if you'd like to sell.
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