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    Connecting with people that used to play on Rushu, especially those that were in one of the Mitra Guild

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  1. Riv

    Nostalgia in 2020 😂

  2. It's been 12+ years since I played Dofus, what could possibly go wrong? Stay Safe all, wash your hands. Be kind when reading stuff the younger, less kind you wrote. Growing is part of the journey.

  3. are you having another birthday!! *hands you a balloon*

  4. Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you hooo Happy Birthday to you!!

  5. Apparently DICKWAD (btw thanks for yelling, it makes you look very intelligent), you missed this picture: Very Pretty! or for everyone else to understand: "Teh fucking hot" So before you start flaming incoherent bull, read the whole thread. She liked having no eyebrows, at least she has the balls to post her pics. WTH are yours? Obviously if I missed them, the must not have been that eye catching. Dra, your one sexy chica (though I think the word underage comes into play) :)
  6. Eee! Was that a snake? I want!!! Think it likes mice? You can keep the catapillar :) Unless they are a package deal :unsure:
  7. I dont talk much here. besides selling/buying, debating and asking silly questions Hmm thats kind of "much", no? Well here's mine. I hate my webcam.. and I haven't downloaded my files off the server (from my old lappy) so I just pulled this off my LJ. I don't have any pets.. unless you count the mouse I see ever once in a while o.0
  8. Not exactly true, you can go into merchant mode in a house that doesn't belong to you, if you have the code or there is no code. We do it in our guild house so members can buy cheap items from each other when they are logged out. Okay my question: A little new to my feca shield, but it when casted on myself or others it doesn't show in the % on the character, nor does it say "so-and-so reduced damage by...". Is it supposed to? Thanks!
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