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  1. They're beta testing the pack, along with giving it more exposure, it'll probably release around the time Retro does.
  2. The changes are in the post in your screenshot.
  3. Yeah, in a month or two, and Under the Edge will be there. It'll also be 1.30, Ankama is calling the game Dofus Retro from then.
  4. If you have Discord Nitro, you can boost Discord servers to get a lot of perks, both for the server and yourself! By being a Nitro Booster of the Dofus server you will get a shiny sparkling role and be able to suggest emojis, animated server icons and other server improvements in exchange for rewards in-game, as well as have access to the p2w chat that has events and giveaways. We've already unlocked the custom background image when using invitation links. https://discord.gg/0RDH0dqUoTRkCjSF As well as animated server icons, our first one being just in time for the Vulbis update! All logos can be found here, along with the new Animated section that will be filled as we get more suggestions.
  5. https://dofuswiki.fandom.com/wiki/Useful_links
  6. You could buy 2.x items from the shop and transfer all compatible ones to 1.29 before they've added the 1.29 shop. They're looking to bring more items to the shop sometime though.
  7. Reorganized the post to include an all-in-one package for convenience and separate packages for people who want to pick and choose, also added Sources. Updated the AHK Script to work with the Flash.exe Launcher. Added the newly released HD pack. Added Dofus 1.29 reskinned to 2.0.
  8. Done: Dofus/Wakfu/Krosmaga/Krosmaster/Fly'n Normal: Missing: Prices can be increased, can trade directly for the equivalent of Gems, or Kamas. Message me on Impsvillage (Gravestorm), Discord (Gravestorm#3334), or Ankabox (-Gravestorm-).
  9. Message me on Discord if anyone wants Temporis 1 slots. Most of us are in there and they're not too hard to get.
  10. Feel free to migrate to the new launcher. Feel free to migrate to the new launcher.
  11. A collection of Dofus logos, mainly used in the Dofus Discord server, in case anyone wants to see them in their actual size, or use them for something else. Feel free to reply with more logos you've made or found. Other Logos. (Discord/Twitch/Twitter/Youtube) Seasons Winter Spring Summer Autumn Holidays Easter Valentine Halloween Other Dofus Official Random Animated See also: Dofus 1.29 Starter Pack Dofus 2.x Starter Pack Dofus 1.29 Wiki Ankama Games
  12. It's written in the original post, one of the launchers fixes it, the other does not, some people have it with the original client as well.
  13. Looking at ads is enough funding, though that doesn't seem like the problem. We're still not sure what happened, because nothing really changed, all we did was renew the SSL certificate recently. May be the load balancer/caching, still need more debugging sadly.
  14. They haven't talked about it yet, though the servers should have less constrainst than Dofus, because they're not using old code and the game will be smaller and more focused, and it wouldn't look good as they're trying to minimize interfaces. Maybe they'll split communities via chat channels. Haven Dimension will be a player's world with some activities, as well as a replacement for interfaces as you'll go to the game mode and character selection through it, kind of like the player's ship in Warframe.
  15. It'll be International. Don't think there will be any servers, because of the Haven Dimension, maybe they'll split off the French community.
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