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  1. Dofus Cube (Dofus 3) - Blog

    Back to Table of Contents. Post from Tot's blog from March 23rd, 2018. I hope that you are well and that the approach of the weekend gives you a smile. No long texts this week, but a video, the one promised 2 weeks ago at the Cannes release. Between the lives and this video, I think I beat my record of time spent in front of a camera... Even Squeezie is worried about it. We will present with Kam, the boardgame version of the game. Obviously, this is our first prototype and even if the main lines are there, we still have a lot of things to work on. Back to Table of Contents.
  2. Dofus Dungeons - Blog

    Back to Table of Contents. Post from Dofus Dungeons blog from March 23rd, 2018. Characters & Designs As we mentioned before, in Dofus Dungeons, only a few classes will be available at the start of the server. This means that we will have to make a choice among the 18 heroes available to date. The Classes of Dofus Dungeons Before going into the heart of the matter, let's do a brief explanation: Dofus Dungeons will offer fights available alone or in groups of up to 4 characters, Sidekicks included. This does not mean that groups of enemy monsters will necessarily be limited to 4 Monsters, it will be totally possible to meet more or less in groups. The maximum level of a character is set to 100 and each class will have a panel of 10 spells, with no possible variants. Note also that the features will be revised to remove some, including Wisdom and Prospecting. We will come back in more detail in an upcoming gameplay article. For the release of Dofus Dungeons, we envisage 8 classes of characters, distributed as follows: 4 damage classes "Damage Dealer" 2 protection classes "Tank" 2 support classes "Healer/Positioner" We have already selected 4 classes that we think are essential for the game: Iop, for its melee damage. Cra, for its long-range damage. Sacrier, for its melee protection. Eniripsa, for its medium-range support. And now you intervene: we propose to determine what are the other 4 classes of the game, according to the expected specialties. Thus, for the Damage Dealer, two choices are expected among: Ecaflip, Ouginak, Sram, Rogue, Huppermage and Osamodas. For the Tank, a choice among: Pandawa, Feca and Masqueraider. Finally, for the Support, a choice among: Enutrof, Sadida and Xelor. To promote your choices, we invite you to participate in this survey but do not hesitate to develop your point of view in the comments. You will also have noticed that two classes do not appear in the available choices, for purely practical reasons, Foggernaut and Eliotrope were discarded from potential classes. Finally, we want each class to have its own identity and the oldest to find their fundamentals. In terms of spells, we will use the existing base but we will carefully select them and adjust them as needed so that the specialties of each are clearly defined. Class Designs Second point of this article: the design of the classes you will play! As we explained before, we are committed to unifying the artistic direction of our games for graphic consistency. Keep in mind that, whether you are talking about Dofus, Wakfu, Dofus Touch or Dofus Dungeons, this is the same universe: Krosmoz, and the desire is to be able to transpose assets from one game to another without problem. In this case, it does not necessarily mean that all games should have the same class sprites, but that the artistic direction allows the integration of all types of assets, both technically and visually. Here are the first researches done in this context: From a personalization perspective, to follow up on the Shushu Weapons, it is also a question of proposing different templates. Here is a research by Rumo on the different possible physiques and the change of looks after equipping a Shushu Weapon: Back to Table of Contents.
  3. Dofus 2.46 Changelog

    The BETA server has been updated, here are the changes made: Sacrier: Perfusion: Max Effect Accumulation is now 1. Gash: The damage preview correctly takes into account the Suffering gains. Sram: Larceny: The damage preview is fixed in cases where there are multiple characters in the spell's Area of Effect. Corrections were made for Astrub Mines maps.
  4. Dofus 2.46 Changelog

    The Unlimited Magical Orb will be free to complement the new Sets feature. Beta server will go into Heroic mode soon. The BETA server has been updated, here are the changes made: The NPC Bart Cousti has recovered his arm. In the Set interface, the character is correctly displayed if equipped with a Petsmount or a Mount. When a fight is paused as part of a tournament, the time gauge stops and attempting to move or cast spells no longer abnormally uses AP and MP. It is correctly possible to create a character with a random nickname.
  5. Dofus 2.46 Changelog

    The BETA server has been updated, here are the changes made: Sacrier: Punishment: Area of Effect is displayed correctly. Perfusion: No longer affects the caster. Suffering reduction works properly if an ally is affected but not in the center of the Area of Effect. Sadida: Vegetal Influence: Infected state added by Treant is correctly displayed for 2 turns instead of 1. The bonuses of Axel are reviewed to better match those in version 2.45. Fields Vermin Achievement validates correctly if the associated monsters are defeated outside of Astrub. The size of most NPCs and Monsters in Astrub monsters is reviewed. The information window when a player is overweight after a harvest is replaced with a notification. Some Ores at [10,-19] in the Astrub Quarry have been moved to better allow their harvest. The interaction with the lever in Hable Mine, allowing access to the Cross Arms Emote, is corrected. Quest Golemancer: The level of Quintaine is now 1 (rather than 25), which allows a novice Handyman to craft it to validate the quest goal. Quest Piques of Solution: The objective "Talking to Iopic Iop" can be validated by talking with the NPC once he has been defeated in combat. Quest Animal Series: The objective "Find the Troglodyte Gobball" now validates correctly when you arrive on the map where the Gobball is.
  6. Dofus Dungeons - Blog

    Back to Table of Contents. Post from Dofus Dungeons blog from March 21st, 2018. Game Design We've been pretty fuzzy about the concepts that will emerge in Dofus Dungeons and that can be included in the Dofus MMO, so I'll explain the kinds of things we're looking at so you can project yourself and understand why we need to test them beforehand. Of course, I'm counting on you to understand that all this is in the state of pre-production. It is imperative that you do not take everything to the first degree. By having this type of communication with you, completely upstream of the production, we make the choice of the exchange and to share with you that which crosses our mind. This allows us to receive your opinions and take them into account, but really, I insist on the fact that at this stage, absolutely nothing is set in stone. Another point that comes up quite often in your comments: Yes, Dofus Dungeons is indeed intended to serve as an experiment for both the Dofus MMO and Dofus Cube. Of course, our goal is to make Dofus Dungeons a good, entertaining game. But again, as announced earlier, the idea is to experiment. It should be understood, as a first step, that each of these points are part of the main game loop. I often give as an example the image of a puzzle. When you start a new project, the problem is not the lack of ideas but having too many ideas. Therefore, the objective is to represent the game loop (the course in some ways) of the player and to break it down. This is perhaps the most exciting and complex moment. Once you have this loop, you have to sort through the hundreds of ideas and see if they fit into the puzzle. If so, perfect, otherwise, we put it aside. Sometimes great ideas are left out, but it's completely necessary to preserve the overall coherence of the game. Evolutionary Items We are thinking about a new concept for items. We have thousands of items in our MMOs, but they quickly become obsolete when you exceed the required level. So we have the idea of putting a lot less items to drop in dungeons, but to ensure that they follow you in your adventures, as if it were another character that you level up in parallel to your hero. These items will have as many levels as your hero and you can evolve them by feeding them specific resources. We are thinking of concepts that would even allow you to customize your rarest items by giving them extra stats. Of course the goal for us is to strengthen the link between the players and their equipment while producing less. We're also thinking about removing Capes and Hats, and making the Weapon equipped change your entire look. Another idea: Every 10 levels of your weapon, your character gains some sort of customisation. Whether it's an aura that forms or intensifies, spikes that appear on your epaulettes... You can identify at a glance characters with big arms. As with all topics, I'm just hovering over the concept (which will have its own article later). Evolutionary Multi-Sidekicks The other big piece of the project concerns the Sidekicks. We would like to add a lot, allow you to equip more than one at a time and review their game design. The idea is that they gain levels gradually, feeding them the same way as items. We will offer you simplified character classes, focused more on their style (basically, what's their essence and role) with next to it, the possibility of forming a group of Sidekicks to help them. Sidekicks, like items, will come to the heart of the game. Of course, this will not prevent you from playing in a group, but our desire is to allow players who prefer to play alone to do so. We would also like the Sidekicks to be equipped with Weapons, just to strengthen the life of the whole. At the same time, we are thinking about two other very important functions for Sidekicks, in addition to supporting you in combat: The first would be to allow you to place them in your Haven Bag as an NPC: Each Sidekick would then have its own story and could offer you specific Quests, the goal being to avoid making you run in all directions after NPCs while strengthening your relationship with your Sidekicks. In this context, completing these Quests would gain experience faster for your Sidekicks and allow you to obtain specific items. Of course, you could always take them back in combat whenever you want. The second (like the previous one for that matter) is related to your Haven Bag and is detailed in the following point. Haven Bag for Achievements and Arena We've thought of the Haven Bag as a place to showcase your Achievements and would like to make it a much more important attraction - allowing you to place Sidekicks you do not play in predefined Arenas. The Arena of your Haven Bag may be attacked when you are disconnected. If your Sidekicks repel the enemy, you receive rewards. If not, it is your opponents who receives them. The idea is, once again, to offer you more interactions with less content. The Sidekicks thus take a central place in the game by positioning themselves as brothers in arms, defenders of your Haven Bag and as NPCs for Quests. A resource for evolutions Your items and Sidekicks will evolve with identical resources. For now we call them XP Resources and behind this well-rotated name lies the desire to develop a concept linking your Weapons, Sidekicks and the pleasure of drops. Because even if you will drop items in combat, as I explained above, there will not be tons of them. On the other hand, you will have the pleasure to drop bags of XP Resources that will have different rarities, which will allow you to evolve more or less rapidly your Weapons and Sidekicks. The will here is to work with the mechanics of drops so that they are interesting. I do not know if this has already been discussed, but we're thinking about removing trading at first, the main reason being to make sure that bots do not exist in Dofus Dungeons. It is therefore essential that your drops are nice and especially useful. Do not get too excited about the removal of trading in the game, it will be a test that we could change as we see fit. Highly replayable Dungeons We explained earlier, there will be no open world in Dofus Dungeons, so no groups of monsters, only dungeons. From then on, we will work in the optics that each dungeon can have several levels of difficulty. We will also try (technically) to place many surprises during your fights: Protective monsters that suddenly appear if you kill too many of them, hidden rooms... So we will test these concepts in Dofus Dungeons and see what it produces as sensations. Some points may address current Dofus issues and we may decide (or not) to integrate the most relevant content into our MMO. Back to Table of Contents.
  7. Dofus 2.46 Changelog

    The BETA server has been updated, here are the changes made: Enutrof: Last Resort: Minimum Range is now 1. Ecaflip: Repercussion: Max effect accumulation is removed. (It was not effective) The recipe for Tofu Set Items is reviewed to need Tofu Beaks instead of Tofu Feathers. The bonuses of the Mad Tofu Cloak are revised to match those of pre-2.46 with less randomness on the Agility bonus. Mush Mush Cloak Reflect bonus is replaced with a Lock bonus, Vitality bonus is increased. Prespic Set Item bonuses are reviewed: They generally have less Wisdom but now also give Intelligence, Fire Damage, Vitality, and Dodge. The level of the Kitsou Amulet is increased: 26 => 58. Its bonuses are adapted accordingly. The bonuses of the Kitsou Set are reviewed: Wisdom bonus is replaced with a Power bonus. Clicking on an already open tab no longer closes the relevant interface. In the Market interface, it is possible to perform a Soul Stone search if you have done a general search before. In the Market interface, the results of a search does not disappear if sorting by column is done. Alignment Titles reappear correctly in the title and ornament interface. Resource rewards have been added to Astrub's Achievements. Quest Better Not to Trust the First Impression: Cirle Drawde now asks for Gobball Wool (rather than Gobball Slobber) to make revealing powder. A concern preventing certain sets from being equipped is corrected. Sets already registered will be deleted so that this correction is effective.
  8. Micro Blogs

    Get a preview of what we're working on behind the scenes of the DOFUS game. The war on bots started several years ago now. Moderators are always tracking them, of course, but [Sifripio] and his team have been on the project since January. Their mission? Stop the spread of bot networks. We generally don't discuss the limitations we put in place to fight bots, first and foremost because it's easier to thwart their creators when they don't know that new restrictions have been implemented. Agride has historically been our test server, but we're gradually extending new measures across all servers. As a reminder, the use of bots or third-party software (allowing several accounts to log in simultaneously, for example) are forbidden by our terms of use. The penalty is severe: all of your Ankama accounts may be permanently banned. And punishment is being doled out: thousands of accounts have been banned since new measures were implemented on the servers. Enough to madden the bots now running in circles on the village map. The fight against bots is especially difficult because in order to take action against an account, we have to make sure it's definitely a bot and not a player. But the mission undertaken by [Sifripio] and company isn't limited to resource farming bots or aggressive bots (which are especially popular on the heroic server); these measures also target kama buyers and sellers. This practice is indeed illegal, as much for a kama seller as for a buyer. Only offers from Ankama are legal; no third-party transaction is permitted. We invite anyone wishing to buy kamas to do so on Ankama's own platform (entirely legal and secure): the Kama Exchange.
  9. Dofus 2.46 Changelog

    The BETA server has been updated, here are the changes made: The number of Royal Gobball Wool needed in the making of Royal Gobball Ring and Royal Gobball Cape is now 1. The NPC Rotabla the Shepherd no longer automatically gives a Bow Meow at the end of the Royal Gobball Dungeon. A new NPC has been added to the last map of the dungeon to be able to get a Bow Meow for 5 Gobball Wool. The main door of the big Astrub houses now brings the character correctly to the entrance of the house and not to the cellar. Corrections were made for the Astrub Mine maps. The Maple Tree at [1,-21] can be properly cut. The Tash Bin at [4,-18] is now interactive. The panel placed in the Council Tower at [4,-19] is now interactive. The guardian dog at [2,-18] is repositioned. Quests Rest is in the Field and The Invasion of the Burial Desecrators can be properly finished. In the set interface, the characteristics are no longer refreshed each time the character recovers HP out of combat. The DWS "Team JBZZ Supporter" emote becomes "Glorious Battlers Supporter". The scroll of obtaining is modified accordingly. Animal Series (Osamodas Class Quest), Piques de Solution (Eniripsa Class Quest) and Unfortunate Luck (Ecaflip Class Quest) are available from NPCs Abrazelon Sixgriffes, Nepra Lido and Meow Moew. Monster Spells Selim Llenneb and Tomb Raider now cast correctly. In the Health Crisis quest, harvesting wheat can recover contaminated resources and no longer blocks the progress of the quest. The class quest is now given straight after the class council quest, it is no longer necessary to talk to the NPC again. The bonuses of some low-level items with AP, MP or Vitality penalties have been reviewed to remove this penalty. The bonuses of these items have been balanced accordingly.
  10. Dungeon Rusher Events

  11. Dofus Dungeons - Blog

    Back to Table of Contents. Post from Dofus Dungeons blog from March 16th, 2018. Level Design: Macro Vision Breathtaking brains, dozens of sketches, overheated Cintiqs, wall-to-wall post-itings and plenty of ideas: that sums up pretty much this first week of pre-production! As much to tell you that it has been very productive and that the project is already moving in the right direction. For this first post, we will discuss the first tracks of Level Design of the project in macro vision. What is macro? Simply a broad and global vision of the project, with big ideas and the direction in which we are heading. To put yourself in good condition, let's forget the level design of Dofus and start from a blank sheet: on arrival at the game, no open world, no dispersion, but a progression corridor that defines your circuit. We will call it the Hub. Hub Composed of several rooms, the HUB has multiple functions: 1. It first serves as a meeting place for other players, although this is not the only place where you can gather. 2. It also determines your geographic location and by extension, your game progress. 3. Last but not least, it is your gateway to the dungeons that make up the areas of each room. To better visualize the whole, imagine a horizontal directional line (= the Hub) sequenced in several parts (= the rooms) which lead each vertically (= the doors) to different zones (= the dungeons). Or, you can thank Poolay for this little summary sketch: At this point, you have to understand that a room is necessarily more than one dungeon and that the progression of the game works in stages: to pass in room 2, you will first have to perform missions in the dungeons of room 1. Zones & Dungeons If the Hub is relatively neutral like a long endless tunnel, the zones and their dungeons are part of a universe specific to the current room, the idea being to propose very different atmospheres from one room to another. We are talking about unique mini-worlds: The number of zones remains to be defined and may vary from one mini-world to another. The focus is placed on the coherence of the progression, from a graphical point of view as well as game mechanics and the storyline. Mapping side, we focus on simplicity with a watercolor rendering on a real 16:9 (exit on the side edges will be lost!) And a slightly modified grid to have larger boxes. Here is a first idea with Snowy's research: That's it, you should now have a vision that is a little (a little bit?) clearer of the world in which you will be able to moor Dofus Dungeons! Back to Table of Contents.
  12. Dofus Cube (Dofus 3) - Blog

    It's Unity.
  13. Dofus Cube (Dofus 3) - Blog

    Back to Table of Contents. Post from Tot's blog from March 15th, 2018. The more assiduous of you will notice that I have trouble keeping my commitment of one note a week. There are many reasons for this. Basically, we take the time to do things right and it makes it difficult to have something interesting to tell every week. In addition, for "Transmedia" fans, those who follow our adventures/projects, you have recently discovered that things are moving at home. We have combined a few teams and are trying to merge ideas and creativity for our different games. This is not the reason for this article but if you are interested to learn more, I suggest you follow Dofus Dungeons. To end this introduction, I also announce that Dofus Cube will soon leave my blog to have its own site. It's sooner than I thought but as the project begins to evolve seriously, it's time for it to leave its cradle to embark on the adventure. Of course, I will push the notes on that new site and we can continue to communicate as we do. Suddenly, I do not know what I will have to write on this blog... We'll see and I do not worry, chatty as I am, there will always be a subject :). But let's go directly to the festivities.This week I propose to make a point on the graphical situation of Dofus Cube. We are moving forward on many varied and exciting topics, and I think those of you who have been following us from the beginning will take pleasure in seeing these developments. Indeed, on this blog you have discovered, since October, many models. Today, I will present some videos and images that symbolize the evolutions/advances of the latter. 1. Interfaces Big topic for the last few weeks for us internally: the interfaces. You could see my first tests, those of Arnaud and now, Franho's interfaces that go into finalization. We work like that in general. I try to put a first base that seems effective for my graphical design, I present it to Arnaud who sees what does not work with his tiger eyes.Then they are made in the form of SWF (to test movements and ergonomics). We do and redo and when we start to say that it smells good we send it to Franho for finalization. Even in this that I show you today, we know that many things will still change. Yes, the video game is not an easy way friends... Too bad our dear Nordic mines have closed, we would have had an easier job. So, what you will discover below is what comes closest to what you will have in the end... But it's still not over... You also have to take into account, and I stress this point, that we are working on mobile interfaces as a priority. We will then adapt them for computers. If you look at these interfaces on your computer you will find them, naturally much too big... Top right, the interface of the opponent. Below, from the left: Your character, his reserve (special class power), his spells, and his Sidekicks. On the bottom line: Your name, the AP reserve (6 for everyone at the beginning of the fight) and your elementary gauges (to summon your Sidekicks ): The same with the opposing interface unfolded for more information. The Shushu (your Shushu) will also be present and will act as an end-of-turn button. He will talk to you in combat and out of combat and accompany you in your adventures. The Shushu will have a commentary role in your battles and will encourage you. During the opponent's turn, your Shushu turns around and leaves room for the opponent's. For a few hundred euros, you can change the look and dialogue of your Shushu: Details of one of your spells: And finally, the creation interface of the Deck (yes, I know, I have not decided on the name yet). Well, between the time I write this article and its publication, we made an interface meeting and this Deck creation interface could change a lot: So, it certainly sounds easy and all that, but I can assure you that we have already cried tears of blood to get to this point. I can not wait to introduce Haven Dimension interfaces to you so that you discover the overall logic that we are trying to put in place. 2. Animation of Characters We are developing, among others, the combat part. And for this first functional prototype, we take the boardgame prototype as a base. Remember, the figures in figurines are: Regarding the Dofus Cube platform version, we are thinking about a Kickstarter that will take place at the end of the year. We will try to couple it with the release of the beta. This is not confirmed, but the idea will be, perhaps (and I say maybe) to offer the first beta keys to those who will encourage us on the Kickstarter. As soon as we are clear enough on the subject, I will announce it. I would like to introduce you to the project and its price in order to gather your opinions and to evolve our work. The problem with the Kickstarter is that we do not have the right to make mistakes and I will count on you to help us make the right decisions. We'll talk again in 2 months. Some characters in the game: https://videopress.com/v/tvT2kaSq 3. Ambiances I read, even recently on the Dofus forums, posts of players who regretted our old 3D graphics tests. The people in question judged our first tests much more conclusive than what we can propose today. I understand the appeal of the images we showed you at the time. We were ourselves very satisfied. But as I repeat quite regularly, the video game is a puzzle. This is my point of view and everyone is free to think what they want, but I firmly believe that a good video game is based on the perfect alchemy between the graphics, the game design, the devs, lore design, etc. I included even the economic model. Each party must serve the whole. This is a reality that we are only beginning to equate at Ankama. It seems stupid to say like that, but how many games focus on their graphical rendering to offer a poor experience on the rest? How many movies and series work like that? So I think a good project is a balance between all of those parts. What good is it to have beautiful and big muscles if the heart is incapable of supporting them? Regarding our graphic research and our vision of Dofus Cube, we made choices. And do not think that these choices are simpler than the previous ones. What some take for "too childish" rendering are actually real technical challenges. It's much more complicated to obtain simple and elegant decors that emphasize the game design than realistic sets. I emphasize this point. In addition, one of our big motivations for Dofus Cube, as you know, is to have a multi-platform game. The set must be readable and relevant on computers and mobiles. Compared to what we want to do, it is a monstrous challenge, each element must be effective on all media. And finally, the style we work with allows us to play on the environment. Okay, this little paragraph can give the impression that I am trying to convince you of our choices. That's probably the case, but what I'm trying to make you understand is that before making a judgment on a rendering, whatever it is, you have to take into consideration the whole image. This may be the only setback when we present our pre-productions. Water test video: https://videopress.com/v/V99ISArc Rain test video: https://videopress.com/v/xSqHFXgI Shadow test video: https://videopress.com/v/jo7NY6Cd In the water test video, you have a quick overview of what our national Paul is able to add in terms of rendering. Paul is a technical artist, like a dev who knows how to do beautiful things. Yes, I know, where does the world go if the devs become capable of artistic prowess? I do not know friends... Maybe it's just the end, Walking Dead style... The decorating teams drool to get this report but frankly, I think it gets the job done. In terms of narration, we will be able to play on the weather and unleash the elements if it's needed. Dofus Cube being, chronologically, after Wakfu, the water level has almost finished covering the world of 12. It was therefore very important for us to be able to play different renderings of water. Whether waves or renderings related to the transparency of the water. All this can be played and appear naturally as you go on your adventures. Of course, this first video is a mix of a lot of effects but it allows you to project on the possibilities. In the shadow test video, perhaps the one that impresses me the most, shows you the interaction between 3D sets and 2D characters. This video impresses me because the shadows that are projected on the character gives the feeling that it is also in 3D while obviously, this is not the case. Lovers of the very first Final Fantasy Tactics on Playstation, I'm glad that we can follow their path. Twenty years ago, these crazies had already worked this way and it is by watching, still today, this "old" game, that we told ourselves that we could follow this path. It's somewhere back to basics, since it was the game that had influenced us the most when we started Dofus. I will be honest with you, personally, I am tired of this race to the 3D technique that we observe on the various audiovisual media. I'm sure there are still a lot of things to do with 2D renderings and we will fight as long as we can in that direction. Our next film, Princess Dragon, is also intended to go completely in this direction. Yes, I know, I have a side of an old fool, but what do you want, you must know how to preserve and defend certain values when they are considered to be in danger. Back to Table of Contents.
  14. Dofus 2.46 Changelog

    The BETA server has been updated, here are the changes made: Eliotrope: Conflagration correctly reduces enemy damage by 20% instead of 80%. Sadida: Rise of Sap works properly on all trees in its Area of Effect. (It only grew the tree that was in the center of the Area of Effect) The idols Yosh and Payo no longer have positive synergy. Fixes have been applied to the maps of Astrub and its surroundings. Harvesting some resources did not advance the Health Crisis quest. This problem is now fixed. Quest A Life of Milichien: It is no longer possible to avoid the waiting time penalty when selecting the wrong answer by closing the dialogue window. Quest Chacha Blues: The following character Soki is displayed correctly. Quest Burglar Desecrator Invasion: Finney is now on his starting map if the character lost the corresponding following character during the quest. Quest One Walks on Eggs: The Vitality of Nowa and his Summons has been reduced. Quest Smells Gas: Additional hints have been added to clarify quest objectives. Quest Invasion of the Burglar Cannister: Can now be properly completed. Quest Medical visit: The quest is now linked to the achievement Where are the Dofus. (Instead of the achievement A Model Citizen) Quest The Dip in a Glass of Water (Pandawa Class Quest) is now available by talking to the NPC Sel Dawa. It is now possible to skip the long dialogue with Captain Igloute by completing the Sand Castle dungeon. By default, shortcut E is now assigned to Sets, and W to Idols. In the tutorial, a problem with the position of the arrows indicating the closing of the end of combat UI has been corrected. In the context menus, the selected lines are displayed differently. The Sets correctly take into account Characteristic Points attributed after a level up. In English and with texts optimized for small screens, the last letter of the names of some items for sale in the shop no longer disappear. Maximum length of the owner (26 characters) and mount (16 characters) names can no longer be exceeded. Transferring too many kamas to a character no longer causes disconnection.
  15. Dofus Dungeons - Blog

    It's mostly to do big experiments, don't think much progress will be saved.