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  1. WIP thing. Changelog - Part 2/3 (2.46 Weapon changes) Changelog - Part 3/3 (Finishing up fixing everything)
  2. Gravestorm

    Dungeon Rusher Events

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    Dofus Dungeons - Blog

    <- Previous blog post | Back to Table of Contents | Next blog post -> Post from Dofus Dungeons blog from May 18th, 2018. Class Focus: Cra In the series of class focuses, we chose to start with Cra, simply because it is the character we have achieved the most with so far. But before going into the heart of the matter, let's take a quick look at the direction chosen for the Heroes in Dofus Dungeons. As you already know, the artistic direction changes completely in Dofus Dungeons to get closer to that of Dofus Cube. However, we did not want to just take the existing characters and mix them with Cube sauce, on one hand, it would have limited the creativity of our artists and on the other hand, the result would have been in contradiction with our will to offer a second youth to the heroes of the game. Therefore, and since we are in the optics to try new things, we made the choice to completely re-design the character classes. Of course, a Cra remains a Cra and the same goes for all other classes, their specificities are inevitably translated and represented graphically, but with a stroke of expense and novelty. In addition, we have the ambition to offer a panel of different skins for the same character, whether through Shushu Items or the shop. So do not be surprised to (re) discover your heroes in a new light through Dofus Dungeons! From a gameplay point of view, the key word was accessibility, our desire being to simplify the understanding of the game while making it more dynamic and faster. So we reduced the amount of spells of each hero to 11, while keeping the possibility of adding one or two additional spells depending on the equipment of the character. We also reduced the number of characteristics and adapted certain values (Range, Damage, AP cost, number of casts...) to better match the proposed combat format. Crocus tells you a bit more about graphic design for character classes: Globally, spells are simpler, since the majority of them have two effect lines. That said, we do not prohibit to apply 3 or even 4, but very punctually if it is justified and that the fate remains easy to grasp. The weapon, usable once per turn with a free cost, has been taken into account in the design of the skill panel of each class: each has a type of weapon associated, the area of effect and the range are in line with its gameplay. The 16 classes are already designed to have an overview from the start, especially if they were all to be implemented eventually. Of course, we will have to modify certain points according to our tests internally and your feedback, but thanks to the homogenization of the structuring of the classes, balancing should be simpler in the short term, as well as in the long term. Now that you have a bit more detailed vision of the direction we have taken for Dofus Dungeons, it's time to get down to business and introduce the one you're all waiting for: the Cra: The idea was to propose a vegetable type version of the character while maintaining its archer specificity, and it is Rumo who got down to the task: For the Cra, it was necessary to keep the "elf of the forest" spirit - a little like the image of Legolas in Lord of the Rings, so it is from there that the first researches were done. I then worked on declensions in different themes that can be associated with the archer such as the vegan, the thief, the hunter... To bring a true identity to the character. This is the typical vegetal proposal that has been chosen and it is therefore the one that has been refined to stick into the game. Finally, I worked a rather prominent head, so as to give it a small trick and cunning character, a little wild, just as a fox can be: Preview of the sprite in action, made by Lolzewolf: Cra obviously remains the long-range character of the game and its basic features are preserved, even reinforced. Some explanations of its gameplay by Crocus: Cra is the main Damage Dealer at a distance in Dofus Dungeons. Its secondary role is placement. Its Earth build is based on burst and long-range pushback, while its Fire build uses AoE damage. Finally, the Air build offers heavy damage and Pushback with casting conditions that force the character to expose itself more. Utility spells provide damage bonuses and most importantly, moving allies or enemies to effectively exploit their damage spells: <- Previous blog post | Back to Table of Contents | Next blog post ->
  4. Gravestorm

    Dofus Dungeons - Blog

    Back to Table of Contents The Dofus Dungeons Team Two weeks without news, without notes, without information... Two weeks of lack, torment, helplessness... Two weeks of obsession and anguish... Ok, maybe not until then but do not be shy and admit it: we missed you! To compensate and resume our good habits, we will propose two articles this week: first this one, which makes the light on the team of Dofus Dungeons and then, a first class focus. Let's go! The Creation Team The Creation Team consists of four major families of artists: level designers, graphic designers, character designers and animators. Level Design Level designers are in charge of designing game maps, they define the format, the peculiarities, the obstacles and other elements of the game. After that, the level builders intervene to give life to the maps by giving them decorations, an atmosphere and graphic elements in agreement with the imagined level design. At home, there is no real distinction between level designers and level builders, our artists are able to achieve as much as one. In the team, we find: Mary Graphic designer, illustrator, author of comics and level designer, Mary has been working at Ankama for more than 7 years, mainly on Dofus MMO but also on the Dino Party and Monster Slaughter board games, or the Les Dessous de Dofus comic. » Find him on his blog: Mary Pumpkins Abjugardiel After a level design course in a different video game studio, Abjugardiel arrived 3 years ago to work on Dofus MMO. Graphic Design Graphic designers have different fields of action, from concept art to the creation of graphic elements, they imagine, research and develop atmospheres, sets and very specific items, ranging from the Astrub Grass Blade to the Count Harebourg Set, through the pictograms that make up the game's interfaces. In the team, we find: Lorko Arrived to work on Dofus MMO 12 years ago as a graphic designer and level designer, Lorko has been working as the artistic director and team manager for Dofus 2 since 2008 and Wakfu MMO since 2016. Milou Accomplished artist, Milou is as comfortable in graphics as in illustration. Ten years ago, she first contributed on the Island of Wakfu project before moving to work on Dofus MMO. » Find her on her blog: Egg009 BenPi With more than 12 years at Ankama, BenPi is an old man who has contributed to many projects, including Dofus 1, Wakfu MMO, Goultard the Barbarian anime, Dofus 2 and Dofus Touch. » Find him on his website: Benoît Laigle PunchCoco Versatile artist, PunchCoco intervenes on both 2D and 3D. For almost 9 years, she has participated in Wakfu projects - Wakfu Les Gardiens, Gobbowl, Krosmaster Arena, Krosmaster the board game, the aborted prototype of Dofus 3D as well as Dofus MMO. » Find her on Art Station: VeroniqueGuannel Thomas Arrived in January 2017 as a level designer for Dofus MMO, Thomas is now working on concept art. » Find him on Facebook: Thomas Pommery Artist Character Design Character designers imagine and realize all the characters that make up the game, be it Heroes, NPCs, Monsters or Sidekicks, Mounts or Pets. In the team, we find: Rumo Since his arrival in 2007, Rumo has been involved in many projects as an animator and character designer, including Wakfu MMO, Wakfu Les Gardiens, Dofus Arena, Dofus MMO and more recently, Dofus Pets. » Find him on Twitter: @rumolerouge » Find him on his website: RumoLeRouge Emilien Arrived 6 years ago, Emilien participated in the Wakfu Season 3 animated series and the Dofus Book I: Julith movie as a concept artist before joining the Wakfu MMO team 2 years ago. Jaguare19 Arrived 8 months ago, Jaguare19 is one of the last recruits on the Wakfu MMO team, on which he operated as an animator. » Find him on Art Station: Jaguare19 Animation Animators bring to life the characters created by the character designers, they conceive their movements, their breathing, their movements... In the most realistic way possible. They are also FX designers and offer specific combat, spell or movement effects. In the team, we find: Lolzewolf Coming from the animated series, Lolzewolf is an animator at Ankama for 11 years, he has participated in the Wakfu Season 1, 2, 3 and special episodes, The Treasures of Kerubim animated series and the Dofus Book I: Julith movie. Since 2017, he is the lead animator for Dofus MMO. Viti Arrived 10 years ago, Viti first started on the Wakfu Season 1 animated series before switching to Dofus MMO. In the meantime, he has also participated in the Fly'N project. Deeamo For almost 4 years, Deeamo has been creating animations and FX for Dofus MMO. » Find him on Instagram: Deeamo_FX » Find him on his website: Deeamo Constantin After a successful alternation of 10 months on Wakfu MMO, Constantin now operates as a full time animator. » Find him on Tumblr: ConstantinTheEagle Note: In order to correspond to the new artistic direction, the Creative Team is directed by two members of Dofus Cube: Arnaud, responsible for atmospheres & sets and Tiko, responsible for character designs and animations. The Tech Team The Tech Team brings together game designers, client developers and server developers. Game Design Game designers are in charge of designing the gameplay of the game, they define the rules, the mechanics, the conditions, the difficulties... As well as its handling. In the team, we find: Korri After a brief stint on Wakfu MMO, Korri has been on Dofus MMO for 11 years. Crocus Arrived just 1 year ago, Crocus operates on Dofus MMO. » Find him on Tumblr: FranartCorp Client Development Client developers are responsible for the proper functioning of everything that is "visible" in the game, starting with the executable as well as the entire graphic part of the various mechanics, including the game interfaces. In the team, we find: Sili Attached to Dofus MMO for more than 10 years, Sili intervened on Dofus 1 and Dofus 2. » Find her on Twitter: @Sili_ Toun Since his arrival 6 years ago, Toun has dedicated himself to DOFUS MMO. Geis Last recruit of the customer team, Geis has been working on DOFUS MMO for 10 months. Server Development Server developers are responsible for the smooth running of everything that is "invisible" in the game, starting with the engine as well as the application of all available features and management of online and multiplayer mode. In the team, we find: Stupfyy Arrived in late 2016, Stupfyy operates exclusively on Dofus MMO. » Find her on Twitter: @ffb777 Tacos Arrived almost 2 years ago on Dofus MMO, Tacos briefly intervened as a client dev before operating as a server dev. And to oversee all of these beautiful people as well as the project, the production deadlines, the distribution of the workforce, the priorities and all the paperwork, there is Jonquille, the producer: Jonquille For 4 years, Jonquille has contributed to several projects, after a stint on the test team, she took charge of Dofus Touch until she was released in 2016 and then worked on Wakfu MMO as a producer before operating on Dofus Dungeons. » Find her on Twitter: @Jonquille_AKM Finally to finish, well, there's me... XyaLe Arrived in early 2012 on Dofus MMO, I stayed until April 2017 after which I took care of Dofus Pets before bowing out in September 2017. But the absence was short-term and I'm back in front of you today! » Find me on Twitter: @XyaLe_KBD Back to Table of Contents
  5. Gravestorm

    Breeding Revamp

    Also won't be able to breed wild Mounts with non-wild Mounts, but does anyone even care at this point.
  6. Gravestorm

    Breeding Revamp

    We are studying the possibility of removing the gains of Doploons by fighting the Dopples for several reasons: In the long run, we hope to significantly reduce the impact of Dopple fights. This daily mechanic is very time-consuming and lacks depth (only solo activity and does not offer many different ways to be approached or practiced) to justify players repeating this activity regularly by devoting a significant portion of their playing time. We want to refocus the production of Characteristic Scrolls to Dragoturkeys to ensure better profitability over the life of this activity, their breeding will be a potentially important source of destruction in 2.47 and this should improve the value of resources. Bounties would continue to provide Doploons (which would surely be renamed) and could still be traded for Characteristic Scrolls. The recipes including Pebbles bought with Doploons would be modified to use Pebbles bought with Kolossokens (in order to increase the destruction of Kolossokens).
  7. Back to Table of Contents. Post from Tot's blog from May 17th, 2018. I know that disappointment or expectation (or both) is high among some of you. I have seen, week after week, your messages usually filled with love and encouragement turn into reprimands. It's been almost two months since I gave any news of Dofus Cube. I admit that all this lacks humanity, especially after having nourished you with all these delicious notes, sharing at the same time the needy process of creation. Not that nothing happened dear friends, quite the contrary... It is even rather in front of the avalanche of events that I relegated my notes to the not priority status during these last weeks. I was caught in a strange infernal-beneficial spiral (do not try to understand, right now, this sentence does not mean anything and you will be more enlightened by reading my adventures at the end of the note). Attention, that does not excuse my failures. For the latter, I'm just going to apologize and prostrate myself like a carpet man and write you down the biggest note you've ever read. In any case, know that the project continues its momentum. We have not had any bad surprises and everything is going smoothly. For the next notes, I'm going to have a tendency to give you a little overview like today. For now, we are moving forward on the details of the concepts I have already presented to you. We are moving forward on all subjects at the same time and I think you are starting to understand where we are heading. I think that by this summer we will be doing something a little more global rather than detailing particular features. The State of the Game Before you start reading the various elements, I think that a small roundup of the project is needed. First of all, so that those who worry are reassured, the project continues to advance correctly and the different pieces of the puzzle are being assembled little by little. This is a particularly important step during which the concepts and desires become concrete. Fantasising is finished, we gradually see the result of what we have produced in recent months. Of course, we are still far from the rendering that we want to present to you at the Japan Expo, but we can already connect to the game, wait for an opponent and start a fight... We could say that the hard part is done (Regarding the PvP part), but we have learned that the hard part in a project was also finishing it. This 10% of work that remains to be done but which never seems to end... Regarding the hypothetical schedule we have been giving you for some time, there is, for now, no change. We have 2 big dates planned: Beginning of July with the presentation of combat at the Japan Expo. This presentation of combat will be pretty basic and you will be able to play with pre-built decks on 2-3 different PvP maps. You will have the choice between 3 Xelor decks and 3 Iop decks. On November we will be running a Kickstarter oriented towards the boardgame. During this Kickstarter, our goal is to put a small pledge that will allow people who support us to get a beta key. We want to change the balance of the game months before it releases and we will take advantage of your feedback. There will be, at that moment, 5 Character Classes and 30 Sidekicks. We are preparing the project and it is a sacred piece that awaits us, the more we talk about it between us, the more I realize the adventure that it will be... The next step will depend on the time spent on point 2. But if everything goes well, we would like to release the Haven Dimension (creation and attack of dungeons, beginning of the solo part, PvP...) for mid next year. Regarding concerns of some players about a game that would be very mobile oriented, I would say that yes, at this stage the game will have mechanics of this type. We have chosen to divide the project into different parts and this is what seems to us the most simple, although of course, the open world part is particularly important to us. This will be the biggest piece of the project. We always have it in mind, but as I explained above, it's really the heaviest part in terms of content. Maybe we'll have the first zone at the end of next year, but I do not think it's reasonable to bet on it too much. This feature will arrive at a later time. After a good return on the project, we quickly agreed that the most important thing for us was to release the game as soon as possible to benefit from your feedback. From there, we have worked on the priorities, and the schedule we propose seems most effective. Now, like everything I present here, assume that this is our plan of attack, but it may change. For the moment everything is going pretty well and I am very comfortable, but we are not immune to a bad shot. Dofus Cube: The Name I will start with the most painful/sensitive/terrible topic: the name of the game. And to explain what brings us to a name change, I will explain, in all transparency, how we got there. I say all transparency because you will understand, during these explanations, that there are sometimes vile marketing reasons that push honest creativity to take difficult decisions. It hurts but it is a fact. And, concerning us, these choices are often the result of past experiences (including: past failures). In short, at the very base, know that the name I had in mind for this new project was different. I absolutely wanted this new game to be the culmination of our various projects, like Dofus/Wakfu, and not only video games. Almost more a platform than a game, the promise we made was to create a project that would allow us to centralize the different contents of our universe, our films/series/comics, into a big MMO. Without going into more details, the original name was Krosmoz World. Dofus and Wakfu being quite synonymous of epoch for me, the Krosmoz was more there for the universe aspect. And I was pretty used to it. Moreover, some work files still bear this name and when I see them, my little heart is moved, taken with a push of nostalgia... If we changed the name, it is following various findings more or less interesting. The most important of them was to want to benefit from the aura of our flagship game: Dofus (and this is despite the fact that Cube is happening after Wakfu, placing itself chronologically after Dofus). To be more precise, Cube is placed after Wakfu Season 4. In terms of narration, I would like to complete the adventures of the Brotherhood of the Tofu with a season 4 and then offer players an adventure in what remains of the World of Twelve. Difficult to go further without spoilers. Basically: Dofus for the marketing, but in terms of temporality, we are well after Wakfu. This is what brought us to Dofus Cube. But here, after a study, it turns out that the word Dofus is really not well received in the US (too close to the term doofus). I tried to resist, but in front of the obvious observation and the desire to have a game that has a real chance on the international market, it was necessary to follow the evidence. No more Dofus in the title then. We start from scratch. In our universe and our projects, the second strong word is Wakfu. So we thought about a title from the latter. Wakfu has a good image in the US through the broadcast of the series on Netflix and above all, does not mean anything special... So what? Wakfu Cube? Wakfu 2? In short, how to place a good title on our next game? For the moment, and after endless discussions, we decided on: Wakfu Heroes. Yes, we can not be more simple, that's why we stopped on this title. Personally, I liked better: Wakfu Rogue Waves But this title had not excited people internally. However, it was probably the most connected to the game. Rogue Waves was related to the rogue waves that flood the world of our game. I liked the fact that the first and last word begin with a W (the letter W itself has the shape of a wave) and that the 3 words make 5 letters (one day I will explain to you how much I have a problem in my head and why all my children have 4 letter names... Besides, did you notice that Dofus and Wakfu both have 5 letters, do you think that it is a chance or a deficiency?). The rogue is also a character class and could give the impression that we were going to face waves of killers. In short, I saw a lot of signs that matched our desires and the project. But for now, internally, Wakfu Heroes seems to prevail thanks to its great simplicity. In any case, we are always in doubt and your opinions are welcome. I hope I have summarized the constraints and issues, if you have any ideas, please, please. Maybe a small survey could help us... New Website I have told you about it before, Wakfu Heroes will fly on its own and leave my blog. This is good news in itself because your news will arrive with more regularity. Xyale joins us to support us on the subject and will manage the site and news as needed. Xyale: The work started by Tot on his blog was intended to communicate with you, without taboos, without restraint, and to include you in the heart of the production by keeping you informed of the progress of the project and make you live its evolution at the same time as the team. This desire has not changed and it is in this same perspective that we will continue to exchange with you later. But as with any growing chick, it's time for Wakfu Heroes (Tot: you see, we're already starting to call it Wakfu Heroes) to leave the nest and build its own identity. The site that we are going to propose to you will allow us to begin a more concrete and official communication with the approach of the Kickstarter of the board game and the alpha of the video game. I can already tell you that we have great projects and great media to share with you, and we can not wait to get going! So as to not make you wait, we will publish a first light version of the site next month, and we will then expand it as the project progresses. I take the message of our CM to make a small point on the excesses of some. Xyale had left us some time before, returning to my request to support us on Dofus Dungeons and now on Cube (this will remain a code name for the moment). Her leaving for a while is largely related to the misbehavior of some players. Our CMs are in front with you and it is sometimes a dangerous job. Still yesterday, I was treated as "fdp" on twitter. I decided to take the insults I received and laugh at them, but frankly, it is painful. I'll even give you my feelings about the people who behave like that behind a screen. I think there is nothing more cowardly. I came across kékés of this type who play it big hard behind the screen and are all sparkling IRL. And in addition to being cowardly, it is above all a sad stupidity. But, to bury the hatchet, I dedicate an Xelor spell to them (I will let you find it in the images below). All that to say on this blog, I love the relationship we have. I find you relevant, motivated and even messages that do not validate our directions are courteous. I would very much like us to keep this cordiality on the official website. Thank you in advance. Character Classes In this part, I share with you the game design of Xelor that you will discover at the Japan Expo. I think I already told you that there would be 50 spells per class. We have laid a first base of damage (spread over 10 levels) but it is only the first approach (implied: there will not be a single figure that will remain :)). Before you take a look, I must also explain a point of rule that is changing. Those who follow since the beginning had understood that the movement and the attack of a character (Heroes or Sidekicks) was done on the same turn. I repeat in case: Unlike our historical MMOs, you only have one action per character. Move + Attack. Well we are changing that for Ranged attacks. Cras and others will have more Range but will have to choose between hitting or moving. Regarding the spells themselves, these are my working files. It may be that some comments or notes are obscure. On the official website we will display them more clearly: FX And this is the arrival, for one of the first times on this blog, of little Sylvain. So, little Sylvain is a discreet guy who works on the FX. You've already had a glimpse of his talent in some videos. Here, his job is to give an identity to the FX of the game. He goes from the icons of Franho and Mojojo and continues on the style they put. The Xelor being a character related to the mechanisms, the choice was made to place a small futuristic side in its artistic direction. It is beautiful, anyway, to see these men merge with each other to give birth to a common artistic direction... And I do not know about you, but I like their babies: Come on, guys, only more than 250 to do... Sidekicks Ah Sidekicks... A vast subject... As Emilie would say. Since we are in a riot of effects (it's like being with Michael Bay) I take this opportunity to introduce the first Sidekicks. The difficulty of the project is to always keep in mind that the game must also be playable on the board. I present to you 5-6 Sidekicks. If it's too much for your little eyes, I advise you to rest them and continue next week (it will save you from ranting if I'm late :)): New Decorations For their part, the decorators continue to advance on the different areas of the game whether it is the first Haven Dimension dungeon tests, interiors or PvP maps. We are starting to have decorations that look as well on big PC screens as on mobiles, and that, it is fucking cool (because it is fucking hard). So of course, on the computer, we will have many small animations and moods in addition, but overall, we are all very satisfied with the renderings. I let you discover them below: As you can see, we did not sleep. The renderings are precise, the game design is refined, and the code... The code is... The code is codified. Nevertheless, I can not resist putting a little gif of my friend Echo who for some time is trying to replace Julith in my heart... She still has some way to go but frankly, she is struggling: And as promised... As promised, a small personal text. For fun before anything and then, by far (but really far) to give you a little message. Adventure Given what happened in the last two months, we can talk about adventure. I will tell them to you for pleasure. Because it amuses me first of all, and because it's my blog and I have the right, even the duty, to tell the most beautiful stupid things that go through my head. I have often wondered why I felt this special and regular need to share my stories in this way. It must be my scriptwriter side. And it may be related to the fact that I do not write much... When I think about it, it goes back a long way... Almost to the beginning of Ankama for those who remember (and are still on this world)... Yet it does not seem to me that I lack friends... My wife knows perfectly on how to listen to my doubts and anxieties (it is one of those rare people who knows how to sleep with open eyes while letting out small sighs like "Hum", "hum hum" that give the deep feeling of being listened to). Let's start with the trip we made with Kam to Japan in early April. It is perhaps at this moment that I let myself overflow. With Kam, we went to see Wizcorp for a week and continue to find partners for our movie "Dragon Princess". So clearly, on this specific subject, it is progressing well and if we could work with one of the two animation studios we met, I would be a happy man. I returned on a Saturday, and Sunday in the night, we were robbed. But do not start spitting on Roubaix, the city that fears and all that. I would like to point out that in almost 20 years, this is the first time this has happened to us (I'm talking about personal burglary, in Ankama, it's another story). The next morning is pretty terrifying when you realize that strangers came into your house while you were sleeping, to take everything they could. But the surprise passed, I want to congratulate the authors. Indeed, despite the fact that they have not introduced themselves to me, to take my computer gear, consoles, tablets, phones of the whole family, I found them very "respectful" people. It must have been geeks because they took out some figurines from my shop windows to contemplate them before gently resting them on my desk. In addition the police explained to me that they had gloves. It's very classy, but to the point where they were, they could have used the sink to wash their hands, I would not have wanted more from them. Thank you so much, for not scratching this old Captain Marvel. Really, there was a certain delicacy in the way of doing among these burglars. I also thank myself for not having to fall on them in the middle of the night. In full jetlag at this time, I had to get up 4-5 times... It would still be boring to be beaten naked at home... In short, it is a rather traumatic experience, but as I learn to laugh at everything, I now see it as a fun event. The conclusion of this is that they have taken, as I said above, all my computer gear (cameras, consoles, phones...) but most importantly, my computer... Finally, my computer. That on which all my work was. Fortunately, I save everything on the cloud and I have not lost anything. I just cross the fingers so that nothing is found on the net, starting with my scripts. And the palm of the particular situation goes to my son who made me aware, once again of this strange world of geeks in which we live. I tell you. In the morning, the whole family is a little shocked. Apart from Hugo. Hugo, he has his head in the ass like every morning. We suspect that it is not going well and that he is affected, but hey, we do not see it on his face. When suddenly, it becomes almost white. His mother worries and asks him what's wrong... Well, you know that Hugo, he just realized that the burglars had taken his backup of Zelda with the Switch... The rest is fine, but for a geek, a real one, it was a pure blow. INSERT HUGE WALL OF TEXT ABOUT HOW TOT HAD GAS IN HIS STOMACH, PERITONITIS, AND SOME EYE PROBLEM HERE IDEK. It would be easy to see only the dark in these stories. But, any birth of a superhero is accompanied by a tragedy... And like any superhero, I won a super-power following this test, a real one. Know that now, as soon as you announce bad news, I have a point of pain that immediately arrives at the level of the belly. A bit like the sixth sense of Spider Man except that it warns me after the fact... I started to make a costume but I do not know yet how to use this gift... So why do I tell you that? What is the reason for this unleashing of letters and words? Well, first of all, I kind of celebrate the fact that it's better. For lack of anything else, I pound my keyboard in a galvanizing frenzy. But that's not the main reason. The main reason friends is that by spending 1 month of not having computers at home and incidentally eyes to rest, I was forced and forced to calm down from work. So of course, one of the consequences is this absence of notes. But in the end, we do not care a bit about that. The real revelation is that by spending more time without being able to work from home, I realized how easy it is to not take advantage of those around us. And for several weeks, helped by burglars, rotten eyes and a month of May hole, I take advantage of the people I love (and the barbecue)... I realize that I always had a good reason to do it only half. Something to write, a very important appointment with Mr. Stuff, stress of something that does not work and lots of stuff that are chained to other things... And for you who are addicted to work, computer, phone, social networks, shitty programs... I encourage you to get robbed and put a dirty finger in your eye to, like me, fully enjoy life. ?amen? Remember the days when this was a Dofus thread. Back to Table of Contents.
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    Random Screenshots

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    Random Screenshots

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    Breeding Revamp

    And if the pearls allowed to craft new Breeding Items? And to not add additional cost, the breeder could feed his mounts with resources obtained from exchanging mount certificates. It would help the destruction of resources while making the activity less tedious. We could have the same character who would exchange this resource for mount certificates, so you could in the process remove the Ambergris that is exchanged for the Pearls of the Depths and replace them in the recipes with Pebbles to destroy more Kolossokens, with one stone two blows! I do not think that allowing breeding to provide breeding resources is very relevant, the functionality is not supposed to feed itself/maintain itself, it is supposed to depend and feed other activities of the game (the same reasoning is applied to all activities of the game). We can possibly consider this from the point of view of recycling (massive destruction of surplus mounts in exchange for "bonuses" for breeding other mounts), but if there is an opportunity to have the same possibility of destroying resources as a priority from other activities than breeding, it seems more interesting to me. Unless, in a more or less distant future, the accessibility of private paddocks becomes part of your projects, I find it justly unfair that the public is completely erased from the private sector. We do not currently plan to change the accessibility of private paddocks (due to lack of time, we are aware that the system of access to private paddocks is not very satisfactory). To the extent that the operation is the same, that the public paddocks consume resources like privatepaddocks , why is the public paddock so small? The industrial breeders of the public paddocks are already countered by a lot of measures (items, in particular), so any penalty seems really too much. And the same for the very small size of the paddocks. We must not see the necessary use of Breeding Items in public paddocks as a "malus", it is balancing compared to private paddocks. Industrial breeding and "hyper profitable" breeding in public padocks should never exist and develop. Public paddocks are thought to give reasonable access to the breeding functionality, not to create disproportionate breeding. For the size of the public paddocks we consider that the 25 places (10 + 10 + 5) are reasonable for free paddocks. This size of public paddocks is not definitive, we will continue to think about it, but it seems important to me that private paddocks (expensive and difficult to access) have advantages over public paddocks. In addition, private paddocks are not even instantiated, so as soon as there are several breeders in a guild the paddock is useless for some of them. Ironic, when the public paddock can not even serve to have a decent breeding. What is "decent" breeding? How are 25 places in public paddocks insufficient? So, I think that the limitations should be accompanied with a redesign of real estate, it would be more fair (but less feasible? It runs after time!). It is better to assume that there will not be a significant overhaul of access to private paddocks (this is not planned or planned at all). I think we have to take generation Achievements into account. A player who wants to make his early-generation Achievements takes at least a good year for the Dragoturkeys, and another for the Seemyools. Is it really a problem to have very long Achievements? They are optional and we seek to have much more difficult Achievements that are longer to unlock than others. In addition, obtaining breeding Achievements can be considerably accelerated through the purchase of certain mounts or by working with other breeders. These are Achievements that benefit a lot from player interactions. Certainly, the system of ancestral genealogy is interesting, but in having to produce, produce, produce Dragoturkeys/Seemyools again and again to achieve the Achievements, it always makes more generations of mounts. If the argument may seem a little diverted, I think from experience (personal or those I interviewed) that it is not negligible. Between producing specific Dragoturkeys easily or mass-producing while trying to produce the specific dragoturkey, I think the first has less disastrous consequences. Facilitating the generation of specific mounts will also have potentially negative consequences: 1) Achieving breeding goals much faster (less life of the feature). 2) Faster and more important saturation of the desired mount market (since it will be easier to produce them in a targeted way). Absolutely why not, but I do not currently see any argument that would justify following this direction. Is the breeding "end game" (to reach the last generations, to obtain the Achievements, etc.) is considered too difficult at the moment? Should end game breeding be democratized or can it remain a feature with a significant challenge (knowing that this is a totally optional feature)? Admittedly, it is necessary to purge the classic servers of all the resources accumulated with the Achievement alts. But for new servers, like Temporis or single-account servers, I do not think it's very suitable. In any case, not in such quantity (one Dungeon Keeper Essence is enormous). And as you do not want/can not make distinctions... We should find a compromise for the balance of still healthy servers. We are not going to balance the game by taking into account (in a significant and decisive way) the Temporis servers, they are not representative of the lifetime of an MMO (which spread over several years). Our priority is to offer a game that works well on servers that may have several years of seniority and not to guarantee an experience built specifically for servers whose lifespan does not exceed a few months. Temporis servers are very interesting to relive the launch of a new server and synchronize the progression of the players around a common departure, but they can not be used as a reference to balance the functioning of the classic game servers. For the recipes of Breeding Items, I will repeat myself, there are almost a hundred or so Dungeon Keeper Essences, the players have a very big choice of Breeding Items that should allow them to "dodge" the Breeding Items comprising Dungeon Keeper Essences that are too expensive. Breeding Items will not have the same price between old servers and single-account servers. Like many other items. There will necessarily be a high ratio of breeding difficulty between old servers and new single-account servers. As long as the breeding remains feasible on the classic servers, as long as the mounts can be produced, as long as there is a breeding market, then there is no problem for us. I can not give you the recipes yet, they are still in the construction phase. They will be more diversified than at present but will continue to rely on the Dungeon Keeper Essences (and a little less on conventional resources). For the handyman in general, it would be necessary to smooth its progression so that it is viable to level it in a linear way (like Artificer). Moreover, a lot of keys are unused (low level for example), would it be possible to put them in the recipes of Breeding Items (even if it is very artificial)? We do not plan to use dungeon keys anywhere other than to... enter the dungeons. If they do not have sufficient utility as keys, we do not intend to add them as an artificial utility. I ask the question because I am not very sure of the answer: the content of the paddocks are shared between 2 characters of the same account? If the answer is no, I find it abnormal given the objectives of the update. Our goal is to have sheds and public paddocks shared between the characters of the same account. For the omega levels: I do not understand the argument that you oppose. Do you not want to penalise alts on the same account for industrial breeding, it is contrary to the objectives of the update, no? It's a matter of ergonomics/comfort. If we take into account the Omega level of the current character (= currently connected) to determine the maximum size of the barn then it will become very difficult to use a secondary character to do breeding (even if it is pooled at the account level). It may be a false problem, I do not know the habits of the breeders on this point. Regarding the size of the sheds, I find the limit really artificial in reality since the limiting element is the size of the paddocks. Above all, for 3 species, it would be really nice to have 200 places for each species (industrial breeding rarely concerns 3 species at once, especially for useless Seemyools in terms of destruction). I prefer an overall limit to species-specific limits, this pushes players to make choices and allows them to specialize on certain species. We will re-examine the question of the size of the sheds but it seems to me that it is a guard necessary to limit massive breeding and also for technical constraints. The maximum life of the certificates serves the same purpose, it pushes the players to make choices between the mounts and not to be able to keep everything, while technically limiting the storage size of the mounts. Whether mounts are in the form of mounts or certificates, these are elements that include a lot of information (much more than just equipment for example) and we can not technically allow to store too many. For information, the number of active certificates and mounts on a server has a significant impact on the duration of "fast" backups of game servers (those that take place outside of maintenance). We have made many optimizations to reduce their impact on these backups, but they represent a volume of data that remains considerable and we must be firm and cautious about the multiplication of certificates (not expired) and mounts. I really, really regret that nothing is done to counter the multi-accounting. Because for once, the measures made have the effect of reducing everything for single-accounters, but not for multi-accounters. It is therefore a nerve indirectly targeted on the single-accounters, when one hopes to rather have both sides equal. I do not really understand what you explain and I have already given you explanations on this subject. If you do not agree, you need to explain more clearly why. Nothing can be done to curb the raising of multi-accounts, because technically, the multi-account, it is a multiplication of the possibilities of several accounts. If an account can raise 250 mounts, 2 accounts can raise 500 mounts. That has always been the case, which is why some breeders are already using several accounts. Currently an account can raise 250 * 5 mounts using 5 characters. It will not be possible soon and it is "voluntary" (the mutualisation is wanted, the total number of places in a shed can be debated). If you think that having a shed with 1250 places is necessary for breeding, that's what you have to talk about. I may quibble, but it's not really specific to Seemyools if it's applied to Birdsies! I just wanted to explain that we want to keep some kind of mounts (the Dragoturkeys) easier to breed. The system of genetic collisions seems good to us right now so we intend to use it for the next kind of mounts.
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    The official newbie question thread!

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    Random Screenshots

    Leaked image of Ankama revamping breeding, 2.47. (colorized)
  13. Gravestorm

    Breeding Revamp

    I take the opportunity to make a small clarification in relation to the future new kind of mounts, so as not to create too much disappointment when they come into play, they will not be flying mounts that will fly over obstacles. Their movement animations will be different from those used for the current mounts, but it will only be a cosmetic specificity. Private paddocks are expensive, very expensive, and their access is limited by guilds, not to mention the collectors of paddocks... These measures will mechanically increase the demand for paddocks in the medium term. The chances of access were already unfair, but I have a thought for future new players who will probably never be able to touch a private paddock even if they wish. This is a "default" that will not be corrected by this update. We do not want to multiply the number of private paddocks in play, we already consider that they occupy too much space and the majority of them are not very well integrated into the game (they are mainly located in dedicated areas that are empty of activities and utility for other players). However, it must be considered that the public paddocks will become the equivalent of private paddocks (25 places in total) whose access will be free but with a slightly reduced efficiency. Access to "private" paddocking (in the sense: the possibility of configuring the paddock) will be considerably easier compared to the current one. The combo of modifications on the frequency of transmission of traits and on the reductions of reproductions makes me wonder if it will be statistically possible to transmit a given trait of the first generation to the last generation... The announced values are not necessarily definitive, but our objective is indeed to have traits that are lost over the reproductions instead of having traits that are multiplied over the reproductions. We believe that this approach makes it possible to maintain a much more sustainable breeding system. Another concern you do not talk about: if the reduction of breeding volumes is so effective, will the consanguinity of the Seemyools still have place? This mechanism is often denounced as being particularly opaque, and requires the breeders to use external software to manage their mounts. The mechanism of genetic collisions present on the Seemyools will be preserved and used for the new species of mounts. It certainly requires a lot of investment for players who want to optimise their Seemyool farms, but it is an effective mechanism to limit the industrialization of breeding them. We do not intend to remove this mechanism for the Seemyools. We do not wish to apply it to the Dragoturkeys because it seems interesting to us to preserve species of mounts with specificities and different levels of accessibility. Moreover you should perhaps take the opportunity to review the gestation time of dragoturkeys, very short in the first generations, very long among the last. What would justify such a change? What would be the positive impact? First of all, for the Roundtable format: it is a very good initiative to trust this format, but... you invited new faces? The debate should not run out of steam in a few days. We've recruited breeding specialists for this round table. They will intervene gradually. Storing the mounts. The certificate system is not at all ergonomic (to use/sort), and just for generation Achievements, it goes easily on more than 200 mounts. So with 3 species... 250 starts to seem pretty small. Can we increase the number of places with omega levels? Or put a limit of 200 Dragoturkeys, 200 Seemyools and 200 Birdsies? Moreover: the sheds are shared, what about the paddocks (if a 2nd person accesses the public paddock) We can not take into account the levels (Omega or not) of the characters on the account that are not connected. So if the number of places in a shed depends on the level (Omega) of the current character, it implies that low-level characters will only remove mounts instead. Example: with an Omega 300 character, the player has 275/300 mounts in his shed, he then uses a level 150 character and he finds himself at 275/150 mounts in his shed which prevents him from adding new ones, while only being able to withdraw them. This is a mechanism that we had considered in addition to the link to the account because it potentially increases the number of places in a shed while significantly penalizing the alts. But we are afraid that this measure is too restrictive for the breeders, they are potentially numerous to use secondary characters to do breeding (I do not have the possibility of having statistics on this point). For the total number of places in the paddocks, we are reluctant to increase it because we have gradually increased it since the creation of breeding and this has contributed to the appearance of industrial breeding. We are aware that this is not a very healthy restriction because the players skirted around it with certificates, but increasing this storage limit will necessarily create a draw and will lead to an overall increase in the size of the farms and their production. However, this is a point on which we have not made a final decision and we intend to think about it. Beyond storing by character, the question now arises of multi-account storage: more sheds, more spaces in paddocks. Aside from gaining subscriptions, multi-accounting can completely bypass the limitations, and have devastating advantages. Multi-accounting circumvents all account limitations. This is already the case and unfortunately it will not change with this update. I do not see any solution to this concern of multi-accounting breeding, they will always have maximum sized sheds and paddocks, higher than those used by the monopolists. It is currently possible to make new characters to bypass some of the restrictions, but it is not infinitely feasible (without having to obtain additional character slots) and this leads to game mechanics that we do not want to see anymore: multiplication of characters and the identical repetition of actions between several characters. For me, it's really not much. Admittedly, it is necessary to limit the industrialization, but one passes from 130 places to 25, with public paddocks that lose effectiveness and require an investment of resources? For me, this is absolutely not viable unless accessibility to private paddocks is drastically revised: is it normal for ordinary people to have one to several private paddocks? Are public paddocks only for the very small breeder who wants to finish his Emerald Dofus Quest? It must be considered that the public paddocks will become the equivalent of free private paddocks (but with slightly reduced efficiency). I tend to see this as a very big advantage for breeders who did not have private paddocks before. Public paddocks should never have been used for industrial breeding, public paddocks are designed to allow any player to test the breeding functionality and operate a reasonable breeding operation that could ideally be a source of honourable income (everything is relative...). If it is necessary to increase the number of places of the public paddocks and to reduce their penalty (in 2.47 we foresee 20%), we are ready to consider it, but this does not mean that we should make the private paddocks obsolete. Keep in mind that the breeding market can not absorb a large production of mounts from most players. Breeding can only be viable globally if it is run by a minority of players. It is the same thing for all the activities in the game, we can not hope to sell the product of an activity to other players if the majority of the players do that activity and thus already have the product of this activity. The right systems must be found to ensure that the majority of players do not enter the breeding market. I agree that the difficult (and mechanically highly questionable) access to private paddocks is not the most relevant mechanism to regulate the number of breeders on the market. It is for this reason that we focus on the need to use Breeding Items as the main method to regulate the overall production of mounts. However, we need other safeguards, we think it is too risky to put everything on the destruction of Breeding Items. The -20% penalty: is it really necessary knowing that we lost a lot of places and we must invest in Breeding Items? We think it is necessary for private paddocks to keep a significant interest (they are very expensive now). But it is a value that we could possibly reduce. I feel that everything is done to push to the private paddocks. Why not, basically. But... the accessibility of the private paddocks (leader of an old guild) is not at all up to the task. If you can not/do not want to change this accessibility, then you have to help the public paddocks a little bit, that ask for Breeding Items anyway and are therefore not "free". I do not understand your explanation. The public paddocks will become the equivalent of private paddocks, but free (no purchase of paddocks needed) and with a slight penalty. They will be very close to the current private paddocks. We are not trying to make public paddocks obsolete (see previous answers). The randomness in colour: it is very frustrating not to be able to mix two colours. Very, very frustrating, and really superfluous: with all the measures that limit the industrial breeding, amateur breeders looking to finish their generation Achievements (breeding 200 mounts) are already heavily impacted. Perhaps it would be time to reduce this constraint, so that the breeding is an exact science instead of being a die roll where 5 faces are 1. For example, to increase to 50% the probability that a Dragoturkey A coupled with a Dragoturkey B gives a Dragoturkey AB, forget the genealogy of grandparents, etc. This may be against the point of "certainty", but since breeding is nerve-racking, it is time to remove the frustration that accompanies it. Taking into account the entire family tree seems to be an important and essential mechanism for the breeding system. The system is not random with correctly selected ancestors. The system relies on "just" probabilities, which depend solely on ancestors and parents. There is no unfairness or total randomness behind all this. We do not see this as a frustrating mechanism, but as one of the pillars of the breeding system. Removing this mechanism would greatly simplify breeding and increase the production of some specific sought after mounts. This is not at all the goal of this update. When faced with the difficulty of breeding Achievements, this is not a parameter that we take into account for this update. These are Achievements. They do not have to define how the breeding system works. Inbreeding: I do not think I have seen a single person appreciate this system. It often asks for external tools, and is very, very frustrating. Since breeding will become more complex, it is necessary to suppress this concept. I have not seen anyone around me love rain, taxes, or mosquitoes. And yet we need them for the (eco) systems to work. It is an effective system for regulating the production of mounts and preventing breeders from operating in a "closed cup". We do not plan to remove that mechanic from the game. Incidentally, breeding will not become more complex, it will have new restrictions to limit the massive production of mounts that pose a problem for the balance of functionality. The feedback that comes to me the most, and that joins the two points of the paragraph above: it would be very nice to remove the level 5 restriction of the Dragoturkeys, which served to slow down the mass breeding and has no place to be if that will no longer exist (and if the Dragoturkeys will lose 3/4 of their reproductions). We have studied this question, and we even considered to be able to circumvent the step of gaining experience of the mount by proposing a mechanism of feeding (with resources) which would have had an effect similar to gains of experience, but that would amount to imposing an additional cost for the breeding of each mount. We are currently not convinced that this approach is relevant. As for the total elimination of the need to earn experience points for mounts, we are not currently considering it, it is a safeguard that seems efficient and necessary. It is possible that we may reduce this step if we realise that it no longer plays any relevant role after 2.47. Otherwise, for the Emerald Quest, it may be relevant that the wild mounts are fertile by default, so that the player does not have to invest in Breeding Items, this step is already complicated enough with the capturing of Dragoturkeys. Or that we really guide it in a simplified step (slide the tutorial here). There are cheap and very accessible Breeding Items (but less efficient). I do not think that the Quest for the Emerald Dofus really loses accessibility as a result of these modifications to breeding. If the Quest for the Emerald Dofus really becomes too difficult as a result of breeding changes, we may be able to modify some of the objectives. This is a good point, but will only remain so if it is done correctly (for example, redesigning low level items was a good point, but terribly, terribly incomplete, and therefore became a bad point because it was disappointing. Round by the way, to reap the fresh notice of Temporis). If you have constructive remarks about the latest recipe changes, you are free to create a dedicated topic and send me the link by Ankabox. There is a big problem with boss resources. Certainly, we must destroy as much as possible, and it will become the limiting element. But we are still talking about using a Dungeon Keeper Essence (i.e. a boss Achievement, single and unique) for a consumable that will wear out very quickly. The resources of monsters are harvested at will, but not those of bosses: their destruction should be limited to Sets! Even if it is necessary to destroy as much as possible, it is really abnormal to find them in such a quantity (an essence, it is a minimum of 10 pieces of the boss) in consumable items. Boss resources are harvested at will (just like any other resource in the game). They are produced in large quantities and we wish to destroy much more to increase their value. There is a very wide variety of Breeding Items and bosses, we think that there will always be inexpensive Dungeon Keeper Essences available for breeding purposes. Breeders will of course have to make choices between favouring the characteristics of certain Breeding Items and the quality/price ratio of these items. All players do not need to make every single piece of Equipment in the game, it seems appropriate to be able to destroy the boss resources with other game mechanics, especially the cheapest ones (that's exactly what Breeding Items allow). Removing the Bobby NPC who recycled Breeding Items has also hurt enough on that side. You can not have both very inexpensive Breeding Items, as well as mounts and resources that are very expensive. It is also important to balance the Breeding Items, currently it is far from being the case. Do not hesitate to describe to us the problems of balancing (apart from the recipes since they will be modified) that you experience with Breeding Items. It would be great to find a way to destroy Seemyools, though. The Pearls of the Depths are really useless. It is a rather complex problem, the same as that of all resources and alternative currencies (Kolossokens, etc.) that are not being sufficiently destroyed currently. There is no miracle solution possible at this moment and it is also for this reason that it is important to regulate the generation of mounts significantly.

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