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  1. https://support.ankama.com/hc/en-us/articles/360017472154-Install-the-Ankama-Launcher
  2. Updated the script, can set window name, as well as browse the files by clicking on the text instead of just pasting the path.
  3. Delay variables are pretty much the only things that can be touched, since the script is very straightforward. There's some weird bugs for some people due to a variety of reasons, but it works for most, so hard to pinpoint what's happening, can DM me on Discord for faster debugging. Not sure, haven't tested, are you using the 32-bit version?
  4. Yeah, just Ankama isn't communicating much on if they'll be bannable along with their zero tolerance to mods stance after the update yet. Maybe someday, most likely their own made changes though.
  5. Dofus Remastered released. Upon 1.30 release, Dofus Remastered, YggDrafus and the AHK script won't work and will need to be updated, so if you're just waiting for Nabur, then a clean install is recommended, either after or before the update. Check in here for updates.
  6. They're beta testing the pack, along with giving it more exposure, it'll probably release around the time Retro does.
  7. The changes are in the post in your screenshot.
  8. Yeah, in a month or two, and Under the Edge will be there. It'll also be 1.30, Ankama is calling the game Dofus Retro from then.
  9. If you have Discord Nitro, you can boost Discord servers to get a lot of perks, both for the server and yourself! By being a Nitro Booster of the Dofus server you will get a shiny sparkling role and be able to suggest emojis, animated server icons and other server improvements in exchange for rewards in-game, as well as have access to the p2w chat that has events and giveaways. We've already unlocked the custom background image when using invitation links. https://discord.gg/0RDH0dqUoTRkCjSF As well as animated server icons, our first one being just in time for the Vulbis u
  10. https://dofuswiki.fandom.com/wiki/Useful_links
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