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  1. IamGo

    Kame's New Art Thread

    Awesome to see you hop back on here Kame! I just did as well!
  2. IamGo

    Subbed once again

    HELLO! Long time no see. I decided to sub just to check out the new game ( its practically new to me now) and dabble once again. Any old players and people I know still playing? Any active guilds want to carry around a broke old sram? Well let me know! -Go
  3. IamGo

    Pokii's drawings :3

    nice job ! tHROW me on that commish list if you got one!
  4. IamGo

    Living Shushu Set (and promos)!

    Looks good to me, BOUGHT!
  5. IamGo

    What's your favorite class?

    SRAM SRAM SRAM I've only really played a sram lol
  6. IamGo

    Kaitah's Art

    Wahh I though I was next before you took a break ! :(
  7. IamGo

    Random Screenshots

    I got lucky! Bought one "gobbowl mystery box" and got the "all 5 + Pet" :D
  8. IamGo

    Rooks' doodles

    Great doodles! Loving your style! :D
  9. IamGo

    Kaitah's Art

    Woo nice jobs on pirate sadi! Excellent practice piece as well! Ill need a commishy one day :rolleyes: !!
  10. IamGo

    Liann's Art Thread

    Where'd you go!? :(
  11. IamGo

    This or That

    Dreamcast! Missing your pinky fingers or pinky toes
  12. IamGo

    Alignment Orders should be titles

    I'm ready for the Level 4 titles! I'd love to rock Psychopath here soon
  13. IamGo

    Alignment Orders should be titles

    They used my idea!!
  14. IamGo

    Liann's Art Thread

    These are just too damn good :o I hope you have open slots soon! I'd love to hop in there