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  1. So I've decided to quit for good! I've played off and on for a decade and finally decided its time to part ways! It was easier and more fun than I thought it would be. I gave away over 250mk over the course of a couple weeks, giving random millions to random people that were running around. Then I gave away all of my equip, dofuses and resources. Even held events to win the dofus' which were a lot of fun actually. (Fight to the death last man standing battle royales) Anyhow! Thanks for the fun times and best of luck! Signing out~ and actually deleted, Go Interesting fact, August 15, 2006 was when I signed up for imps! That was 13years ago ffs! AJ
  2. Awesome to see you hop back on here Kame! I just did as well!
  3. HELLO! Long time no see. I decided to sub just to check out the new game ( its practically new to me now) and dabble once again. Any old players and people I know still playing? Any active guilds want to carry around a broke old sram? Well let me know! -Go
  4. nice job ! tHROW me on that commish list if you got one!
  5. SRAM SRAM SRAM I've only really played a sram lol
  6. IamGo

    Kaitah's Art

    Wahh I though I was next before you took a break ! :(
  7. I got lucky! Bought one "gobbowl mystery box" and got the "all 5 + Pet" :D
  8. IamGo

    Rooks' doodles

    Great doodles! Loving your style! :D
  9. IamGo

    Kaitah's Art

    Woo nice jobs on pirate sadi! Excellent practice piece as well! Ill need a commishy one day :rolleyes: !!
  10. Dreamcast! Missing your pinky fingers or pinky toes
  11. I'm ready for the Level 4 titles! I'd love to rock Psychopath here soon
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