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  1. Just saw your vid *been away a while* just want to say best thing I have seen in ages :D

  2. You know, that new arch spawn ticker thing is NICE! If I ever really get back into Dofus again it's going to be a lot less of a pain to hunt arch mobs. Thanks for bringing this to my attention :)
  3. Ah GEEZ omg I forgot about that! AIE! Ok ok, I'll talk with Mouse about it and we'll be on to do it as soon as time and subscriptions allow! HUGS. I'm never ever going to get rid of my Dofus account - way too many good memories, and hello, Flute, and a pretty flower outfit? And an official wedding? Ahahaha :D How should I contact you folks about the whole wedding in game? Haha I'm excited.... Izmar you're better than coffee! Hugs.
  4. Been playing and loving Dofus for many years now (Began on Rushu back in 2005) It's about time to try something different, so I've moved over to Wakfu, and the server of Nox. Still Brakmarian and still an Osamodas and my name is still Snausages (Hey I know what I like ok!) Might play Dofus again someday, but for the time being I am really stuck on Wakfu. If you knew me, and are on Nox, drop me a message and say hello! My sincere love and thanks to all of my friends from Dofus over the years. You've brought joy and laughter and light into my life, each in your own ways. I hope to see more
  5. Osabutt - where is that room from your video? x3 I wanna mess up that room in a similar way!

  6. It's gonna be neat to see what elements people and monsters are attacking in, instead of having to guess all the time. Might increase the use of elemental resist stuff, which would be fun.
  7. Well, I'm reassured to see a wide variety of opinions on the subject. As long as it doesn't kill Dofus, I do hope it's a fun game. And maybe it will bring in new people to Dofus (I can hope)
  8. Thanks for sharing that song. I miss the original music so bad. I spent my first year of Dofus as F2P and I have such fond memories of Astrub, back before the bots.
  9. Just gotta say, Wakfu is looking great, and it's just about to be released here in the next few days. Problem being, I play Dofus still. I have an uneasy suspicion that Dofus is going to suffer for people moving over to Wakfu in droves. Even if it's only temporary and some people come back, I can imagine that we're going to have a dead ingame economy for a while. Which scares the shit out of me, because I'm trying to gear up now for endgame. And I am on Rosal. A pretty big server. And even now it's slow. I fear to think what might just be around the corner, and I expect if it's bad enough, I m
  10. This is nice for folks who have, let's say, a lv 199 or 200 they have gotten worn out on using, but they want to start a new character. I could see me using this eventually, if I ever get tired of playing my Osamodas :)
  11. I had a Kolossium fight the other evening. Feca on my team had Rebound. Not one but TWO consecutive opponents proceeded to use all their spell attacks vs the Feca that turn. This was decent damage stuff, too. I'm talking Clock and Lethal Attack. And they had buffed AP, so it was like 3 or 4 attacks rebounding per character. The Feca, she was probably laughing so hard she wet herself. Those 2 idiots totally handed us the fight by not thinking. It was wonderful, we thought we were doomed, especially as our Feca was 16x and the opponents were 199/200. We were spamming /k chat with laughter throug
  12. I went for brown skin and pink hair on my osa. Turned out cute. I've always liked those two colors together as it is. And having to run around in that sure is fun.
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