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  1. Nice belt :) I maged these boots for my iop recently
  2. All price reduced again by 2-4mk :) (Both turqs sold + added cloudy dofus for 95m, merch still at [-2, 1]) Update: Merch moved to [-1, 0], "Fidget".
  3. All exos reduced by 5mk, merch is currently 1 map below the village zaap. :)
  4. Will update this thread as I make more but seeing as I'm too lazy to level up my plebs and actually use these exos, here they are for sale: Current Stock #1 Bearbaric Band - AP Price: 49.5mk 1 AP 10 Initiative 247/250 Vitality 55/60 Strength 56/60 Intelligence 35/40 Wisdom 4/4 Critical Hits 11/12 Neutral Damage 11/12 Earth Damage 11/12 Fire Damage 6/8 Heals 2/10 Prospecting 4/5 Lock 7/7% Water Resistance 7/7% Air resistance #2 Bearbaric Wedding Ring - MP Price: 59.5mk 1 MP 278/250 Vitality 55/60 Chance 55/60 Agility 34/40 Wisdom 1/1 Range 11/12 Water Damage 11/12 Ai
  5. 334 runes can die happy now i did it jeff
  6. You've completely missed the point. I'm not talking about the complexity of the item itself, we're talking about profit margins here. You've chosen a profitable item to show how you'd make a profit and I've chosen an unprofitable item to show how you'd make a loss. It is not a one-way street to moneyland. I am not disputing that it can be (not is, can be) very profitable, but that is only if you are lucky, regardless of how profitable the item should be. It is practically gambling. So how can somebody be 'bad' at a business that is entirely based on luck? I'd argue a magus that can mage this
  7. This is assuming one has unlimited runes and a god-like success rate, in which case, yes, why would you bother maging for anybody else? However, this example is very biased. You've chosen a highly profitable and specific mage to support your claim, assuming there is no room for error. I could easily demonstrate the opposite in the exact same way, that you should always mage for other people using their runes. So let's choose a highly unprofitable item to exomage to support this. Let's say MP Gelanos are worth 3.5mk and MP runes are worth 150kk. There is a 1/100 success rate on MP exos. If
  8. Already maxed out my res% in the set it was designed for, so much so that it requires a great big pile of toucantankerous' (which will be fun)
  9. I'm also trying to figure out a nice combination and I'm either being very stupid or I'm missing something here. What's the difference between a Yosh and a Horiz? Yosh: long range damage on an enemy is increased by 80% Horiz: your opponents' long ranged damage is increased by 400% It's so poorly worded, but I imagine it's not too complex. The Horiz is easy to understand but what does the Yosh actually do? They can't both be enemy range buffs, can they? Unless the Horiz is a 400% power buff whereas the Yosh is 100 + 80% of the damage inflicted overall(500 damage would increase to 900 damage
  10. This is getting ridiculous, there are no constraints that define a mage as 'awesome' so can we not just allow people to post what they are proud of without shooting them down because it's not up to our high standards? You're not expected to like every single mage in this thread, it is a gallery and I personally enjoy looking at a quantity of great mages and the occasional legendary mage as opposed to what some people seem to want - a single jaw-dropping post once every few weeks (and does it have to be OK'd by the committee before you're allowed to post it?). It's OK not to like this thread, f
  11. Prices reduced dramatically for a fast sale (p2p is about to run out)
  12. Started maging again! 84 tries 232 tries (and i thought my luck was bad, RIP faded) 20 tries 46 tries
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