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  1. Dofus 1.29 Profession combinations

    This is true, but the end result is most people end up doing bread, so the market tends to oversaturate. I personally think aiming for at least one Craft + magus, and a gathering or two to support (or if you're feeling really ambitious, two crafts!) is optimal, but everyone is different. I went alchemist, miner, and jeweler on my character way back, and it worked well for me. Alchemist fulfilled my HP and energy needs among many other useful things, and miner helped support jeweler, whilst also providing its own stable income.
  2. Level 200+: taking stock

    It sounds to me like you're done playing the game, then, if you're not even interested in working towards new content or progressing your character(s). Why does it always have to be about instant gratification - no one is forcing anyone to go full wisdom and super leech.. in fact you ought to be able to comfortably grind for spell levels just koloing. Besides, if other people don't have something to work towards and lose interest in the game, you'll run out of people to troll. :/

    Well there ya go, mystery solved. I figured it seemed quite amiss that they'd hand out epic equips like that, lol.

    How is them making 'rare' gear / cosmetics accessible a new thing? This has been the Ankama business for years, it ought to come as no surprise. They'll come up with new 'rare' stuff soon enough - in fact they just released a bunch of limited stuff with the Wakfunding initiative - which, too, will eventually find its way to the emporium after its had its run, just like everything else. As for the Atcham Sabres... that seems a legit complaint, to be giving those out in mystery packs... but I guess at least you can assume they're rare, given the number of sets and items that can be awarded.
  5. Bullied [Recruitment]

    That's precisely the problem- I know you don't. This crap wouldn't be going on if you did. Whatever, I said what I had to say.
  6. Bullied [Recruitment]

    I'm almost embarrassed to admit that I was curious enough to look into this... The constant sadism is really disappointing. You people disgust me. Troll away, I've nothing else to add.

    Rushu's pvp scene would be perhaps a bit more interesting if the vast majority of the active and up-to-snuff PvPers weren't all on one side :P You're bored because you've pitted yourself up against ... most everyone that doesn't PvP. If you want a challenge, fight yourselves.
  8. Bullied [Recruitment]

    I'm not sure if this is a legit guild recruitment thread, but either way, holy crap there are some trolls up in here. Rushu's finest to be sure. *rolls eyes* Don't you people have bridges to be charging tolls for or something? On that note, if this is serious, you might reconsider your guild name or public recruitment message, you're far more likely to attract the exact wrong crowd... the irony is too much to handle. :/
  9. You're inviting a friend to dofus.

    I play three of the six games you mentioned and have been playing dofus as a solo osa for about 7 years... :P Just throwing it out there xD My advice would be closer along the lines of what casino said... if you're intent on bringing a friend to the game, be ready to play with them and at their lvl to maximize their enjoyment. To me, the hardest part about the game at all, honestly, is finding people who can be bothered to socialize with a 'noob' and don't mind helping or XPing together. Your friend might lose interest very quickly without your guidance and support, at least at first.
  10. Dofus, what more can you offer me?

    There's always something to do. For me, it's trying to get our guild to lvl 200 and make it among the best on the server. WOuld be cool if I could be one of the best osas along the way.. x) I guess it all comes down to your idea of fun. I like to socialize and challenge myself, personally.
  11. Osamodas Revamp

    ... No, even without HES, simply being fused gives a massive boost, and you can use Ghostly Claw all you want for 3ap a pop to boost ap. 600 damage would be vs 50% resist, for one, and two, as said, that's still very respectable damage that can be capitalized on fairly easily. My main point is that this is damage from a summon, of which there can be multiple on the field at any given time. And they heal crazy too, what's not to love / hate?
  12. Osamodas Revamp

    I mean, I hope that was sarcasm.. xD If wyrm is hitting 1112 with HES, it's probably hitting around 700-800 without it. Imagine doing that 3 or 4 times to as many enemies every turn (you can summon more than one). That's nothing to sneeze at.. xD
  13. Osamodas Revamp

    dude, random semi-bribe state sounds amazing. I'd take that over -30% for sure, if only for hilarity's sake!
  14. That's sort of the idea. ^^ Thanks!
  15. Bump! Guild is lvl 148, 189 avg, and is now a part of the alliance Integrity. Always looking for more friendly folks to round out our crew!