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  1. Well after reading more of peoples opinions, I think what's definitely not got me is that the way 2.0 just looks quite childish and it isn't serious any more. There's obviously somebody in the company making wrong decisions, I mean the amount of updates which has drove players away rather than attract has been questionable. I mean, we were told a plugin system for the game was being made 3 years ago. We're still here, with no plugin system still. I sub now and then for nostalgic purposes, but I have to say, I miss Dofus. I just watched a Spanish Twitch on 1.29 and I miss it to say the least.
  2. Unfortunately, think Dofus need to have a strong look at the WoW model and learn from it. I've been on Dofus for a very long time, 10 years I think? And for the last 6 years all I've seen is people talk about 2.0 and 1.29 - it seems to be such an interesting debate. I just think 2.0 isn't good enough, I ready somewhere and think somebody summed 2.0 up greatly - too childish. Onto the point, they need to start using cross server playing, for example, if my friends on Solar I can invite him into a group and they can sync onto my server / vice versa. I wouldn't be able to trade with them though/
  3. My favourite topic. If you haven't played 1.29 - I don't think you should comment in here. You wasn't around with the economy, and nor saw how things were. How was 1.29 flawed? People making groups more, a lot more interaction? This isn't flawed. Anyway, been playing since 2004. Looking back on 1.29 it looks god awful. But. It was fantastic. Looking back, I liked how 1.29 had bigger maps and everything generallly looked smaller. It's like the scaling of Dofus 2.0 got bigger. I don't like that. I mean, look at new Bonta zaap map to old. Old one was great! The lake was awesome! We were
  4. Dofus has such bad content for players hitting 200. It's clear new players aren't coming in so why not take World of Warcraft as a great example and keep higher players hooked? Maybe a level increase 200 - 205, new items, weapons, heroics, dungeons with certain item lvl average, etc? When will you stop nerfing, changing characters? I think it does more damage than good, but maybe some nerfs are fair - but to players, they get too hooked, then quit as they dislike the changes.
  5. You'd of thought they'd of done it easier. I mean, come on. I put in my Hat then the item I would make it look like. Hat stats I want - Hat I want it to look like. "Combine". Done. Too, TOO complicated. Oh & selling it for ogrines is just another cash cow. Could of just make a place in Bonta/Brak and pay 100 kamas per change. 100 kamas to restore it's look. Make the hat you use account bound so you can't clone a hat and sell it to make your money back - making it account bound would stop them & it would only go account bound do this transformation. Sorry, don't like the idea.
  6. Going back to my post on page 3 (and I hope you read it Izmar - please try to respond if possible) - There's a feature in the Dofus client called "Skins" why can't users create them and release them to the community? Then users would basically be controlling the UI - there'd be some good designers here and there I'm sure. But again, going back to the point, Dofus takes so long from 199 to 200, it's missed the important thing - end game. Need to keep them higher levels going. Plugins etc. So much to do I think. But again, I'd really like to report this 1.29 server which has (right now 11,345 p
  7. To be fair, it does look like Ankama look a tad' desperate from this.To be fair, I can't even suggest saying to you to do a massive update once every 6 months (new area etc) and add, for example, 5 levels so 205 - > 210 to keep the end gamers busy, for example, when Frig came out, you could of added 5 new levels to gain, whole new sets + bonuses, then another 5 when frig 2 came out. This would of kept end gamers waiting for next expansions of the game to evolve etc, then when the next expansion comes out, their gear which was "especially good" is then not good enough. Dofus has never upped
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