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  1. you put perfect in caps and it aint perfect, gtfo, NEARLY perfect
  2. Is My Elio Fitting?

    wouldnt elio make CB substantially easy than it already is ( which is really easy), as long as you have the right init order, especially if you are using something like an iop
  3. What happened to the 1 hit kill punitive arrow?

    those items havent been good in 8 years minus mabey the chaffer belt..... and even then they werent that good, especially not kritter XDDD. but yeah, those items are ancient, the game has changes, new content has come out, like 10 years worth of content, why is it surpising....
  4. your gunna want to kolo and farm the drops for the clovers, learn to do missiz freeze and place percs when possible
  5. if you are wondering why no one has anwsered your post it is because you are asking wayyyyyyyyyyy too broad of a question with not enough information. There is no correct set or build for any particular class or for any particialar content, you need to start stock piling gear so you can pick and choose what you need what you are trying to accomplish... that being said your charecters are extremely far behind and im not sure what your situation on exo mags is but i would start with good, generic exos if you dont have those yet..... then your iop eni and panda should be the first to be regeared. I really dont think its a secret what gear/equips are good.... like your eni get as many 100 intel items as possible with the sulfokia cape probably? thats what i choose to use and its only one option but its my preference to run about 1600 intel on an eni. for your iop theres multiple routs you could take, there is no right choice, get on dofus planner and play around, know what you want to get out of your iop and work for it... i am a huge fan of crits and ive been to lazy to change my iops set over the past several years so im using the standard tread/missiz/xa cape with crit exos on everything and 6 dofuses. i would suggest you just start questing and working on content in the order it was released more or less because the newer content will be harder, so get your basic dofus quests done, then start working on all the ice dofus quests and dungeons, you will make kamas, get gear and all the other good stuff along the way and once thats done move to dimensions... i really dont know im just talking out my ass and suggesting the things i would do in your situation. https://www.dofusplanner.com/Hl4K7/ and heres an enu set i kinda fancy just get on dofus planner and start making sets with good gear/ exos that are universal.... and either start working on 1 good item at a time orrrrrrrrrrrrrr tackle the game head on, start working through achievements in the order they were more or less released and build yourself up the gangsta way were you actually learn to do content and requires some originality 1 last thing, you have an eliotrope, aka, clover shields for just about every one
  6. the new shield runez

    what about 1 of the new runes and 1% resist? and is 2 of the new runes really that much harder than a 4% ressist exo where you are using more runes that you have to land and you have 1 o the runes going on while there is already a 18 power exo on the item compared to the 15
  7. Need some advice with Dofus game

    how works on pvm, you attack monsters and fight start, you cast that one spell and the other spell and then that one thing, use your mp. then monster turn, pray you dont die, then your other account turn. other account cast that one spell and does the things and uses mp and then cast more spells. sometime you weapon hit things. then monster turn again, pray you dont die. then after some rounds monsters start dieing or you dieing and if you no dieing and win, GG win pvm. how quest, you run round on 2 charecaters and talk to some NPCs, then you run around wabbit island for a week try not get agroed. then you level a proffesion and buy idols for some things. you get mad at le quest and dont feel like logging for 3 wekz. then aftr 3 wekz you log back and and say gawd am still on this quest and continue to cri abut quest till you talk to all npcs and do some dungsonz and stuff after begging for leach in alliance chat and you get some dofuz and win game and because % off %50 buyier in recruietment chat. win dofus
  8. Cha/Agi set for Eca

    https://www.dofusplanner.com/dZX0o/edit/ pew pew but personally idk why you would go chance/agility when you could go chance/agility/intel with atchams, tread... https://www.dofusplanner.com/cnnaj/edit/ if you are pvm focused, just make things dead
  9. the new shield runez

    glad to see some one smarter than myself is thinking about this X)
  10. the new shield runez

    thats what im saying though, i wouldbt think 2% range or cc ressist would be that much more difficult than 4% ressist?
  11. the new shield runez

    So i havent payed much attention since these crazy new runes came out but i was looking at them and they are heavey but not heavey enough to wear i wouldnt be shocked to see 1 or 2 runes exoed on an item and i was curious if people would thing overmaged range/melee ressists or like range damage over your typical vit/ ressist exos and if any one had made sets like that already and if they were impactful!
  12. Duo Journey!

  13. Duo Journey!

    foggernauts are such a versitle class litterally anything works well with them duo, it really depends on the dungeon but for the sake of easily beating dungeons with duo i would think sram would make things the simplest.... anddd your post makes absolutely no sense
  14. cra element for 4 man team

    so yeah, you probably want to pick a pure element build, i would probably go strength BECAUSE i am not a fan of pre level 190 explosive arrow and i feel strength has the highest consitent damage at that range, if you want the AOE intel will work just fine, chance wouldnt be bad, especially if you want to go for mp reduction but i feel like your damage would be slightly less consistent but it still hits fine and then agility is agility.... my anwser is strength but anythings good
  15. cra element for 4 man team

    Well cra element depends largely on what level your cra is because different elements and hybrids are better at different levels, depending on what gear is currently avaliable and how much kamas you have to build it so without that information an anwser cannot really be given.... i would also say i wouldnt use a cra in your core team and this is coming from some one who is more or less a cra main, cras are nice and are good for killing mobs but if you want to do the harder dungeons they are very hit or miss, you would be better off with a rogue, elio or enu in most cases, BUT there are still things cras are excellent at and some dungeons they are rather good for like, niddas and fat octupus lady but so with thatttt taken into consideration.... we cant give you an awser for your question without more information..... cras are all about preference and how much kamas you are willing to sink into it