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  1. When I played this game I was asked a lot of times how I move all my chars so quickly, so here it is. This is an AutoHotKey Script that takes the position of your mouse and sends a click to any amount of clients you want. I ran it with 8 no problem. Moving Chars: f2:: MouseGetPos, xpos, ypos ControlClick, x%xpos% y%ypos%, Elio ControlClick, x%xpos% y%ypos%, Sram ControlClick, x%xpos% y%ypos%, Panda ControlClick, x%xpos% y%ypos%, Enu ControlClick, x%xpos% y%ypos%, Ecaflip ControlClick, x%xpos% y%ypos%, Iop ControlClick, x%xpos% y%ypos%, Eni ControlClick, x%xpos% y%ypos%, Masq return f2 is the key pressed in order to move all the chars. The class names are just placeholders. Put the name of your Dofus windows at the end, these will usually be your character names. This should result in something like: https://gyazo.com/fa5dbe0e6cca7594ece56f56a4e9ec09 Renaming windows: KEY:: WinSetTitle, character name, ,new window name return e.g PgDn:: WinSetTitle, CoopsSux, , Hupper return Double clicking on each char, fun for emotes. Has a problem where it doesn't double click for the current window: KEY:: MouseGetPos, xpos, ypos ControlClick, x%xpos% y%ypos%, Elio, , , 2 ControlClick, x%xpos% y%ypos%, Sram, , , 2 ControlClick, x%xpos% y%ypos%, Panda, , , 2 ControlClick, x%xpos% y%ypos%, Enu, , , 2 ControlClick, x%xpos% y%ypos%, Ecaflip, , , 2 ControlClick, x%xpos% y%ypos%, Iop, , , 2 ControlClick, x%xpos% y%ypos%, Eni, , , 2 ControlClick, x%xpos% y%ypos%, Masq, , , 2 return Emotes look like this: https://gyazo.com/6cc8882a4ec992709b319bc369245d94 gyazo shat its pants Those are what I use, I dunno if it's allowed, who cares. hf
  2. Just drop $3,000 on a new cpu, 100% no problems after that npnp
  3. Yeah this happens to me when i run my 8 chars, dofus uses a shit load of cpu when you move for some fkn reason. I just close all the clients and relog every couple of hours and it seems to help a lot. Also make sure multi-account optimisation is checked in settings.
  4. are you lagging when you move all your chars?
  5. Yeah sorry, camels take a bit longer coz all that hair. After all these months i finally completed it:
  6. Or just enable profanity filter and you wont see it :^) (^:
  7. If you don't cut em down how do they grow?
  8. Look no further, i'm your man. I've been a cartoon artist for a while now. Paint has been on all the computers i have ever had so i am pretty much a master now. I'll post a quick preview of my skills below. So ill be expecting a pm on imps by tomorrow ok Pleasure doing business.
  9. Ownty


    I just went on shika and checked for you mate, i couldn't find anyone but it seems mr ultimate-sensation is doing some mount breeding. Id stay away from shika, unless you like camels, fukit
  10. Ownty

    1.29 xp places

    get a sick int feca, agi iop or int cra and do fkn brak sewers or the dung, have fun on that private server ;)
  11. Oh cmon barely anyone says pm me at the end of their message. see....
  12. You are the weakest link. Goodbye. Also what really grinds the gears of mine is when I'm just straight chilling doing quests on all 8 of my chars and i see i have to go to a map. Unknowingly i walk on this map and get fked with 8 different fights all at once then force to go into n3rd super hacker 8 man jutsu and die coz I'm shit. Rip me. Another thing that grinds my gears is when i get randomly challenged and because of my top pop abilities i get rekt then i seem to come up with an excuse to make myself feel better such as "i don't pvp" "i wasn't trying lol" "i don't have pvp gear" fml s a d b o y s also bloody maging gear and not taking an ap or mp rune because you won't think it will come off then boom it comes off on the first couple of runes like cmon pls mens if i wanted to be scammed like that my video would be liked and id have 2mk thanks to voting for this dudes krosmaster.
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