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  1. Leonis

    Suggestion on team for Catseye fight

    I've done the fight a couple of ways. First: enu with 190ish mp red + cra can basically carry the fight (enu keeps catseye at 0mp in the far right side on the 6 die two from the corner) Second: fight with 2 cras and 1 sacrier (cras atone and sacrier keeps catseye locked in corner using punishment for gravity states (along with cras)) My recommendation: Based on your setup, feca and cra would be a must. I'm not sure with gravity glyphs cooldown is, but if it is 3 and lasts for 2 turns, you can keep catseye in corner for those two turns, then atone on the turn glyph is not activated, making it so he will not be able to swap your allies or other monsters, so he'll just stay in the corner hitting feca (which will stay healed due to glyphs). If gravity glyph is a 4 turn cd, you may need to summon gobbals (when mobs are close to catseye and he will swap) to run up and gravity catseye if you do not have atone or gravity glyph on your turn. It would be best to invuln your gobbal too (you won't need it before the gobbal cd expires anyway). Let me know if you need some more info! I think cra, feca, osa, + 1 to 2 more might be a solid team! -Leo
  2. Hi everyone. I am looking to buy 20 nidas jewels for 7mk for all (price negotiable) and atcham map fragment 1 for 1.5mk. Please message me here or Leonis in game! Thanks! -Leo
  3. Leonis

    Buying Crimson dofus 10mk

    Bought. Thanks for the tip Horxy!
  4. Buying crimson dofus for 10mk. Reply here or pm Leonis in game, thanks! Bought!
  5. Leonis

    Buying exos

    Bought an MP Ringaling through an order that Ichor-Kr did for me. Still looking for that ap barbaric band
  6. As title says, looking to buy atcham map fragment 1/8 for 2mk. pm Leonis in game or respond here. Thanks!
  7. Leonis

    Buying exos

    Hi Everyone, At the moment I am looking to buy Ap or MP Exo Ringaling Must have: 280+ Vit 45+ int 3 crits 1 range 9+ fire damage 6 water damage 15 ish pp (negotiable for sure) 4-5 lock MAX Air/Water % resist -21 crit res (or higher?) 20 ish pshback resistance (negotiable) +1ap or +1mp looking for a price range of about 30mk AP or MP Exo Bearbaric Band Must Have: 235+ vit 55+ intel 35 ish wisdom 4 crits 11+ fire damage 8 heals 4-5 lock MAX % resists +1ap or +1mp Will pay between 20 and 30mk depending on stats Thank you!
  8. Leonis

    First harness

    Noooooooo..... I want the harness, but i also need my karm/armored DT stats.....
  9. Leonis

    First harness

    Anyone know if harnesses are compatible with the armored dragonturkey?
  10. Leonis

    Rogue advice

    Thanks for the reply! Seems like fire it is though I may switch to agility once Catseye is beaten. Thanks!
  11. Leonis

    Rogue advice

    Hi Everyone, I have been debating which type of rogue to create. I am creating a rogue specifically to beat Catseye Challenge, but I also want to have a rogue that is useful and fun going forward. I can always change builds later, but I would prefer not to. Here is my question: Would air fire or water rogue be the best to make? Fire seems to be the best at dealing damage with bomb walls (best at Catseye?) but also lacking in reliability otherwise (other attacks). Agility seems to be the most versatile and fun, but also wonder if they will have the damage to beat Catseye. Chance seems to be the underdog with lower ranged attacks etc. Ideas? Thank you!
  12. Leonis

    The Ghost and the Darkness

    I haven't had time to try this yet, but thank you for the quick reply! :D
  13. Hello everybody! I am currently stuck on "The Ghost and the Darkness" quest (Given to me by Joris while I was doing the Turq dofus quest). I had to do a couple things on Moon Island, one being that I have to enter the Dark Clearing at [31,6]. Does anyone have any ideas or tips? Thanks!

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