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  1. thony

    I’ve returned.

    Thanks! I've found that I totally suck at this game now haha
  2. thony

    I’ve returned.

    Started up playing again after years. I was Thonee on Rosal. Quit after getting hacked in 2011 or 12. Hoping to get back in the swing of things. Game looks so much different now. Anyways if you remember me at all say hello! I’m Thony on Echo now.
  3. if only i had 120mk. would be perfect for goult
  4. i will hunt/craft any equips you may need from CB or Kolosso dungs. Will get orders done quickly and at a good price. Time it takes depends on how big the order is. Contact either Thonee or Darknig in game or post below. Thanks! ;)
  5. thony

    Buy Snowfoux tears!

    I am looking to buy any snowfoux tears you might have. PM Thonee in game with quantity. I am paying 350kk each for them