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  1. okay so i gave into another tattoo, i am in deed in love with video games, therefore i give you Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  2. if your quitting why have prices? just give em away xD
  3. back on rosal.... muahahahaha prepare to get ur ass kickd >:D .... gettin a new laptop on nov. 25th :o cya when i can play again >:]

  4. back on rosal, pm me on sikez

  5. back from what? u were gone? xD i didnt notice :*(

  6. u still play on rosal? im coming back on my sram, (long story) hope u hit me back up

  7. if this waS facebook i would like that comment
  8. ryannnnnnn fight me muahahahahaha when i get back ofc ... and remind me to add u to my fl on dofus geek missed u >:D

  9. ryannnnnnn fight me muahahahahaha when i get back ofc ... and remind me to add u to my fl on dofus geek missed u >:D

  10. yea yea i know all this but the fact of the matter is is that there are two types of people, good people who actually let things slide, and bad people who are complete wastes of time and dont have the guts to do anything in person so they do shit on the internet, this is just to show errbody what kinda person he is,
  11. i was runnin kori with me and a friend and he was laggin bad and let a new thought friend log his iop to help. well sad to say we died and this french guy was so helpful he helped make my friends iop nakey(he stole the iop's gear. so i guess this is just to inform you who it is and to be careful. Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  12. that would look hott, and im also gonna get my name in thai on my left arm i think and this on my chest <3 http://www.zazzle.com/italy_soccer_crest_p...370921606994723
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