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  1. I'm so excited, I can't wait for it!
  2. Hi. I'm a bit curious about masqs, I don't have a clue about how I'm supposed to raise their stats for end game purposes, should I just scroll 101 str and pump the rest on vit or any other suggestions? Thanks.
  3. Granted, but in the end they will find out he shared some needles with lance armstrong, so he'll lose all his awards. xd I wish I already have the new FIFA14
  4. Well said! Edit: I recall Izmar saying somewhere that the dofus wasn't going to be that great, because the quest already had lots of beneficts (Bonuses, xp, kamas).
  5. I though the same thing, but been around not having 12 ap base for jump+wrath kinda ruins it. Maybe Jump+wrath is overrated.
  6. Xa cloak under the livi. 4316 Max hp, didn't noticed I wasn't fully healed.
  7. I thought the date would be on october, it seems I have skipped a lot of quests lately.
  8. If my current setup is 11/6. If I equip an Ap trophy, my stats would go 12/5?.
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