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  1. I am not paying for them... kthnx. Also, Cuffles <3
  2. Dammit, I can't make it there in April. I've been trying to get a trip there for awhile now. *sighs* well, you two save a day for me for when I do finally get there <3
  3. Mr. Tweak, long time no see! I still play... very occasionally but I have moved to Shika. Like Youbster said, there are still a bunch of people still around that I'm sure you know. Also, congratulations!
  4. Sweet of you to say but it's been so long since I've been there (almost three years, can you believe it?). I'm not even on Rushu anymore, actually. I transferred servers about a month ago. Keep going though CF. You guys are doing a great job. <3
  5. Sia


    Oh I'm sure you'll find someone... Best of luck to you Jon. :)
  6. It's in the archives. Maybe I'll go poking around and try and find it. I still think about that and laugh every so often.
  7. Well of course. ^_^ We both know cranberry sauce is of the utmost deliciousness. Don't deny it. You know it to be truth. xD
  8. Welcome back pandaman, how's the cranberry sauce been treating you? ;-p
  9. Holy crap, a Spacey! Welcome back. I also spy a Jet. o_O *goes back into hiding*
  10. Look who we're talking about. I mean, really? Rumor has it, it was the most amusing thing to listen to. I mean, don't make fun of him Kibakins. xD <3
  11. Goodbye my super adorable Feanor. Hello crack-addict Feanor. >_>
  12. Well, this is just unacceptable. Good luck Nar. Come back to Chicago soon. Promise I'll make it down there. <3
  13. This isn't new phone smell, it smells like lies.
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