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    I need a job in real life, send help

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  1. just like Rosalt bye these class emojis are funny good job whoever made them hope they become available on whatsapp
  2. lmao i laughed reading this topic
  3. yeah you heard him? include a price range
  4. I don't play anymore hi:xelor:omg they have classes emojis I used to be a xelor back when dofus was still fun to play now it sucks so bad why do ppl even play it anyway bye shout out to capngoat & jeremy & sneh

  5. Looks like I haven't missed a lot since I quit, people still are joking about exo mages with low/not perfect filzpunkte.
  6. Hi, I finally decided to attempt 300 points achievements on mid-high level dungeons, but I am totally "new" to idols. There are too many idols and I don't even know where to start D: Is there any possible 300points combo list? Or anyone who wants to share their combinations? I'll appreciate that. Right now I am playing panda and rogue + inviting friends to join me, in case the team composition matters. Thanks!!
  7. You probably will revive this topic for more 2 years before even the beta is released
  8. Resources as achievements rewards ruined and will keep ruining the game no matter what the difficulty is, imo.
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      Happy birthday, Bri!歹
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      Hey Cappy! You might not remember me but we used to hang out and talk on Dofus!
      Do you have a way for me to contact you? Would love to talk again and see what you've been doing all these years. Was reminiscing and the nostalgia hit me hard, so yeah.
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      fight me?
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    • Goatee

      Help, I'm thinking of playing Dofus again casually. Someone remind me of their terrible cash-grabbing marketing, tendency to change spells every week or so and refusal to listen to the non-French community. Or else I'll replace my prescription glasses with these nostalgia googles.
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