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  1. Where can a level 103 str panda and 9x agi sram level up at? Haven't played this game in a while and not sure what's changed. I also have a shadow sidekick and am probably going to get a lumino for the sram.
  2. I decided to stop being lazy and just go miner/lumberjack. But need to know what smith I should get when those are level 100 a year from now.
  3. Haven't played in forever. Made a str panda and masq and was wondering where I can level them at the fastest. Also what's the best ways to make kamas without professions. Masq is 37 and panda is 28 by the way.
  4. I didn't go cestus. Smacking things in the face with a giant pillar is very satisfying to me. And no I haven't tried Fiona yet, she was the next one I was gonna try. Those doppelgangers aren't a joke though... First time doing labyrinth and me and my friend died at the 4th set of them.
  5. Yeah, but I'm trying not to hype myself up for any new characters anymore. Thought Kai was gonna be awesome judging from the videos but he's just way too boring for me. I'm leveling a Karok and Evie right now. Karok being my favorite. Sucks that you play on east though :(.
  6. Yes I know this is a fucking old topic but they just released a new character, Kai. He's a ranger. I don't particulary like him but thought it might be something good to know. Started playing this game again after I quit like 10 months ago. I'm having more fun now for whatever reason. I'm on west if anyone is still playing this. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=IS6Yt2Odn9Q Edit: Forgot how to put videos in the post...
  7. I like how people are getting their ass whooped and when you ask them to go stop someone from destroying a lane they tell you to shut the fuck up.
  8. Started trying to play this game again (for like the 5th time) with Jello. I got the game winning kill and ended the match at 1/22/3. I am proud of myself and I obviously can use 0 improvement because I beat the game.
  9. Meh its ok. I expected it to better. Not saying its bad, but not worth $60 IMO.
  10. Has anybody played it yet, how is it? My download has been super slow but its almost done.
  11. ;_; naaaaaahhh. I'll let my brother do it :D
  12. Yay. Found a fear enchantment. Just making a ton of daggers and selling is making a decent profit for me. Only thing that sucks is having to go hunt souls. I really need to go buy bound bow :P. Wish PS3 had a quick save function. Just out killing moose to only get fucked by a sabre cat out of nowhere is really lame :(
  13. Level 91 cra/95 xelor/61 sac/71 eni. Still hardly any friends nor any guild lol. I suppose my lack of zaap sitting on this server as opposed to on aermyne has caused me to not meet any new people :P
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