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  1. Thank you! It was pretty grueling and glad its over haha.
  2. I went a little bonkers with double XP weekend. The highlight was gong from level 1 to 100 shoemaker in about 7 hours of game play, I planned it out in advance and got all the mats together ahead of time of course. Thanks to @Deli-Market for not letting me fall asleep at the wheel Before 2x weekend I was at Lvl 1 Shoemaker Lvl 98 Tailor Lvl 86 Jeweller Lvl 54 Miner Lvl 1 Shoemagus If anyone needs crafts lemme know - free for Imps folks!@
  3. Lol, char name is Main - thats awesome :D
  4. Probably not worth the 50 minutes but I was hell bent on seeing if I could lock down 310% in challenges. Cra + Enu army, full wis, -200 elemental stats on everyone but with 8 ap and mass greed. To Each His Pwn and Contamination. Felt good to see those two green checkmarks!! Thanks for the inspiration @Deli-Market
  5. I'll rat you all to 199 within the first week. Gonna try and interrupt RL and get a few cycles in @ Algathe. See you fine ladies n' gents there.
  6. Dropped most prices buy 500kk - 1mk, If anything you could just buy and turn a little profit off some of these. Note that most left are either overmaged %res, crit, vit or exo. Cheers!
  7. Willing to negotiate fairly on prices if anyone is interested in haggling... just pm me on imps or leave a message in this thread.
  8. Lots of nice mages, some exos, eggs, and the like priced reasonably at Widowmaker merch [-3, 1] in the village. Get it while its hot! Here is a glimpse:
  9. Can't tell if your "?" was being facetious or not :D I guess it was a pretty dumb question and I deserve it though...
  10. Sorry if this has already been asked and/or answered but, what happens if I have other characters on other servers on the same account, after the fusion?
  11. Does anyone know if there is a Mac OS equivalent to this? I could reaaaallllly use it for doing these emerald quests on 4 chars!
  12. Hey guys, I apologize in advance if this topic has already been covered. I did come across this for PC but have not seen a Mac OS equivalent. I am currently trying to run the same quests on 4 different chars. I am on a Desktop MacPro with duel monitors so all character windows are open at once (two account windows per monitor). Is there a script already around that will help me click once in one character's window, and then all other characters in the other windows will move to the same spot? If not does anyone know how I could create a script like this myself? I am proficient in python and can write some C++. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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