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  1. Opening is confirmed for saturday around 4-5pm Dofus time. Some peeps have already confirmed they'd be there but we're not 48 yet so please feel free to join us and to spread the info.
  2. Hello Echo, As y'all could guess this is about gathering people to open the kralove dung this weekend. Saturday afternoon or evening (Dofus time) would be probably best but it's not set in stone, let's see who'd be interested first as well as their availability and amount of chars they can bring. Tell your friends to tell their friends!
  3. Server Team effort Don't forget @Jonttuboy ! Now to kick some asses that diserve a good beating for what they did to us through all these years...
  4. This is taking shape, we're only a few chars away from opening, the elio room is full, we're mainly missing chars at lvl 100, 125 and 175.
  5. Yup what he said, no need to bother with Bethel when you can get Sylarg or Dantinea instead (with a bit of luck). Also I'll just hijack your thread to advertise the one I made about the last room opening since it's related, I'm sure you won't mind as Echo need all the help possible (yours included whether it's before or after you've completed your current step, it doesn't matter, access has no requirement and it'll stay open until the end of the event).
  6. So today Ankama unlocked the last step of the Other side of the mirror quest, we now have to open the last room with a lovely puzzle that requires some community coordination, this has to be done only once for the whole server, after that we can go kick some of the staff' asses to complete the quest. There are 4 rooms to fill: Room 1 requires 6 characters in gobball set and 2 with a gelano. Room 2 requires 8 chars with at least 1 primordial dofus. Room 3 requires chars at the following levels: lvl 25: lvl 50: Perplex (bricolbob) lvl 75: lvl 100: lvl 125: lvl 150: lvl 175: Sniper-Sword (Jonttuboy) lvl 200 Room 4 requires 8 eliotropes: Fractal (Scour), Tiboosted (Jonttuboy), Soercsial I suggest we list who's available for this puzzle and in what role (I'll update the first post). Rooms 1 and 2 should be no issue to fill but just in case feel free to make one (or more) gobbal set. It'd be great if we could do it this weekend so please also mention during what times you're available. FYI: There's no need to have done the quest to enter these rooms The rooms can be found in the Eliotrope temple (17,32), go to the right then talk to the Sleeping Eliotrope The room codes are: 02122009 (tiles 0 and 2 require having a full goball set equiped, tiles 1 and 9 require having a gelano equiped) 41562119 01234578 or 01234579 35997509
  7. I came across what seems to be a slight mistake the other day while looking for a foundry sign. Your site shows a This is actually a smith sign? The foundry sign is
  8. If it's a clockwise confusion you're having we're good, if it's counter-clockwise, we might need a new chart! @Goatee glad you find it useful!
  9. I made this a while ago and a few peeps who used it found it very useful and told me to post it so I guess here is a good place to do so.
  10. I'll be helping if this happens when I'm online, please pm me in game. FYI the kralove has been opened at lest 7 times these past 2 weekends, it's worth a shot just going there to see if someone's trying to open it and give them a hand, 48 chars are easy to get after all.
  11. Yup, looks like we could at least do XLII, Shadow and Razoff duos for starters! ;) I added you in game, my time zone is Dofus time +1, hopefully we can figure out some time to play once you're p2p.
  12. Hello Echo! The name is bob and I've been playing this game with a single account for quite a few years now. I'm looking for other players who - like me - need someone else to complete a few dungeon achievements. Now here is the catch, I don't like following videos, so if you're the kind that only risk an attempt after studying a dungeon on youtube then we won't be compatible I think. On the other hand if you like making your own experience and mental stimulation is what you're after in this game then we will be on the same page. Also I don't like being leeched at all and would rather do it with someone who needs these achievements too, so if you already own them or are looking for some kamas then that won't work either. I know I'm difficult... In any case I don't think there's much video to study for those 150-190 achievements as for the 190+, well I only have 25% of them so it'd be too long to list them but you can always check my character page to see which ones I already got (or switch to French to have the missing chieve filter available). XLII (Duo) Toxoliath (Score 300) Grohlum (Duo) Shadow (Duo) Shadow (Score 300) Count Razof (First) Count Razof (Duo) Count Razof (Score 300) Let me know here or in game if you're interested or if you have any questions.
  13. Well it doesn't just depend on your sac but also on what you aim to do with this team and what stats the char that will be the incarnation have.
  14. http://download.dofus.com/zip/win/ or http://www.dofus.com/en/mmorpg-free/download
  15. the zipped file did the trick!
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