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  1. Treasure Hunting: Visual Clues

    I came across what seems to be a slight mistake the other day while looking for a foundry sign. Your site shows a This is actually a smith sign? The foundry sign is
  2. If it's a clockwise confusion you're having we're good, if it's counter-clockwise, we might need a new chart! @Goatee glad you find it useful!
  3. I made this a while ago and a few peeps who used it found it very useful and told me to post it so I guess here is a good place to do so.
  4. Kralove Opening

    I'll be helping if this happens when I'm online, please pm me in game. FYI the kralove has been opened at lest 7 times these past 2 weekends, it's worth a shot just going there to see if someone's trying to open it and give them a hand, 48 chars are easy to get after all.
  5. Old timer looking for a dung achievements partner

    Yup, looks like we could at least do XLII, Shadow and Razoff duos for starters! ;) I added you in game, my time zone is Dofus time +1, hopefully we can figure out some time to play once you're p2p.
  6. Hello Echo! The name is bob and I've been playing this game with a single account for quite a few years now. I'm looking for other players who - like me - need someone else to complete a few dungeon achievements. Now here is the catch, I don't like following videos, so if you're the kind that only risk an attempt after studying a dungeon on youtube then we won't be compatible I think. On the other hand if you like making your own experience and mental stimulation is what you're after in this game then we will be on the same page. Also I don't like being leeched at all and would rather do it with someone who needs these achievements too, so if you already own them or are looking for some kamas then that won't work either. I know I'm difficult... In any case I don't think there's much video to study for those 150-190 achievements as for the 190+, well I only have 25% of them so it'd be too long to list them but you can always check my character page to see which ones I already got (or switch to French to have the missing chieve filter available). XLII (Duo) Toxoliath (Score 300) Grohlum (Duo) Shadow (Duo) Shadow (Score 300) Count Razof (First) Count Razof (Duo) Count Razof (Score 300) Let me know here or in game if you're interested or if you have any questions.
  7. Rushu Dimension Portal Positions

    Howdy lazy ass shield collector portal seeking people! You'll be pleased to know the portal to Xelorium is in [-22,41].
  8. Rushu Dimension Portal Positions

    Portal to the Ecaflipus dimension at [-20,2], 118 uses left.
  9. Rushu Dimension Portal Positions

    Portal to the Xelorium dimension at [-14,19], 127 uses left.
  10. Rushu Dimension Portal Positions

    Portal to the Xelorium dimension at [0,3], 124 uses left.
  11. Hey all, I'm looking for 3 more to do this quest and get the cloudy dofus, please pm me in game or leave a post here if you're up for it, thanks in advance! Edit: you'd of course need to be at the same stage or to have completed it to be able to join.
  12. Rushu Dimension Portal Positions

    Portal to the Ecaflipus dimension at [-6,-46], 116 uses left.
  13. Rushu Dimension Portal Positions

    Thanks again to those who contribute to this thread! Portal to the Ecaflipus dimension at [-23,-2], 99 uses left.
  14. Help with dungeons

    If it wasn't for the time difference (I'm an evening/night DUT player), you could show me how badass an eca can be... well pm me in game if you see me online and fancy some company!
  15. Rushu Dimension Portal Positions

    Portal to the Srambad dimension [-2,-57], 121 uses