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  1. Ala


    Yeah, that. Long overdue... I've not actually played for some months now, and half my fl probably knows that my chars aren't geared anymore. Shoutout to my achievement buddies and people on my fl. Some of you guys on IV were okay too, I guess. :P Bye, was fun while it lasted.
  2. Ala

    Seemyool stats

    Yeah well, it definitely is a mistake because it's not even in line with the other almond stripes. Interesting also that they not only messed up the dodge to be negative, oh no... that 10% instead of 11% res is the cherry on top. Is it confirmed to actually have a dodge malus, by the way? I'd not be surprised if it were a display error but gave the bonus as expected. Because one thing Ankama are good at are mindfuckingly bizarre bugs. Ah I saw the original post, the guy who owns it said it's a display bug (only referring to the malus though, I am curious about the res).
  3. Ala

    Seemyool stats

    This is actually pretty good as far as stat combos go. The dodge one is supposedly the same.
  4. Ala

    Rushu goult thread #3??

    Keine is shorthand for Keine Ahnung, so yes, very German Huppermage.
  5. Ala

    Rushu goult thread #3??

    3 former pillar classes in one team... ok. 4-0 seems a bit ambitious, don't underestimate the server just cause it's not a French one. Their two wins against Silvosse were landslides and their losses involved some kills at least. That is more than can be said for Rushu. :P Not to be negative, I do hope for a 4-0, just saying - don't get overconfident.
  6. Ala

    Rushu goult thread #3??

    Nice Para Word on Duel, Broq! P.S. Where is Adora :(
  7. Ala

    Rushu goult thread #3??

    Yeah, that could have been handled a bit better. But it's good to hear that at least some of us got a chance to get in. Will you be able to stream today, Ulti? If so, what's your channel?
  8. Ala

    Rushu goult thread #3??

    The English-speaking forum had no call for streamers this year, at least none that I could find. Other communities did. Well... I don't know if some English-speaking folks will get late access, but at least there should be PT/BR streamers covering. They had 3 fansites approved who need to cover live. Portuguese fight chat and quite likely commentary, but hey, at least we get to watch... The approved channels were: https://www.youtube.com/user/PTDofusBR https://www.youtube.com/user/DOFUSAOCUBO https://www.youtube.com/user/CinnDofus (No idea if they will stream using Youtube or Twitch, though... those were the only links the forum provided.) Since their community has only Spiritia running this year, you can expect all fights will be covered. P.S.: Here is the streamer list of the French community for the future fights - http://forum.dofus.com/fr/1081-actualite/2170391-goultarminator-viii-suivez-tournoi-live
  9. Ala

    Rushu goult thread #3??

    Quick reminder: Matches start today at 19:30 DUT (in 7h from the time of this post). Rushu teams fight Spiritia, the other matches are at 20:15, 21:00 and 21:45, so if they don't take too long, there's a chance to see them all.
  10. Bit of a late reply, but yes, you can indefinitely save them (until you get annoyed by the achiev box being there constantly). This might sound a bit overly nerdy but back when I did that, I kept track a little of what %donation worked to get them as close as possible to exact level 5 (so no XP were wasted that could go to char/guild otherwise). Here are some common XP values that you find on achievs and the donation to mount that works (lvl 200 char with 1 mount): 1,950,000+ - 1% 1,891,402 - 2% 1,541,160 - 6% 1,505,385 - 7% 1,250,000 - 12% 1,236,757 - 13% 1,133,280 - 16? 975,000 - 22% 827,295 - >27% (29?) 752,692 - 35% 581,040 - 49% 566,640 - 51% 500,000 - >58% (60?) 481,818 - >60% (62?) 413,647 - >70% (75?) 388,125 - 84% 290,520 - >90%
  11. And you are doing this on... your Osa likely? If so, did you read this topic: Production Secret is not as hard as the rat fight. Str build has an advantage here too if you end up using that for the rats, but int can do it too (it's more annoying though). Ranged weapon, get good vit, push things away (especially the big brown boxes), don't die.
  12. Ala

    Rushu goult thread #3??

    Fair warning, my friends, this is still an English-speaking forum. Remember that even if you're only reacting. Speaking of which... please don't start fights even if you feel provoked. Now carry on with on-topic discussion please. (On-topic also means 2016 and not "but last year X happened!", mkay?)
  13. Ala

    Rosal goult thread #1

    You let your server down, Veldin. :( And the highlight must be the team captain, yes. In the Goult announcement it was mentioned that the team captain is based on only the votes of the actual Goult mains/subs during the popularity test (there's no separate voting). Still funny though since some classes only had one choice. I assume Lorn got 100% votes too and was then selected randomly?

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