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  1. Where do people even shitpost these days?
  2. Why are you still here, Coops?
  3. Ala


    Yeah, that. Long overdue... I've not actually played for some months now, and half my fl probably knows that my chars aren't geared anymore. Shoutout to my achievement buddies and people on my fl. Some of you guys on IV were okay too, I guess. :P Bye, was fun while it lasted.
  4. Yeah well, it definitely is a mistake because it's not even in line with the other almond stripes. Interesting also that they not only messed up the dodge to be negative, oh no... that 10% instead of 11% res is the cherry on top. Is it confirmed to actually have a dodge malus, by the way? I'd not be surprised if it were a display error but gave the bonus as expected. Because one thing Ankama are good at are mindfuckingly bizarre bugs. Ah I saw the original post, the guy who owns it said it's a display bug (only referring to the malus though, I am curious about the res).
  5. This is actually pretty good as far as stat combos go. The dodge one is supposedly the same.
  6. Bit of a late reply, but yes, you can indefinitely save them (until you get annoyed by the achiev box being there constantly). This might sound a bit overly nerdy but back when I did that, I kept track a little of what %donation worked to get them as close as possible to exact level 5 (so no XP were wasted that could go to char/guild otherwise). Here are some common XP values that you find on achievs and the donation to mount that works (lvl 200 char with 1 mount): 1,950,000+ - 1% 1,891,402 - 2% 1,541,160 - 6% 1,505,385 - 7% 1,250,000 - 12% 1,236,757 - 13% 1,1
  7. And you are doing this on... your Osa likely? If so, did you read this topic: Production Secret is not as hard as the rat fight. Str build has an advantage here too if you end up using that for the rats, but int can do it too (it's more annoying though). Ranged weapon, get good vit, push things away (especially the big brown boxes), don't die.
  8. From the Goult rules: So if they keep their word, we should know all of the stats a few days after the 19th (which is the data backup date, so the server will open later that week most likely).
  9. Rhou had 2 more int. Get good. (Jk nice set. b> agi rogue set next)
  10. Ice Dofus is a debatable option on pandas because at least the sober spells all have rather high base damage (making Ice worth ~40-50 stat for those). On the drunk spells it does a bit better due to lower base (where Ice is more around ~80-90 stat worth of damage). So you gotta consider which spells you use more, and also what your alternative options are. If you're in a new trophy set then of course you have more alternatives for the slots too. And I agree, a panda is generally not focussed too much on a weapon, especially a high AP one like Blord. You're better off using a good stat weapon
  11. I don't want to speculate about the Muldos, but for Dragoturkeys I remember that we were told absolutely nothing. It took people a little to figure out how to get from the ginger/almond/golden to stripes, then there was a phase of "This is it? Pets are soooo much better *moan moan*". Then people figured out by mating the striped versions with each other, you could get a new colour (ebony/indigo). Then fooling around with stripe combinations - e.g. a lot of people thought that stripes with lower generations, like ebony/ginger, could give even more different colours when combined creatively. Whi
  12. Install the touchpad driver from the HP site (I assume this is your model based on the info given): http://support.hp.com/us-en/drivers/selfservice/HP-Pavilion-15-Notebook-PC-series/6936229/model/7174297 (Under "Driver-Keyboard, Mouse and Input Devices", 199mb download) Make sure to uninstall any other touchpad driver first, if you can find it (should be called something with Synaptics). Also, assuming you run Windows 10... this may have been caused by Win10 being a bit messy with their automatic driver updates specifically for touchpads. I know there have been issues with a particular S
  13. Yes, in the case of Scaradors they must be maxed first. A Croquette potion will only work if it can take the stat point off and immediately put it somewhere else; only taking a point off will not work. In your case, with a 4/4/1% pet, there's nowhere else the point could go, the pet doesn't have enough kills. You basically need to get the pet to 13/12/1% first but with enough kills for 13/13% (if that's what you want to go for), then use the potion by equipping the pet and drag+drop. Bear in mind that the new res you gain with the potion is random, so either mind your kills on the pet or get a
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