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  1. Thanks for the info :). I can look up some prices on Temp VI if you want when I get back home. One thing on Temp VI: HP restoring items cost a lot of money. I am a lvl 185 fisherman and that got me quite rich. 100 Pikes go for 57kk, Eels go for 70kk and Perches for 85kk. I assume this goes for the other temp servers too? Or should I spend the last days before merging in full fish mode?
  2. So apparently they're merging all Temporis II servers on March 12. Any active English-speaking guilds around who want to take on a lvl 152 Cra who enjoys running dungeons and the occasional banter? Also: how does the economy look like on the other servers? I'm assuming most of it is the same but if there are opportunities coming along with the merger: it's always good to make some extra kamas :).
  3. Temp 6 isnt worth it anymore. The English activity had a good start but it has dropped a lot. I can speak some French so I joined a French guild.
  4. On Temporis VI there's an English Guild with always people online and active. Especially in the evenings of the European timezone. At this moment most of the guild is around lvl 60-100. Note: Recruitment and Trade chat are 99% French so be ready for that. But the population of Temporis VI is quite nice (not too crowded). If anyone is interested: hit me up on 'Kali'.
  5. I am quite aware of the fact this is highly unlikely to happen, it was just a thought that dropped in my mind and that I wanted to share. Still, I think this kind of server would actually be quite popular for a lot of mmorpgs. The comparison to the Heroic Server is not justified in my opinion, the heroic server isnt popular because it's concept is just bullocks and it's pretty much impossible to start on it when you're a single accounter with no friend base on it.
  6. Hi everyone, lately I have been having the urge to play Dofus again but what holds me back is the fact that I'd have to start from the scratch on a server where a lot of players have high-lvled chars and gears. As someone who likes to be competitive this is a real let-down off course. But Dofus is still the game I enjoyed most, this was probably because I could experience a mmorpg from the scratch, because with the release of 2.0 new servers were established were everyone had to start a new character. It was actually the most fun I've ever had to have so much players, including myself, having to fight with the same weapons. I remember doing the hardest wabbit dungeon ever with some friends to be the first guys on the server with a cawwot dofus, I remember racing to a specific spot to kill the 10 star mobs. And especially low lvl pvp was fun because you didnt have to face alts of guys who drowned in money. I actually played my 2 main chars to epic lvls and I alternated between pvm and pvp all the way to it. Reminiscing about it makes me realize how fun this game was, so I got thinking. What about there'd be a special kind of server (like the heroic server is) which gets reset every 2 or 3 years. That's about the time a casual player needs to do pretty much everything in the game with 1 char. After that time all characters get deleted and the server is ready to play again. Because some players wouldnt like the effort they did to be lost, I'd include the option to move the characters to another server with ogrines, and players would have up to one week after reset to do this, but ofc it has to be impossible the other way around. The idea for this server is that everyone has equal arms (well except the fact that some players run multiple accounts, but that's their choice). I for one would really love this idea. I'm just dropping the idea by the way, not thinking this will ever happen and if it would then we probably would need multiple of these servers because otherwise the playerbase and therefore the char is french (see heroic server). On a side note: if Ankama ever decides to make a new international server (Dofus 3.0?), can someone poke me? :P
  7. Using that amulet cuz it gives range, something that this build kinda needs :). Also the ammy gives agi which serves as a nice secondary element in this set, fuchsia hits nicely and I got a good unsummoning. Just waiting for zoth village to turn brak so I can play around a bit with prime of life :).
  8. VCent why are you being such a dick and trying to show you are the man? Your internet hero acting on these forums sometimes annoys me, why cant you just stick with your good posts you make 90% of the time helping people out? Maybe I should tell the impsvillagers about your horrible buck anear soul I saw you doing just a few weeks ago? I think you overestimate your own play... Take care of your delusions of grandeur.
  9. Well low wis would suck kinda, seeing as the swords can rape AP and MP, atleast ankama was smart enough to let them do that, atho they should rape more than 1 AP/MP I guess. The 50k HP Goultard is a joke tho, it gets repetitive this way and boring.
  10. Not full wis, 210 int/rest wis. No particular reason tho, haha. But since it's working fine I'm not resetting to full wis yet. Damn, did I really plow thru those 4:1 and 5:1 caps, daaayum. Oh yeah, he's for PvP only so I dont rlly care if the weapon has AoE or not, shields is a different story but real players go commando
  11. Lvl178 Int Enu. Living cape is Tengu. Using plum/emerald mount. Time to go up the ranks in pvp, hehe. Wondering if I should switch to vetic shovel (amazing damage, weapon bonus but 2-handed and not 1/2) at lvl183.
  12. You do realise you can earth-mage neutral weapons?
  13. Dunno if it has been mentioned yet but not only ending your turn on a glyph kills your char, starting on one does it too. Killing korriander first is pretty much the best way because he summons those arachnees to push you around and he can revive dead allies. Do mind that Korriander hits harder as he gets low HP, a well-timed Bribery does wonders. Some people use treecherous summon to block korri/other mobs, I did it only once, was when I had kill Korriander last chall and it was in arena. It does take care a bit of him, he can only summon arachnees in 1 range, but he can revive allies at a bigger range and without LOS, it's too much hassle to set it up in dung most of the time too. You could use Truce to set it up tho. If you blitz Korriander I could recommend using Stabilization on it so that your chars wont get locked by it and thus can cc him without the fear of getting locked by him and mess up with glyphs and stuff. Range rape Fistulina, Korriander and Serpula if you can. Ofc range raping Serpula is only advisable with reducing key or with bat's eye on 1st turn if your Cra starts first on your team so that it doesnt do any harm with rhol bak effect. Korriander's attract can be range raped. Dramanita has a huge ap poison with linear range, you'd want to keep him far away and prevent him from getting linear to your chars. In cc he can steal quite a bit of MP so I would not recommend summoning a wasta near him but rather on the side where he isnt. Treecherous has a weird AoE thing that rapes AP, not fun at all, Retreat arrow and mp rape are your friends vs him. MP rape the hell out of the guys you are not attacking because they all damage pretty hard. Only exception is fungores, they are harmless (well actually they give damage, dodge and lock buff but oh well) so no need to mp rape at first and def not attack them.
  14. Try blitzing Tengu, my friend does it and he says it's really easy. Last soul I did I was with him and it was our best time in arena so far. Gotta say we killed kami and soryo before him cuz of damage during turns he isnt vulnerable and cuz of AoE damage too, it wasnt planned but it you can kill, you kill :P.
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