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  1. Hakfu

    Hakfu's Videos

    just watched one of my old poorly edited/quality video montage, thought i would share, it brought back some memories of 50% ecas luck heal and cri failuires for weapons that would end your turn. Good old RNG days :')
  2. these drawings aint shit, this is art.
  3. I use to watch jackie chan adventures when i was 15, and there was a kungfu red haired dude that was named hakfoo, and i was retarded back then and couldnt spell properly so i named myself hakfu because ecas had a spell called felintion which at the time i thought was a kungfu move based on the animation.
  4. Hakfu

    Hakfu's Videos

    Vs agility rogue,
  5. Hakfu

    Hakfu's Videos

    New video Vs Feca How to outstall.
  6. Hakfu

    Hakfu's Videos

    62 turn fight in kolo Spoiler: I won because it took 1.5hours and he had to go xD This cra did 3k a turn with strange wand: Kitten Kill finish: Omni Mode:
  7. New video with commentary guys, just a set guide and a strat for ecaflip, if you guys wanna see more post a like and subscribe :D
  8. That emerald nerf hurts my soul
  9. My Merchant is 1 right of dojo (1,0) Selling cheap everything is maged cats eye cape 20m cats eye hat 8m QoT set 3% maged 15m per piece Fugitive Hammer 2% water maged 11mk in market Crit Res Maged Tfast to 0 15mk per piece Capt Amakna Shield Maxed Damages 9mk MP 1% earth belteen 45mk AP max damages Hairish 45mk Looking for these: Hungry Pendant/Unamable Boots/Abyssal/Ap Nileza Ring I can do trades only for those items i listed above. Also whos merchant is Slopira? i wanna do some negotiations with.
  10. Hi guys Ive came back a week ago, I might do more videos when I get my new video card installed. I made a video of my fav moments, watch in HD enjoy:
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