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  1. 89 mk each - merch at [1,0] under nickname Pritelkyne.
  2. ...and another one with Abood's top 1st Truce turn which basically won us the fight... :p
  3. Panda died in wave 2 and Iop in 3 but op cra hits with cloudy and enu's rapes were too op. :-)
  4. Can recommend with 9/11 points, did it with Lars yesterday, very quick and professional. Sadly I forgot to take a screenshot.
  5. I went for a simple, clean look. :]
  6. The IRON THRONE has taken the lead over Rushu so it's kinda hard to find people for percs, especially when 80-90 % of my fl is from that ally... :-D But yeah, I recently discovered that kolo doesn't take half a day to search for a fight anymore, so I could hit you a pm sometimes. Also getting in touch with old members is hard since most of them quit and the other half of those who left were kicked by inactivity, quit back to their previous guilds or made their own one... I'm not gonna go more into that, because it doesn't bother me that much anymore, I'm just glad I get to retire in the guild
  7. Hello my friends, a lot of people on Dofus including me were wondering what is going on with me. The truth is, I totally lost my passion for the game, I just can't find the essence this game had for me anymore. I even quit all my alts except my main char Vikin and my alt Francek, because these 2 characters have a very special and historical meaning to me. All this was initiated by the last update of which part was also the new Sufokian area and everything that came with it (equipment, achievements et cetera). It pissed me off really bad, because it was another big endgame equipment
  8. If something is gonna keep me from quitting, it'll be this update. I guess it's fair to say that this is the largest udpate since 2.0 Dofus was released?
  9. Story of a broken man continues... Wanted to do 69 turns and 4:20 time on Goultard just to be top troll. Did 69 turns w/o any problems, the worse thing to achieve was the time. First try, I killed Goultard at 4:20 time (had a char in spec) and the result was 4:25. Second try, I killed Goultard at 4:15 time to compensate the 5 seconds delay. What happened? The result was 4:15... of course what I didn't realise - with that time I had less than 69 turns (19 to be precise). Now you can imagine my frustration after wasting half an hour by doing this kind of shit and then realise I lost 30 minutes o
  10. Like 50 regular tries and 50 madbor tries on this one, still nothing. Also with this bs ring fail reaching 600 fails in a row. Fuck this game. I think I'm gonna quit exomaging.
  11. Glad they're not gonna create more new sets with these new levels to come. Jk there will be new items, fk my life. There are already plenty of them and it's really annoying to update set on 8 chars every fking year. If they were about to strengthen the current chars I can imagine something like adding more characteristic points so you could add more vit or other elemental stat. Also I'm looking forward to see what they're planning with players who have a lot of accumulated experience after level 200 (7,5b or whatever the limit it is). That's indeed gonna be very interesting to see. I myself ha
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