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  1. 89 mk each - merch at [1,0] under nickname Pritelkyne.
  2. ...and another one with Abood's top 1st Truce turn which basically won us the fight... :p
  3. Panda died in wave 2 and Iop in 3 but op cra hits with cloudy and enu's rapes were too op. :-)
  4. Can recommend with 9/11 points, did it with Lars yesterday, very quick and professional. Sadly I forgot to take a screenshot.
  5. I went for a simple, clean look. :]
  6. The IRON THRONE has taken the lead over Rushu so it's kinda hard to find people for percs, especially when 80-90 % of my fl is from that ally... :-D But yeah, I recently discovered that kolo doesn't take half a day to search for a fight anymore, so I could hit you a pm sometimes. Also getting in touch with old members is hard since most of them quit and the other half of those who left were kicked by inactivity, quit back to their previous guilds or made their own one... I'm not gonna go more into that, because it doesn't bother me that much anymore, I'm just glad I get to retire in the guild I raised (...to lvl 200 of course...) with my own hands, managed for so long and that motivated me and brought me to the right path in the game. I'll never forget our reunions and friends I made throught this guild. You're right about the alliance though, I'm gonna talk to Martin about that as soon as he returns from vacation or whenever he is rn. I have no idea what's his attitude to that right now, but after all - he's the leader now, so his word will be the last on this subject.
  7. Hello my friends, a lot of people on Dofus including me were wondering what is going on with me. The truth is, I totally lost my passion for the game, I just can't find the essence this game had for me anymore. I even quit all my alts except my main char Vikin and my alt Francek, because these 2 characters have a very special and historical meaning to me. All this was initiated by the last update of which part was also the new Sufokian area and everything that came with it (equipment, achievements et cetera). It pissed me off really bad, because it was another big endgame equipment and achievement update and you know - I was always an eccentric guy about keeping my alts updated with the best possible gear. The thing is - as soon as I finished regearing my last alt's gear from ecaflipus the new update was announced. It was also just on time my semester was ending (exam time) and I was really looking forward to it. Ok, I was telling myself - that's cool - this is the best time for an update, because I'll have time for it. So, as soon as I finished with uni and exams I ran with my team straight into the new area to try the new stuff. I was expecting it to be something normal, like F3 stuff used to be - it was really fun to learn, the mobs not so easy but also not so hard and I enjoyed exploring this kind of content. But, after I did first 1-2 rooms of the new dungeons with countless of deaths (idk what the hell was wrong with me) I kept telling myself - wtf - is this new contect really so hard just like the dimension dungs or am I that lame? Perhaps it was caused by the fact that I tried to do all the dungs with 8 characters which was not the best idea. I barely made it the last room with my team in the Dantinea dung - which I was told was the easiest one - and since then I didn't even bother to try the boss, I just lost all the fucks I tried to give to this new content after all the deaths and also I really disliked the graphics of this new area. Also as usual in this new stuff there were shitload of some weird states - either on monsters if you wanted to kill them or on your character after the monster used them on you (pacifist, unhealable,...) and I really hate this tendency of PvM. This february I even convinced myself to reach max. achievement points on my main char which brought me to the ideas of doing achievements I was avoiding most of my recent time spent on Dofus. I was missing like 5 hard achievements or so at that time. Ofc when semester started I postponed it to summer holidays which brought us tons of new achievements and the whole idea became unimaginable to me. I simply gave up on this after I saw I was missing over 1 000 points to the max. and not 90 as it was before. What actually kept me playing in the last year and a half was my team - keeping it updated, maxing all spells to lvl 6 etc. but most importantly - doing achievements on them - was really a great thing to keep me busy on Dofus. I consider reaching 10k on my whole team as one of the biggest or maybe the biggest achievement I did in this game. Of course there is 3rd place in 2012 Goult which is probably the best one but that was only a one time thing that happened during 2 months. Team building takes more than that and it's not gonna perish away like some Goult achievement. I think you can imagine how hard my decision to quit my team was. I was considering it for like 4 months until I decided to really do it. I had the best reasons to do so - I was inactive (I mostly still am) and I don't have time to play anymore (my current style of playing in the last half an year is like zaapsitting with my iop and doing nothing). Although I made it that far with my team in Dofus I don't actually have such rich history as some other people (I don't even have gobball petsmount on my Iop yet - need to wait until December, omg). The first memory of my team dates back to January 2011 when I created my Iop after my (now deceased) friend talked me to start playing Dofus again. Altogether with mine, Lubo's and Plesnivec's chars (my deceased friend, was also known under nicknames Klisna or Koza - he was Rushu's Goult rogue one year) I leveled up to level 200 like 14-16 characters (with their help, of course). Shortly after I started playing my Iop and got him to higher level I created my second char - cra Irenka, which was my favourite char (now it's an eca - sadly abandoned already). I stayed with these 2 for a really long time, because with my friends' chars we had a 8 man team. (me 2, Lubo 2 and Plesnivec 4). Really great great times back then if you ask me, it was shortly after F2 was released (Korriander, Kolosso and CB) and we made a really great fortune by repeatedly spamming that stuff in nolife style. Not only great XP, but also one piece of that stuff cost 15-20mk in markets/merchants at that time and people were buying it like crazy. Not to mention that you could make almost 2 items from 1 run (dungeon + soul) while 1 run took like 30 minutes (after proper practice xD). After like 1-1,5 year of playing like that I decided to create 4 new alts, because I didn't want to rely on Plesnivec's chars (he played them a lot) and I wanted my own independent team. I'm gonna upload a few pics here so you can see how our/my team evolved through time until today. First screenshot I ever took of our team, you can see my Iop in Ancestral set xD - 5 February 2011. 26 April 2011 - shortly after I created my cra, you can see significant change in Iop's equip. :P 28 November 2011 - all chars 12/11 AP, 8x lvl 200, CB nolife farming times. 9 months later - 27 September 2012 - Plesnivec (down) has 2 less characters, up in the pic is Lubo with his feca, I have 7 more as I expanded to 9 in total rofl, I also took ownership of Plesnivec's eni which I'm playing until today (former Zametak, then I renamed him to Francek as I changed my Iop to Vikin, I wanted to keep my old famous name on some char for good memory), also around that time I think I could log 2x 8x200 teams, that year was like the biggest expansion of our char/alt family. This is our team one year later, 14 September 2013, without our friend Plesnivec after his tragic death, it was only me and Lubo from that summer. 14 February 2016 - 2 years after I took last pic of our team - this time settled with 8 chars, I call it "quality over quantity" as I worked really hard on my team 1-2 years before to make this happen - yeah, I'll always remember this pic as my breaking point in the game, sadly it's not true anymore (Iop is Rogue for achievements in the pic). My future on Dofus? It'll never be the same, but I'll still be here So yeah, I'm still playing and I'm gonna keep playing, but by far not as much as I used to. I quit 4 of my alts - panda, zobal, eca, sram - and staying with Iop/Eni and with Lubo's Enu/Feca. I'm pretty much satisfied with these 4 as my new style of playing requires 1 char most of the time, sometimes 2 or 3 for kolo. I don't regret my decision - I have everything I need to keep playing in a satisfactory way - all professions on Iop, sets updated, friends for perc hunting/kolo. I even improved my zaapsitting skills which I always avoided. :-) Here's a pic of our current team: The only thing I regret is making my guild sink in the last 1 year or so by my bad leadership and inactivity. I even appointed a new leader, Erisen, so the guild has more active leader who is always around, but I'm afraid it's too late. We'll see... It's really hard to keep guild like this alive with requirement standards which only a few individuals on Rushu could fulfill. Sadly nowadays almost every guild has its ups n' downs and also the community is changing. I guess the guild can hold only with a certain group of people who were bonded in it together for a really long time. With all the new guilds and new people coming from foreign servers it's natural that these guilds popped out and attracted new players who want to be together in fresh guilds that are in area-wealthy alliances. So yeah, if I ever fucked up something on Dofus, it's the guild. The first 1-2 years of the leadership were great, though. Sorry for the long post, I just felt like my team deserved some closure after all. Fortunately this is not the sad kind of quitting post :-P I'll make sure to make another one once I quit Dofus for good. See you all around peeps! PS: Beta looks awesome! If something's gonna keep me away from quitting for good, it'll definitely be this update.
  8. If something is gonna keep me from quitting, it'll be this update. I guess it's fair to say that this is the largest udpate since 2.0 Dofus was released?
  9. Story of a broken man continues... Wanted to do 69 turns and 4:20 time on Goultard just to be top troll. Did 69 turns w/o any problems, the worse thing to achieve was the time. First try, I killed Goultard at 4:20 time (had a char in spec) and the result was 4:25. Second try, I killed Goultard at 4:15 time to compensate the 5 seconds delay. What happened? The result was 4:15... of course what I didn't realise - with that time I had less than 69 turns (19 to be precise). Now you can imagine my frustration after wasting half an hour by doing this kind of shit and then realise I lost 30 minutes of my fked up Dofus life. Also now people are gonna think I was serious about Goult after I tried killing Goultard and I'm gonna receive annoying pm by noobs asking me why I didn't do better and why didn't I register. Now I bet you're asking yourself what the fk did you just read. Yeah, I'm bored on Dofus... xD
  10. Like 50 regular tries and 50 madbor tries on this one, still nothing. Also with this bs ring fail reaching 600 fails in a row. Fuck this game. I think I'm gonna quit exomaging.
  11. Glad they're not gonna create more new sets with these new levels to come. Jk there will be new items, fk my life. There are already plenty of them and it's really annoying to update set on 8 chars every fking year. If they were about to strengthen the current chars I can imagine something like adding more characteristic points so you could add more vit or other elemental stat. Also I'm looking forward to see what they're planning with players who have a lot of accumulated experience after level 200 (7,5b or whatever the limit it is). That's indeed gonna be very interesting to see. I myself have 15-25b xp accumulated across my team from nolife guild exp times and if they're gonna throw it away it would make me sad...
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