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  1. You can also go full vit on your eca if you choose int which makes it easier to be 4k+
  2. Yeye, now i can finnaly finish all astrup quests :3
  3. There maybe is an "alert" tab under options?
  4. I suggest you replace that 30 int for a crimson or the str trophy cus else whip won't be enough against any good summoner.
  5. What if you show a full list of spells leveled?
  6. Since i got two main healers(osa and eni) and an enu that can heal 1k+ every 5 turns so it becomes natural to split them with eni on one team and then osa/enu on the other which is usaly enough to finish with full hp of you play tactical
  7. http://support.ankama.com/en/faq/244-ui-text-translation-bug <-for those like me who wants to report this
  8. Maybe you could try for yourself? To me it's more enjoyable and harder to have control of 2 fights at once, you can also try different class combos too. But mayby when you get better chars it isn' as noticable(half of my team is far from EG gears ;P)
  9. One does not simply question a captain ;P
  10. Bochi

    If you dont mind me asking Unlucky. Can you remember as many guilds you were in Zato? Whether its now or years ago? :D

  11. I remember the xp is divided by the number of ppl attacking but the xp isn't added to the xp given by you that is shown in the guild tab(I think it once did add to it tho)
  12. In the "trash" rooms in the dung i usally divide my team 4-4 to do 2 fights at once and i cut the time done by at least 25% in each room even if it's more complicated. Like in kolosso for example it takes me 20 mins doing one fight with 8 and 10 mins with 4 but if i do 2 4man fights and it takes up to 15min. It is also very fun to do this with friends/guildies that multi as you will try to compete with each other which decreases the time spent in a dung but oc it's better to do the boss with all ;P
  13. Yep it's been out about 8years now and 8years of changelogs will change the game a lot! Who knows what this game looks like year 2020?
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