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  1. Looking for a mad person willing to PLAN and RUN a quest/achievement rush for my cra. You guys only read but do not understand. I will be glad to discuss details , in private, in game, on how YOU think to PLAN it, i'm just paying for it. Hope this is clear.
  2. I''ll just quickanswer you since you are not paying to much attention ( but that's how it's going on vacation ) . People have been scamed by weelknown imps accounts.
  3. That is a fair question because time is money but...as i already responded to a fellow madman...it's not that i mind sharing my account but i'd like to take part to this since im doing it to update what i've been missing for the last couple of years.
  4. It is a great recommendation Rob! But what i'm looking for isn't that "normal" so i didn't gave much details. Whoever needs details about this and takes his time to question that is one step closer to doing it. That's how i see this situation :)
  5. Still looking! Come on people don't be shy. I know that insanely patient person is out there...
  6. Looking for a mad person willing to plan and run a quest/achievement rush for my cra . Their insanity will be rewarded with 300mk.
  7. 480 vit 55 str 56 agi 56 int 35 wis 4 crits 1 range 1 AP 7 heals 592 ini 11 neutral, earth, fire, air damage Pm me in game on Ataegas for other infos. Thanks
  8. The stats are 1AP 480 Vit 55 Str 56 Int 56 Agi 35 Wis 4 Ch 1 Range 11 Neutral damage 11 Str damage 11 Int damage 11 Agi damage 7 Heals 592 Ini Starting at 75 mil. Accepting a nice trade involving other MP or AP exos. PM ingame Ataegas
  9. Owning the sea more to come in the next post. Thanks everyone for support!
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