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  1. Y'know... you make a good point, wot. You've reminded me that I wanted to talk to someone about that...
  2. Just a few quick things to add in general response to several repeated comments I've seen on this thread The 1.29 servers were set subscriber-only last month (before they were opened to the other communities) in an attempt to curb a bot invasion, at the request of the 1.29 community. It worked in the short term, and should the servers be made F2P again, the bots would certainly return en masse. 1.29 is also subscriber-only to prevent completely new players from wandering on to the servers by accident. Our assumption is that if you are on the 1.29 servers, you know that
  3. So we discovered the issue behind the "Server is full" error when creating a new character. It turns out the servers are not full (in fact, they're not even at 1/2 capacity). The issue is the client. If the 1.29 client cannot find any servers that match your community server preferences, it will return this error, under the assumption that all of the servers of your community are full. You just need to make sure that you have your preferences adjusted so you can see servers outside of your community, which you can change on the "Create a new character" screen.
  4. http://download.dofus.com/dofus1/mac/ (the last / is important, the link doesn't work without it)
  5. Give it a little time. These servers have been open for years with a relatively small population, but today, they have the full attention of several communities, including two that are double or quadrupedal the size of Pangea. Everyone wants to take a peek at the past. But this is part of the experience. The servers have not been unlocked to the rest of the communities to provide a smooth and polished gameplay session. They were unlocked because so many of you asked for a chance to try the old version again, to relieve happy memories of the past. It's a bit like a museum in that wa
  6. That's another down side. If the servers are full, they're full. Today, they're full... of hype. ^^'
  7. Even if the content is technically available, events will not be activated on the 1.29 servers. That's part of the downside of living in a time capsule.
  8. Ah yes, thanks for the reminder, I need to update that thread! We've taken care of quite a few things on that list of FAQs...
  9. The important thing to know is that it's a time capsule server, no moderation, no updates, no bug fixes, no services, everything stays just as it was.
  10. I feel like this thread might also be of interest to the people reading this topic: http://forum.dofus.com/en/1-log-book/325437-how-can-i-create-my-very-own-dofus-theme =)
  11. This will probably be of interest to some of you: http://forum.dofus.com/en/2-general-discussion/325030-how-do-you-do-your-dofus-ui =)
  12. Yes! This is the plan that I've been overtly hinting about for months. :D The initial release will be US-only, which is why some of you can't see the news. If it goes well, more countries should follow shortly. =)
  13. Hey Izmar, got a problem with a paddock I bought. The mounts that were in the paddocks while it was for sale stayed in the paddock after I bought it. They are currently taking 2 on the 12 slots my paddock offer. Could you look in it please?


    Can contact me Ig on Rushu; Wombat.



    1. ChicaChicaChicaChicaChica


      Weekly Update corrected it.

  14. Don't forget the link to the news! ;) http://www.dofus.com/en/mmorpg/news/announcements/545969-osamodas-redesign-wip
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