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  1. Now Playing, Share your musical tastes!

    Insane soundtrack, hauting theme.
  2. Pokemon Go

    The game itself doesn't need anything more then 150 pokemons, some stops and gyms to be a continuous succes. The social aspect of the gyms will keep enough people hooked. Besides that, the game has already created several iconic pokemon hotspots over here in the Netherlands: whereever there are a few stops and a gym located close together in a nice park or public place, it's a succes. In my hometown there is this park where one part of it has 3 stops and a gym. The stops have active lure's on it 24/7 and there are at least 100+ sitting and playing there, some of them continue the entire night. Foto's and videos of such places and the stuff that happens (1000 people literally running & sprinting for a spawned dragonite, etc.) go viral. I've been to that place with my sister once and it was hilarious. It was a great place to play, but seeing everbody else playing, interacting with each other and having a good time was the best part of it. These spots are created because of the popularity of the game, but they also feed and raise the popularity even more because a lot of people just go the park to witness the madness. It's like zaapsitting in real live, and we all know how many people are hooked onto zaapsitting in dofus ;)
  3. The Idol System

    As far as I can tell, no one is being forced to use idols. Dont like it? Dont use them. If you want to complain about how Ankama is ruining everything, as some people have done with the recent devblogs for critical hits aswell, you can always find something to be very, very upset about. However, if you stop being so upset and actual try to see the effort Ankama is putting into making the game better, the 2.29 update is really, really decent. They are at least trying to improve things. - It was without a doubt that the old profession system was outdated and was begging for some improvement. It will be improved, and yet far from perfect, it will be better then the old system. -The critical hit system was also in a desperate need for an overhaul. Being 1/2 on spells and weapons has become such an obsession for the majority of the players that it made a lot of equipment useless because it would make 1/2 impossible. Again, the new system still has (a lot) of discussable things, like the Turq dofus being only +10, but at least the immense need to be 1/2 will be gone and 2.29 will give players a lot more options to try out other equipment. Being 45% instead of 50% isn't that big of a deal, compared to being 1/4 versus 1/2. -And at last, the subject of this topic: the difficulty of the game. That will always be the hardest part to balance. Monsters, and certainly dungeons, always had a 'fixed' rate of difficulty: it has already been altered a lot with the HP and other stats being influenced by the amount of people trying, but still, for some people the dimensions might be way to difficult, yet frigost is too easy and becomes boring. Challenges and the stuff in dimenions (forgot the name of the random events) are options to increase the difficulty, but they are random, not controlled by players themself: both can be dodged. Failing challenges if they are too hard, of portal spamming for the next event often happen if the random factor makes the fight too difficult. With the idols, Ankama adds an extra option where players, for the first time, can actually control the difficulty. For a long time, I've been stuck between frigost 2 en 3: 3 was too hard being around 195, yet constantly grinding frigost 2 was too easy and not rewarding enough. Being able to control frigost 2 with idols to not only improve your skills but also the rewards of it, could have been a perfect option (but I rage quite and actually started studying again). The idols are definitely not the new egg of columbus, and again, the idol system is far from perfect. But its a start, cause for the first time, players can control what they are facing as an extra challenge. I remember the times before frigost: players rarely got any information about the upcoming updates, frigost kept being postponed without futher information and system improvements were always quite radical. Compared to that, 2.29 is a blessing. Devblogs with detailled information but most importantly, Ankama admitting the flaws in the system, and being aware that they are trying to fix them, with very small staps each time. Like the devblog said: the wisdom/pp system still is the same as when the game started, but overhauling it would be too radical. Things like Idols are the first preparing actions for a bigger thing that they wanna do. Note: 2.29 will be released by the time I'm graduating, so it would be a great way for me to return to the game, thats why I'm so hyped about it. People who keep looking for things to complain about it annoy me.
  4. Update 2.29: new Critical Hit system

    I reached the point of clapping like a retarted seal when I read that. Best comment of the entire topic. I bet Ankama devs are defending the 10% turq like, super duper serial. People tend to forget that with the %CH system, being 1/2 isnt thát essential anymore. It creates other options. As Ankama explained, the old system had the enormous flaw that you either had 50% crit rate (1/2), or 33,3% (1/3) as second best. 25% (1/4) would be the 3rd option as 'the best possible' With the new system of linear tiers for a CH, the 'being 1/2 or go home' attitude is gone. You can be 45%, almost as good as 1/2, and max out other stats (as proven above, using a trophy instead of a dofus might work better, depending what you want). The new system, and the low turq dofus, is another step of Ankama breaking up the usual options you have in endgame. You can do whatever you feel suited for yourself, now the 'obsession' with 1/2 will be removed. Also: no more getting a better Turq cause your new set up lacks that 1 or 2 CH you need.
  5. [Changelog] 2.28 -

    At first, I was a bit disappointed that you couldn't use more then 2 pieces of a set at all with the new trophies, but certainly with the statement Ankama intented this, it's quite a good update. Frigost 3, dimensions, etc., in the past year there has been so much new equipment that has been released. But as always, a small section of that was used by the majority of the players. mixing up all different sort of equipment was rarely worth the effort 'cause you would miss out on the set bonus. The new trophies are the fix for that. Players that are fine with their set and set bonusses have nothing to worry about, but now there are other ways to find your perfect set without having to complete a set for the +ap or mp bonus. The idea is extreme and it needs some time to grow on you, but when you try it out on dofus book, enough whooping fun sets can be created :-)
  6. General Advice & Guidance Thread

    Thanks for the kind replies! I've chosen for Remington ;-) It was the only international server my client showed, the 2 others being french. Are there some decent healing sidekicks around, or is it best to team up with a 5th or 6th char thats good at healing? (if so, which classes have a good healing build?)
  7. General Advice & Guidance Thread

    The issue is still there, cause I installed 1.6 and now wakfu worked. I was tired of re-installing 1.8 so I tried 1.6 'cause wakfu kept saying Java 1.6 wasnt installed. Enabling an option in the wakfu client would be so much easier. Except I didnt know that it was possible to do. Anyhow, I can play now. Next problem: In dofus, I never played with a rogue, fog, or eliotrope and only rarely with a masq. With wakfu being kind of new, I was thinking of trying out the 4 newest classest. Does a team of a fogger, elio, masq and rogue make sense? or is it just a waist of time and should I fix another team set up? (btw, is it even doable to play with 4? )
  8. General Advice & Guidance Thread

    Technical issue. I tried to start with wakfu but the updater keeps giving me the error of java not being installed (1.6). The java site installed 1.8 and confirmed that it was installed and running, yet wakfu keeps giving me the same error of no java. Help?
  9. Gult streamers?

    I really hope some people will list the fights that are a must see :-)
  10. Now Playing, Share your musical tastes!

    It was the theme song for Serious Request 2011. 2012's theme at 3:34 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GoakbGJNmKU
  11. G5 2014 Drama Thread

    We keep failing to even get a full team ready, so our drama is over so quick. But gladly, Rushu has 25 pages to compensate ^^
  12. G5 2014 Drama Thread

    Rushu is going straight for another landslide victory in the drama competition at goult. This server never fails to entertain me, long before the actual tournament has started.
  13. 2.21 Beta Patchnotes

    I like the discussion weither PMS is real or not more then the patchnotes, to be fair. Speaking of that, 'Update 2.22: Psychology of a women' would probably be the deadliest, hardest and most difficult update of Dofus so far. You think killing Queen of Thieves is hard? Have a try on a PMS'ing woman.
  14. Goult problem Main eniripsa

    This topic is hilarious. Keep it going guys. Goult isn't even started yet, but it looks like this year will have the best drama. Yay!
  15. Avatar: The Legend of Korra!

    wait, whut, new season? o.0
  16. Ummm, world cup?

    I watched both matches, final and final for 3th place on Mallorca. Seeing Netherlands win at Megapark (filled with 5.000 germans) while us 9 where the only people cheering for the dutch goals was fun. We watched the final on the german part of Mallorca aswell and people weren't out of control at all. We partied harder when we got 5-1 against Spain. But we've seen a lot of drunk german, which was really fun aswell
  17. Ummm, world cup?

    If we, the Netherlands, reach the finals, I'll be watching it on Mallorca, close to the area with the german tourist. Will be hilarious to watch the final over there.
  18. Ummm, world cup?

    My mood has changed a lot because of the fights on the tribunes, stories of riots and fires in the cities, certainly in the city where a bridge for the world cup collapsed, killing several people. I know how much the brazil has 'suffered' for this tournament: lots of money used for stations that will probably be useless after the final while there are so much trouble with education, public transportation etc. etc. and its sad to see them lose in this way. I would have favoured Brazil because of the fans: they deserve to win the championship, after all the effort that went into this WC. But the team plays so bad. Germany isnt a wonder team: they struggled with usa, ghana and algeria. The 6-0 is mosty caused by terrible teamplay and defense of brazil, who owe much more then this to their fans. 7th goal is a excellent and beautifull goal
  19. Ummm, world cup?

    TEN TEN TEN! And another one, 5-0.
  20. Ummm, world cup?

  21. [Aermine] Digital Fortress

    Isnt biggles still part of this guild?
  22. Game of thrones

    Yeah, Oberyn will confirm that. O wait, he can't ...
  23. Ummm, world cup?

    Columbia played better imo, but they finished off their attacks really bad. Brazil finished them even worse, they missed so much passes and columbia had awesome counters, but failed to score. Jamer is frigging hot. Me and my female friends were more then happy to hug him some support while he was walking around shirtless on the field. Bet: Germany will win. 2-0 for die mannschafft. So true. Brazil plays bad and deserve to be kicked out. Germany plays well and can totally do this. But, dutch people are quite fond of the german team (most favorite team/country after our own) Sad to hear about it from Neymar. He didnt deserve such a exit of the tournament. Upside: wont see his not-so-hot face on TV anymore. Get a razor and do some effort boy. Silva is a full retarted, he knew he already had a yellow card and making such a move is just stupid, really stupid.
  24. Game of thrones

    I'd probably skip that lesson and start with the 'wearing a helmet, for dummies' class first.
  25. Queen of Thieves

    I have no doubt thats it is possible. I think you dont even need certain modifiers to succeed, depending on your team (although some are very helpful during this dungeon). The complicated bomb system that adds an extra 'no zero tolerance for errors' aspect to the game, combined with the boss and wave system make it a very hard dungeon. Not impossible, but definitely far from easy.