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  1. oudekrijger

    Echo Dimension Portal Positions

    Xelorium Portal hunt finished: you can find a passage to another dimension at [-28,-26]. 112 uses 23 hours 54 min
  2. u need to go to your gift code page on dofus site.

  3. oudekrijger

    Turret fight for "Memoires of an Amnesiac" quest

    Hi, any tips for a cra iam struggeling to reach a safe position.
  4. oudekrijger


    Might as-well enjoy my vacation, because char i leveled to 191 is completely gone, so next time when i power level please notice me when u try to rip amanka. But back too some wodka on the nice island Tenerife.
  5. oudekrijger

    Fishing spots, no kraloves :(((

    Air pandela ithink about 10
  6. oudekrijger

    Completly cleared on 7 accounts

    No no fake ID's or adresses. en ja we komen er altijd weer bovenop luck for me is that they didnt rip cra with most of the kamas and as leader of a guild with the paddocks (come too think of that need to check houses).
  7. oudekrijger

    Completly cleared on 7 accounts

    need to think and wait what my support ticket comes with.
  8. oudekrijger

    Completly cleared on 7 accounts

    I guess this is going to be a farewell note. Didnt share account used amanka shield (because of vacation i had them turned off guess its my own fault) on almost all account. 1 account my main had another password they didnt got that one. words of wisdom, nah iam blaffed pissed, 8 years of playing down the drain. i checked internet and found out that there are a loot of tools too hack accounts wtf. so word of advice would be turn shield on.
  9. oudekrijger

    Sramtasy Critical Failure!

    Playing since 1897 real old skool
  10. oudekrijger

    Paddock keeper, I will fu#&'!"% kill you.

    Normally you get this message months after you have exchanged Mounts for scrolls. So i would advice you to with your guildies.
  11. oudekrijger

    close plz